Human Trafficking Survivor and Author, fighting to find the girls I left behind. Ask me ANYTHING!

Amanda Blackwood
Jul 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be face to face with Death? Let me show you what that feels like...

At the beginning of this year I published my story about my time in human trafficking, all told from my own perspective. In the book, I go into great detail about how I ended up there and what I did to get away. That book "Detailed Pieces of a Shattered Dream" can be found in local bookstores and on Amazon.

Every penny of my book sales will go to help fight human trafficking. Redheads draw a premium price on the black market, I was told by the trafficker I escaped. I was lucky to escape, but I left several other victims behind. I've made it my personal mission to return for them finally. I vow to never stop this mission until I find the girls I left behind. But many victims are never found. I realize this likely means I'll never stop. My escape took place 19 years ago and, sadly, the average lifespan of a victim of human trafficking is only 7 years. They're murdered, they commit suicide or they die of an overdose. That's the ugly truth.

I am also actively looking for more photographers who would like to help with the group and individual portrait photography. Of course, it’s all going to charity and we can’t afford to pay, but we can CERTAINLY afford to advertise. The photographers who are going to be helping with the project will get all kinds of recognition for the work. If the photos are approved for use, they would be gathered into a collection and published in a book that would help us to build future events that would help rescue more children from Human Trafficking. Each volunteering photographer whose photos are used will have an entire chapter of the book dedicated to their photos as well as an approved bio and information on how to contact the photographer in order to purchase prints or book a photo shoot with the featured photographer. More information can be found at

The above photo is from June 2018 and was taken by a photographer for The Book Project.  This is a current photo of me.  I am also an active Pinup model and Pinup mentor in and around Denver.  I've been modelling sporadically since I was 17 years old.  I'm now a motivational speaker, a founder of a charity, a 9-5 employee and one of a very select few survivors of human trafficking willing to share my story with the world.  

So... ask me ANYTHING. 


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Is Human Trafficking more prevalent in certain states? Or is this a statewide issue?

Aug 25, 4:42PM EDT0

Where are some of the places a person can find themselves getting kidnapped from to be taken into human trafficking

Aug 9, 3:59PM EDT1

Hats off to you for you success in completing and publishing your book. I write fictional stories dealing with human trafficking which are highly researched. From you AMA posts, what I see missing is a link for readers to order you book. I would include it with each post. Good luck. BTW...I bought you book a few minutes ago. I will put up a review on Amazon, Goodreads, FB, Twitter and my blog


Aug 9, 12:36PM EDT0

What is your opinion on whether legalization curtails the rape, abuse, and trafficking sex workers are victim to?

Aug 9, 10:11AM EDT0
Besides a posteriori punitive measures, what actions should governments take to prevent human trafficking to happen in the first place?
Aug 7, 12:37AM EDT0
Many victims of human trafficking hardly ever recover from the horror they went through. How do you cope with the gripping fear of it ever happening again? How much counselling did you have to go through to become the confident person that you are?
Aug 6, 10:37AM EDT0

I would assume you are a blogger can you please tell me what you do to increase your blog traffic and how you get your blog views how you engage your readers and tell me how you communicate with them

Aug 6, 7:42AM EDT0
Do you sometimes wonder what goes on in the mind of a human trafficker to be able to do so much harm to people who have done him no wrong?
Aug 5, 1:16AM EDT0

Are you looking to write another book at all?

Aug 4, 8:08AM EDT1
How has the search for the girls you left behind been going?
Aug 3, 12:23AM EDT0
What do you think about writing another book? What information would this one include?
Aug 2, 7:44PM EDT1
What support systems are in place for trafficking survivors?
Aug 2, 3:20AM EDT0
What laws would you like to see in place for traffickers?
Aug 1, 1:26PM EDT0
The Blind to Kidnapping events are very interesting, how often are these events held? Given the nature of the testimonials that could be shared at the event, is it safe to bring children?
Aug 1, 11:30AM EDT0
Besides raising awareness on the topic, exactly what actions do Redheads unite take in order to actively stop human trafficking?
Aug 1, 6:01AM EDT0
How old were you when you got kidnapped? What actions from yourself or your family made your kidnapping (unwillingly) easier?
Jul 31, 5:10PM EDT0
In your experience, are boys targeted equally by this organization or the black market focuses mainly on girls?
Jul 31, 11:26AM EDT0

I find what you're doing absolutely exemplary! Congratulations. What childrens' ages and types do these monsters go after most, in your experience?

Jul 31, 5:17AM EDT1
Since human trafficking affects all ethnic groups, Why is your charity named Redheadsunite?
Jul 30, 10:25AM EDT0

You are correct, nobody is immune to the effects of human trafficking. 

Many people think my organization is just about being redheads, but it's not. While the events are redhead events and gatherings, that was simply because there was a need here and nobody else was doing it.  When it took off and started doing more than I had guessed it would, I knew I had the chance to do more with it.  At this point, the organization is called "Redheads Unite" because I'm building an army of redheads to go back for the girls I left behind when I escaped.  I was taken because I was a redhead, so it's all related.  The organization doesn't exclude people who don't have red hair!  There's a possibility of starting a different non-profit within the year to really focus more effort on the fight, and have Redheads Unite become a division of that organization, but that would mean needing to have a lot more time on my hands. 

Jul 31, 5:46PM EDT0
What is the best advice you have for parents to keep their children safe from kidnapping?
Jul 29, 2:55PM EDT1
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