Hold up! You still don't know who the Royal Vampires of Flesh Wounds are! Well, it's time to find out! Move out of the way vampires from Celestial Palace. it's a new group of vampires coming to steal the spotlight. Starting with this AMA edition.

Michael Darkone
Aug 8, 2018

Some of the AMA questions you might want to ask moi:

"Who are the Royalty  Vampires?"

"What made you want to write this fantasy series?"

How was it like talking on more than ten personalities?"

"Forget about the vampires and can you talk about the Werewolves or Witches?" 

"Who's your favorite vampire?"

And whatever else comes to your mind. I'm pretty much an open book, and I have no filter.



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Given a chance, who would you cast in a film adaptation of your novel "The Destiny Of Michael Myers"? What song's playing in the trailer?
Aug 9, 8:48AM EDT1

Now that's seriously a handful question haha!, If The Destiny Of Michael Myers would be produced, I would have picked the following :

1. Jamie Lee Curtis: Laurie Strode

2. Danielle Harris: Jamie Llyod

3. Josh Hartnett: John Llyod.

As for Michael Myers & Dr. Loomis.  I would leave that up to the production company or director.  The song in the trailer would be Sweet Dreams by Manson,

Aug 9, 5:24PM EDT0
How did you first come to consider the ramifications of vampirism?
Aug 9, 6:38AM EDT0
What's the best serial killer story? The best vampire story? Or are they the same thing?
Aug 9, 5:00AM EDT0
Who are these Royalty Vampires? How are they different from the normal vampires?
Aug 9, 2:49AM EDT0
What are you working on now?
Aug 8, 11:59PM EDT0

What is the hardest part about writing a vampire novel?

Aug 8, 5:34PM EDT0

Making them more scarier than other vampires , Original .

Aug 8, 5:52PM EDT1
Some book reviewers have speculated that the huge surge of interest over the past few years in the vampire fiction genre can't last. What are your views on this?
Aug 8, 5:13PM EDT0

I truly beleive it can. Vampires are loved by almost everyone. The history, The fear of the unknown and appearances from TV & Movies, I don't see it happening.

Aug 8, 5:34PM EDT1
Although vampire novels are by definition bloody, what are your ways to make your writing scary?
Aug 8, 4:18PM EDT0

I pull them in psychologically.

Aug 8, 5:10PM EDT0
How much research do you research about Vampires?
Aug 8, 2:58PM EDT0

For Flesh Wounds, I didn't do much reserach. I know everything about Vampires, They're my favorite creature of the night.

Aug 8, 5:11PM EDT0
How come you decide that there are a new group of Vampires? And, will they make a similar or better impact on the fantasy-horror genre than the way Vampires were projected earlier?
Aug 8, 11:32AM EDT0

Because the vampires that are in Flesh Wounds are much darker than the one in other vampire stories. It will have a better impact on the horror genre. They won't be sparkling in the sunlight or can't get killed by a stake. These vampires are fresh & unique.

Aug 8, 5:38PM EDT0
Why do you choose to write for the fantasy and mystery genre? What makes them so compelling for you to write?
Aug 8, 9:14AM EDT0

I write just about everything. My first book was called Internal Damages that is based on true events, Second book is Undead which was a paranormal book and Now Flesh Wounds which is more Horror than Fantasy

Aug 8, 5:54PM EDT0
What's your current writing project? Is it a fantasy fiction, too?
Aug 8, 1:41AM EDT0

My current writing project is The Witching Hour, Second book of the Flesh Wounds series.

Aug 8, 5:04PM EDT0
What do you think it is that makes Vampire stories so popular?
Aug 7, 9:16PM EDT0

The history. So much History in Vampires that is unreal. 

Aug 8, 5:14PM EDT0

"Fangs. Blood. Night. Immortality. Hunger. Fear. Hunter and Prey." Why do people enjoy the concept of the unknown and the possible danger it holds?

Aug 7, 7:33PM EDT0

Most people like myself. Love the Supernatural, They're been around for thousands of years althrough out history. I personally don't beleive it holds any danger. Although some people Vampirism too far sometimes.

Aug 8, 5:29PM EDT0
How do you differentiate your vampires for your book from other vampire stories?
Aug 7, 6:23PM EDT0

That's a good question. Well the vampires in my book called Flesh Wounds were plagued by a Witch. Put under a dark curse. So in reality they were humans until the kingdom was under attack by a dark curse.

Aug 8, 6:03PM EDT1
Have you always liked this sort of genre? And what were your influences?
Aug 7, 6:02PM EDT0

I always have liked Fantsay , But my main genre I write is Horror. My influences were Stephen King, He can write about almost anything, 

Aug 8, 5:16PM EDT0

Which books have you most enjoyed reading lately, and why?

Aug 7, 4:43PM EDT0

Latest book I read was Doctor Sleep, I really enjoyed it because it was dark and graphic.  I personally prefer horror fiction.

Aug 8, 5:30PM EDT0
What can authors do to pull more readers into the world of imagination?
Aug 7, 10:18AM EDT0

Did you learn any surprising facts about vampires during the research phase of your last book?

Aug 7, 9:31AM EDT0

Honestly, I didn't do much research for Flesh Wounds. But for The Witching Hour i'm planning on traveling to Salem.

Aug 8, 5:32PM EDT0
Which horror or other genre authors do you like and read?
Aug 7, 8:45AM EDT0

Stephen King is basically what I read a lot.  Ever since I was a young boy.

Aug 8, 5:05PM EDT0
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