I am Destiny Skai.... Author/Producer/Independent Filmmaker.....Ask Me Anything!!

Jan 9, 2018

I am currently signed under LDP and I have 5 books under my belt: The Fetti Girls (3 part series) and Bride of a Hustla (3 part series). Bride of a Hustla 3 is set to release sometime in January 2018. All books are available on Amazon.


Bride of a Hustla has also been made into a movie, which is available on YouTube for FREE and can also be purchased (DVD) through my company, Tha 'D' Spot. Heres the link, check it out:

I am working towards filming part 2 to the film, but I do not have the funding to do so. If you would like to make a donation, it will be used to pay for the film crew, editing, wardrobe, hair, make up, insurance, vehicles and locations.

Receiving this support will mean so much to me because I will be able to continue with my dream of bringing my books to the big screen. I will be very grateful for any donations received, even it's only $1.


I would like to thank you for taking the time out to attend my AMA. I appreciate you all.  

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If you just have to choose only one between being a FILMMAKER or AUTHOR, what will you prefer?

Dec 31, 2:56AM EST1

Writing has always been apart of my life and that is what I would stick to. I could always get someone else to produce my stories. 

Jan 7, 12:47PM EST0

How many books have you written and have been displayed in your shelves?

Dec 30, 5:07AM EST1

I have written a total of 5 books. They have not been placed physically on bookstore shelves as of yet, but I am currently working on that. However, they are available online with Barnes and Nobles.

Jan 7, 12:49PM EST0
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You have mentioned you need funding for your production outfit and a lot more, do you have an estimate costing on how much you are going to raise the funds?

Dec 30, 4:23AM EST0

The estimated cost to get started would be around $10k

Jan 7, 1:47PM EST0

Success comes with perseverance and determination, what are your thoughts about it?

Dec 29, 1:21PM EST0

You have to be determined in order to be successful and with that it takes hardwork and sacrifices. Anything good won't be easy. It's definitely a tough process, but if you are passionate about your craft it makes it all worth it in the end.

Jan 7, 12:55PM EST0
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Did you get the chance of working with high profile actors or directors in the past? How`s the experienced like working with them?

Dec 29, 12:05PM EST0

Not yet. However, I am working hard to make that happen in the future.

Jan 7, 12:56PM EST0

Have you approached to other crowd funding site to support your cause?

Dec 28, 8:40PM EST0

No I haven't. Do you have any suggestions? 

Jan 7, 12:56PM EST0
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How does digital media helped you as a book writer?

Dec 28, 2:11PM EST0

Technology has definitely taken over the world, which has made the literary industry different. But I would have to say that it is definitely a benefit allowing readers to read or listen to your books in all formats.

Jan 7, 1:00PM EST0

What do you prefer, a Kindle or a physical book?

Jan 9, 10:25PM EST0

What are your options in the event you do not reach the targeted amount to proceed with the production?

Dec 28, 10:23AM EST0

I will then move on to plan b, which is fundraising and other events in my community

Jan 7, 1:02PM EST0

What are the basic elements in filmmaking?

Dec 28, 10:12AM EST0

In my opinion I would say good lighting, sound, locations, scenery, a great storyline and dedicated cast members.

Jan 7, 1:05PM EST0

Who do you think of the current directors you would most likely want to emulate? Why do you think so?

Dec 28, 9:35AM EST0

Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and 50 cent. The movies and shows they create are along the lines the books that I write. They are all successful and I have that same vision for myself. 

Jan 7, 1:07PM EST0

Where do you plan to set the film location of your new movie, Bride of a Hustla?

Dec 28, 8:40AM EST0

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jan 7, 1:09PM EST0
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What makes this film interesting that would make us see the world differently?

Dec 28, 5:58AM EST0

This film relates to everything that's going on in the world from drugs, abuse, cheating and deception.

Jan 7, 1:34PM EST0

Do you have a target date for filming your recent production?

Dec 28, 4:41AM EST0

Filming will begin in March

Jan 7, 1:12PM EST0

In Bride of a Hustla, what are the conflicts involved on the main character?

Dec 28, 3:06AM EST0

Sasha is battling with demons from her past and someone close to her shows up and threatens the new life she has created for herself. She betrays her husband in the worst way and he will make her pay for what she has done.

Jan 7, 1:41PM EST0

Do you based your story on personal experienced or from a mere fiction?

Dec 27, 7:01PM EST0


Jan 7, 1:16PM EST0

What do you consider as the best film of all time?

Dec 27, 5:52PM EST0

That's a very tough question because there are so many amazing movies. However, I do have a few favorites and they are: Face Off, The Green Mile,  Grease, Four Brothers, The Five Heartbeats and What's Love Got To Do With It. I can watch all of those repeatedly. 

Last edited @ Jan 7, 1:44PM EST.
Jan 7, 1:37PM EST0

Can you tell us briefly a short synopsis in the book Bride of a Hustla?

Dec 27, 3:36PM EST0

Sasha is caught up in a web of lies, deceit and greed, with her husband. When circumstances test the strength of their vows. Will Quamae's love prove to be unconditional, or will the truth destroy their bond and cause him to punish her in a way that he reserves for his enemies in the streets?

Jan 7, 1:21PM EST0

In The Fetti Girls, how was the story conceptualized?

Dec 27, 3:05PM EST0

I had a vision of women being ruthless killers, hustlers, deceptive and vindictive as men. Making them do whatever was necessary to make money.

Jan 7, 1:23PM EST0

What is your advantage as indie film producer over the mainstream production?

Dec 27, 2:02PM EST0

I am able to keep my rights and produce anything I want with no problems. 

Jan 7, 1:24PM EST0

Have you collaborated with other publishing company apart from Amazon?

Dec 27, 11:47AM EST0

I am currently signed to Lockdown Publications and Ca$h presents

Jan 7, 1:25PM EST0
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