I am a self-published supernatural fiction author, with three novels available on Amazon & Audible. All of which have been fortunate to hit #1 in their respective categories. Been in the self-pub trenches since 2013 and wouldn't have it any other way. Learned tons. -Ask Me Anything.

Jonathan Chateau
Mar 12, 2018

I am a self-published supernatural fiction author, with three novels available on Amazon & Audible.

All of which have been fortunate to hit #1 in their respective categories at some point or another when I've run the right promotions. It's always a pleasant surprise when it happens. Been in the self-pub trenches since 2013 and wouldn't have it any other way. Learned tons and I am still learning.

There's a lot of (writing) advice out there. I can't tell you how many articles I have read that said to "do this or do that" and be "guaranteed downloads and sales." Personally, I have found this stuff to be super distracting and misleading. I have had thousands of books downloaded and did this without all of the noise that's out there. As a new writer, or even a seasoned one, this can be overwhelming. So I'd love to share what I have discovered (so far) and hopefully give you some positivity, inspiration, guidance and get you in the mood for writing! Ask away.

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Do you ever have nightmares about any of the characters or scenarios from your books?
Mar 19, 8:25AM EDT0
What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives?
Mar 19, 12:58AM EDT0
What is your favourite supernatural TV show or movie and why?
Mar 18, 2:58AM EDT0
Have you ever written a scene that almost scared you to write, if so, which one was it and why was it so personally frightening?
Mar 16, 3:41AM EDT0
What is it about Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk that makes it number one on your best read list?
Mar 13, 3:25PM EDT0

Hey Bogdant, so many places to go with this question. In short, it's like no book I have read before. Aside from the prose being tightly written and economical, the voice of the narrator is so unique. I love the story itself, how it takes something as brutal and violent as private fight clubs and turns it into a statement about society and questions our priorities, or what we seem to make a priority.

Mar 14, 11:31AM EDT0
How did you come across Hugh Howey's blog series? Did someone share them with you?
Mar 13, 9:22AM EDT0

Hey VĂN, I actually follow Hugh Howey on Facebook. He posts a lot of great stuff.

Mar 14, 11:27AM EDT0
Does the writing of Blake Crouch influence your own style of writing?
Mar 13, 9:22AM EDT0

Hey VĂN, most definitely. I love how he blends eloquent prose with a storyline that moves and does not get hung up on itself (every word on the page has a purpose.)

Mar 14, 11:25AM EDT0
Do you believe in the existence of a supernatural world?
Mar 13, 5:55AM EDT0

Hey Biljana, I do. I believe there's more to life than what we see. Space (the Cosmos) is just too big to say that we're the only ones in existence.

Mar 13, 9:01AM EDT0
What is your favourite epic music album and artist?
Mar 13, 1:32AM EDT0

Hey Anna, so many to choose from. I'd have to go with Jack Trammell. He's done a lot of music for movie trailers. Truly amazing stuff.

Mar 13, 8:59AM EDT0

When will you write Warhammer stuff? <3 from your local loving community.

Mar 12, 11:18AM EDT0

Hey Aaron, thanks for the excellent question! I actually did enter the Black Library Writing Contest. The contest ends on April 10th, so I am hoping to hear something about the winning entries soon (fingers crossed.)

Mar 12, 11:35AM EDT0
You mentioned that you have read a lot of articles about what to do to be a successful writer, were you able to connect with any? If so, which one?
Mar 11, 1:48PM EDT0

Hey Hasan, thanks for the question. I bring up Hugh Howey's blog series on writing in another post on this page. This would be an excellent place to start. Of course, there are other articles, but to me, this is the most concise, and if you read all four parts, you'll have a great foundation to build your writing from.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:09AM EDT.
Mar 11, 5:20PM EDT0
Who to you is the greatest writer alive right now and who is the greatest to ever write that is not alive anymore?
Mar 11, 12:42PM EDT0

Hey OLJAVERA, this is a tough question. Different writers bring so many different perspectives and writing styles; it'd be hard to say just one. But as reader, I would say I am a real big fan of Blake Crouch. I love his writing style. It's terse, economical, and his prose is poetic without being too flowery or too distracting. I also like how he ties the supernatural and sci-fi to the real world and creates dynamic characters. (Check out Dark Matter and you'll see what I mean.) 

As far as someone who has passed, I would have to say, Dale Carnegie. It's not his literary style or prowess that blew me away, but how relevant his work still is. His books, How To Win Friends and Influence People and  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living are still applicable to this day. If Mr. Carnegie were alive today, it would be interesting to get his take on today's society, and it's current issues. 

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:10AM EDT.
Mar 11, 5:31PM EDT0
For how long have you been writing professionally? When did you realize that you could really be a best-selling author?
Mar 11, 9:59AM EDT0

Hey JASNAZUGIC, thanks for your question. I have been writing professionally since 2013. I was inspired to pick writing back up when I read Matthew Quick's novel, Silver Linings Playbook. I instantly knew I needed to start writing. As far as being a best-seller, when I first started writing, working to become a best-seller was a priority. But the more I've focused on that, the more it has taken away from my writing. I've found more success by just enjoying writing for writing's sake, and during those moments when I hit #1 or get a ton of downloads it feels great, but my real joy comes from consistent downloads versus just a spike. Overall, the fact that someone is downloading or purchasing my work (even if it's just one person,) is to me, the greatest achievement.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:11AM EDT.
Mar 11, 5:13PM EDT0
What is the experience like meeting with the readers of your books?
Mar 11, 6:48AM EDT0

Hey Maja, thanks for your question. The experience is incredible and very flattering. The fact that someone is willing to part with their time and money on something I have made is a huge compliment.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:13AM EDT.
Mar 11, 3:17PM EDT0
What is your professional opinion of Malcolm Gladwell's 'outliers?'
Mar 11, 4:31AM EDT0

Hey Jostan, it's interesting you ask, as I mention his book in several of the responses on this page. In all honesty, it has been a while since I read it, but what has stuck with me is the 10,000-hour rule. In my opinion, I feel that is a very reasonable metric for measuring one's level of expertise in a subject based on the time and experience given to that subject.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:13AM EDT.
Mar 11, 2:34PM EDT0
What is the weirdest thing you've ever heard as an author?
Mar 10, 5:34PM EST0

Hey Tasana, the weirdest thing I've ever heard was that I short stories can't have chapters. Why not? In my opinion, a story is still a story.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:13AM EDT.
Mar 11, 2:32PM EDT0
What advice would you give to an aspiring writer who asked to be helped on how to get published offline and online?
Mar 10, 4:44PM EST0

Hey Filip, great question. There are so many ways you can answer this. However, I'll keep it as simple as possible. I hope it helps:

  1. Read Hugh Howey's post on Writing Insights in its entirety. There are four parts. (I wish this article existed when I had first started.)
  2. Start small. Write a few short stories, Get your rhythm and your voice down. Share your works with some trusted friends and family who can give you honest feedback. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.
  3. Get familiar with Kindle Direct Publishing KDP. This where you'll be publishing digitally (and they are also allowing print publishing as well now.)
  4. Check out Reedsy and hire yourself an editor for your work. There are some great editors on there. Have them edit it. If you can hire Jim Spivey, I had great success with him. He does stellar and thorough work.
  5. When you are happy with your final product - publish one of your short stories on KDP.
  6. Rinse and repeat the steps above. It's been often said that you can be an overnight success in the book industry... it just takes 20 - 30 years. That said... just keep writing. Something will click with readers.

Good luck!

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:14AM EDT.
Mar 10, 5:25PM EST0
Do you have a specific creative process that influences your writing?
Mar 10, 2:35PM EST0

Hey Aminah, actually one thing that helps me get into the zone is listening to Epic music. It's essentially the kind of music you would hear during a movie trailer. I generally write to this music too. No words, and no lyrics, therefore no distraction. I also daydream about my book a lot. Whenever there's downtime, (when you are getting your oil changed, stuck waiting somewhere, relaxing after work, etc.) I will start thinking about my story. In no particular order scene-wise either.

I also recommend Evernote. It's free, and it's a great way to write notes anywhere (because inspiration hits when it hits), and you can access it from your phone or computer.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:15AM EDT.
Mar 10, 5:53PM EST0
Do you engage in any creative writing class? Why?
Mar 10, 12:11PM EST0

Hey Tom, currently I don't. Perhaps it's something I'll explore in the future, but for now I just don't have enough time between writing, working, and life.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:17AM EDT.
Mar 10, 5:02PM EST0
Why did you choose to be a self-published author?
Mar 10, 11:17AM EST0

Hey Aventhel, thanks for the question. Initially, I went the traditional route. Sent out query letters, tried to get an agent, and found the overall process disheartening and it drew me away from writing time. Then I heard about Hugh Howey, a self-pub success, read some of his fantastic work and then discovered his blog. He makes an excellent case for self-publishing being that you have complete control over everything, no middleman to deal with, and you can publish your works (essentially instantly) and get in front of readers right away. With the constant improvements to KDP (Amazon's Kindle Publishing arm), publishing has never been easier.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 10:18AM EDT.
Mar 10, 5:13PM EST0
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