I am a Narrative Designer for casual games, browser and mobile. After having worked for 6 year as an in-house employee, I became a freelancer and began writing my experiences in working with game programmers and illustrators, the means I used to communicate with them in terms of work content and how my writing role gradually became important for the game mechanics and graphics. AMA!

Irini Vikentiou
Mar 3, 2018

Creating stories and writing in-game texts, microcopy and content for promotional material is what a Narrative Designer does. That was my understanding of the job description when I first started working for the gaming industry, and early on I realized that this was also my colleagues' understanding of my job. After 1 year in the industry, and having worked very closely with a team of programmers and illustrators, I began to realize that apart from writing, I was creating concepts for images and inspiring actions for game mechanics. Gradually, I became responsible for generating art ideas and directing creatively my illustrator colleagues in the process of visualizing my stories and concepts, while having a full understanding of how their images and my words would apply within the games' UI and mechanics. 

In this game, I created the UI prototype as seen below, story and in-game texts 

I would be glad to hear your ideas on the subject and answer any questions that you might have! My articles are now being written, and I hope to be able to publish them very soon - in the meantime, you can check out my work through these games!


friendsbroker.com/  play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tamasenco.wildwestsaga&hl=en


Irini Vikentiou says:

This AMA will end Jun 3, 2018 9AM EDT

Irini Vikentiou says:

This AMA will end Apr 3, 2018 9AM EDT

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Do you think the idea of writing a book for your insights in game-making experiences can be highly profitable? How do you find your readers typically response to your experiences?

Apr 3, 1:20AM EDT0

What are your favorite genres to read?

Mar 29, 6:35PM EDT0
Who do you consider to be at the top of your field, and why?
Mar 28, 1:23AM EDT0
What is the biggest thing players do not understand about game mechanics?
Mar 27, 8:41PM EDT0
What kind of formal training and skills are useful if you want to write stories for video games?
Mar 27, 3:54PM EDT0
How would you describe narrative design to people who don’t know what it is ?
Mar 27, 2:46PM EDT0
What, in your opinion, are the best 30 seconds of narrative design ever?
Mar 27, 9:13AM EDT1
How important is it for commercial game designers to be familiar with formal game theory?
Mar 26, 11:46PM EDT0
What are the best adventure games that don't have puzzles?
Mar 26, 12:13PM EDT0
What are some tips for someone trying to get into writing for video games, ideally as a narrative designer?
Mar 26, 11:40AM EDT0
What is the best way to feature your game narrative designing skills in your portfolio when applying for work in the video game design field?
Mar 25, 11:05PM EDT0
What can you tell me about your game project, Wild West Saga?
Mar 23, 6:38PM EDT0
Do you think that games are an important medium for creative writing and storytelling?
Mar 23, 2:23PM EDT0
What do you think is the important part of nailing the voice of a character, especially for an existing story?
Mar 23, 12:59PM EDT0
What video games have been the biggest inspirations to you from a narrative perspective?
Mar 23, 6:47AM EDT0

Which is your memorable experience?

Mar 21, 10:24AM EDT0
As a narrative designer, what does your day-to-day work look like?
Mar 21, 5:16AM EDT0
What's your biggest piece of advice for someone who wants to pursue narrative designing dreams?
Mar 21, 3:07AM EDT0
How much of your work actually involves sitting down and playing the game?
Mar 20, 2:32PM EDT1
How does the hardware or platform you are designing for change your design and does your work conform to its container, or do you find the right container for your work?
Mar 20, 8:07AM EDT0
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