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How to enjoy the love of your life without killing it :) - AMA

MP Sharma
Sep 21, 2018 5:00AM EDT

Seriously - how many of us "struggling" (is there any other kind?) writers out there feel like throttling our writing gene all the time but would slit our wrists if we ever stopped to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard?

I know I'm flat out trying to maddeningly, I mean harmoniously blend my current work, family time and incessant, pathological need to continue to write during the week, I don't have time for a real soul mate. Not that I'm complaining - eharmony is brutal - I attest this from personal experience.

So I thought in celebration of the near release of the second book in my vampire (paranormal romance, cultural heritage, diversity-ridden) The Last True Blood series, WereVamp, we'd have an AMA about the writing journey and my experiences as a diverse author. I promise some joy, a bit of laughter, more than enough cursing the written word, and far too many tears!

BYO - alcohol (but I encourage drinking responsibly for the over 18's), loads of coffee for those who aren't quite there yet (or you're like me and never got over milkshakes), your sense of humour because really how else are we supposed to get through this? and pocket knives (for slicing open the chip packets. Geez guys, sliting our wrists was a metaphor).

It should be awesome. Or at least awesome-ish. Alright, full disclosure, it'll keep us busy for half an hour, okay?


Twitter: @mpsharmaauthor

Facebook Handle: mpsharmaauthor

You can also get my first book, The Last True Blood FREE for a couple of days to celebrate the release of my second one in the series, WereVamp on Friday. So go on, what's the harm - it's free peeps! :)

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What might your “favorite things” list look like for the writing of Last Two Blood Series?
Sep 15, 4:53AM EDT0
As a kid were there fictional characters you dreamt of—or did you create any of your own?
Sep 14, 7:22PM EDT0
You seem to have yourself figured out. How important is it for you to understand who you are for you to be able to communicate with your audience effectively through your books?
Sep 14, 4:11PM EDT0
At what point do you decide to start marketing your book?Before or after publishing it?why?
Sep 13, 6:25PM EDT0
Do you ever see yourself writing full time instead of doing it as a hobby? What will influence your decision?
Sep 13, 2:50AM EDT0
Where would you like to see your writing career? Do you plan it out or do you live a day at a time?
Sep 12, 3:39PM EDT0
Writing is not a very lucrative career, especially at the beginning. What would you tell someone who is considering writing with the assumption that there is money to be made?
Sep 12, 12:26PM EDT0
What inspired you to take that one big step to write and the even bigger one to publish your work?
Sep 12, 3:52AM EDT0
Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Sep 12, 12:38AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on relationships and the writing career? Is it one at a time?
Sep 11, 8:13PM EDT0
How was your first book received? Did it have any influence on your decision to continue writing the second book?
Sep 11, 7:44PM EDT0
There are people that feel like sliting their wrists sometimes without the added stress of being a writer. For such people do you recommend a life away from writing?
Sep 11, 3:55PM EDT0
How would you define your style of writing?
Sep 11, 12:44PM EDT0
To those who are yet to read your book, what would you say they are missing out on?
Sep 11, 5:17AM EDT0
Since writers tend to write most of their life, if not all of it, is there a time you think you will slow down enough to give this soul mate business some consideration?
Sep 11, 2:52AM EDT0
What are some of the misconceptions people have about writing as a career?
Sep 10, 11:28PM EDT0
What is the one thing others find totally abnormal about you that you feel defines who you are?
Sep 10, 9:58PM EDT0
Are you managing to maintain a perfect balance or do you sometimes wish to be left on your own to write?
Sep 10, 7:14PM EDT0
What are some of the hilarious things you have heard people say about you?
Sep 10, 4:40PM EDT0
Do the people around you truly understand what goes on in your mind when you are itching to write yet feeling too polite to ignore them to do it?
Sep 10, 10:07AM EDT0
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