Hi there, I am Ziri Dafranchi, a writer, author, poet, philosopher; and a firm believer in a single human race, equality of every human, fairness, justice, and equity for all. Please join me on AMA and let's talk about life!

Ziri Dafranchi
Nov 17, 2017

I believe that not many people know who they really are or why they are; that the life we live is the one we've chosen - consciously or unwittingly, and the world we now live in is the one we're directly responsible for. I am all about a better life and a better world, so ask me any questions bordering on discovering self, purpose and also about writing or becoming an author.


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What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

Nov 19, 11:26PM EST0

Hi, thanks for your second question but I have already answered another question which is very similar to the one you now ask. Do you mind scrolling down for my answer? 

Thank you! 

Nov 20, 4:59AM EST0

Do you need to be in politics in order to achieve your aspirations about the human race?

Nov 18, 4:06PM EST0

Not at all! Politics and politicking could not achieve the unity of the human race at least not in its present concept and application. 

The things I desire for humanity - oneness, fairness, equity, justice, compassion and empathy - would best be achieved through information. Only the truth sets free; when we all get to know the truth about humanity, in addition to the other things about life that we ought to know, then we could not remain the same. As we each change, individually, the whole of humanity would eventually be changed to what it was originally meant to be. 

Nov 18, 4:25PM EST0

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Nov 18, 5:10AM EST0

Hi Sonia, fame is subjective and therefore is based on individual perception; thus while a person might be considered famous by some others might not. 

However, I have been privileged to see the Queen of England, HRH Queen Elizabeth II - although from a distance and not on a one-on-one direct contact. I have also met with a few musicians, mostly of African origin, whom I don't know if you know. E.g. Majek Fashek, Feminine Kuti, Alex Zito, Bright Chimezie, Sonny Okosun, and a few others. The significance of the aforementioned is that they're all philosophical and also justice activists. 

Nov 18, 5:26AM EST1

So true, fame is indeed subjective! 

Nov 18, 5:32AM EST0

If given the chance, would you run for a government position?

Nov 18, 3:23AM EST0

Ha ha, no I won't and only because I believe that the present governmental systems are flawed in so many ways and in varying degrees. 

Firstly, the political system seems to be more about personal interests than public service. Similarly, the system seems more aimed at fostering the objectives of political organisations - most of whom are heavily influenced by self-centred lobbyists groups working for technocrats and oligarchs - instead of serving the needs of the populace. 

Perhaps what we need first is a totally new system of governance - one which truly serves the interest of the governed not the ones in government. 

Nov 18, 5:14AM EST0

What is your favorite part of the book?

Nov 17, 5:51PM EST0

Hi Tareq, do you mean my favourite part of my book, Life a mystery solved? If so, I will say the part that explored what happens after we die. 

Nov 18, 1:50AM EST0

What has been the best compliment you've been given?

Nov 17, 4:51PM EST0

As an author, it would be that I have a very deep insight about certain things especially the things I write about. 

Nov 17, 5:00PM EST0

Do you have a day job in addition to being a writer? If so, what do you do during the day?

Nov 17, 2:06PM EST0

Hi Leonard, I am now a professional author although in the past I have had work experience in professional accountancy, banking and finance, and also administration and management. 

Writing is itself a full time preoccupation, especially if you desire to pursue writing as a career and wish to be effective in such a pursuit.

Nov 17, 2:53PM EST0

Do you have a favorite book?

Nov 17, 12:25PM EST0

Hi, I already answered another question which is very similar to yours; where I listed some of my favourite books.

You can find that answer if you scrolled down to the earlier questions. Thank you! 

Nov 17, 2:49PM EST0

Do you believe in one world movement?

Nov 17, 11:07AM EST0

I will like you to further elaborate on what you mean by "one world movement" before I can give a more accurate response please. 

Otherwise, the world already is one and therefore so is everything that goes on within in when viewed from a deeper perspective. However, because of the complex diversity present in different aspects of human existence I will like to reason that it would almost be utopian or idealistic trying to harmonise our different engagements - e.g. religion, commerce, economy, etc. - into a single entity. Instead of pursuing such ideals I believe we could serve humanity better by ensuring that, despite our inherent differences, we treat each other with love and respect. And if we did, we would soon discover that we would achieve more than any ideology aimed at unifying our various operations or engagements as different parts of a single humanity. 

Nov 17, 11:32AM EST0

What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author? How did you handle it?

Nov 17, 9:53AM EST0

Hi Alianne, I would say that the toughest criticism ever handed down to me came in the form of a very harsh remark made about something I wrote and, incidentally, from someone who is also a friend. Unfortunately, this remark was largely fuelled by a poor understanding of what I had written although I have to admit that I somehow over generalised with respect to a particular assertion I made.

In handling it, although I was hurt by this misunderstanding, I immediately realised that as an author it was my duty and responsibility to ensure that readers properly understood whatever I was trying to communicate. I shouldn't them to try figuring my mind out but rather I ought to make my thoughts known as clear as possible and to provide further clarification where needed. And so I tried making further clarification in order to properly explain what I had intended to communicate. In addition to the above, I also learnt from this experience never to make generalising comments or to use statistics that I couldn't prove.

Personally, I believe that criticisms - objective or biased -can be beneficial to the criticised if viewed dispassionately and received without trying to jump to our own defence. 

Nov 17, 11:18AM EST0

What previous personal experience has inspired you to be a writer?

Nov 17, 9:12AM EST0

Hi Faye, it would be difficult to pinpoint a particular past experience as being the one which has inspired me into writing but I can generally say that my past experiences have one way or another culminated in inspiring my writings. 

I can say that I am naturally curious and also philosophical; these qualities have significantly shaped my writing as they provide me with a motivation and drive to enquire about things - when prompted - which eventually are translated into writing either as a book or blog articles. 

Nov 17, 9:38AM EST0

How best do you think can we achieve true equality and justice for all?

Nov 17, 8:49AM EST0

Thanks for your question. In my opinion, it all starts with each person, as individuals, because in the long run the overall state of the world is determined by individual attitudes and behaviours. 

There have been a whole lot of generational misinformation, misconception, and even manipulation of entire humanity which have resulted in the gross injustice and inequity that our world is now characterised by. As a result, we must all, one by one, consciously embark on re-educating ourselves in order to unlean those things with which we've been mistaught. We need to understand, for example, that there is only one human race - and not black, white and other so-called "races" which are defined mainly by the colour of the skin; that humanity is a single interconnected and interrelated entity so that what affects any one part would effectively affect the other parts eventually.

I believe that until we recognise that all humanity are one and same we may never achieve a just and fair society. However for this to happen, there has to be some form of reeducation. Which is one of my inspiration for writing - I aim to share my inspired insights and research-based findings about life and humanity with as many people as possible in a bit to help correct the many misconceptions prevalent in our world. 

I believe that one by one, slow but steady, change is possible even if difficult. 

Nov 17, 9:30AM EST0

What gives you inspiration for your book(s)?

Nov 17, 3:14AM EST0

My inspiration comes from within me - sometimes ideas simply come to me; and I also get inspiration from the things happening around me or in society at large. 

Nov 17, 8:26AM EST0

Who is your favorite author?

Nov 17, 2:00AM EST0

I have more than one favourite authors and they include: Paulo Coelho, Deidrieich Erasmus, Niccolo Machiavelli, Jeffrey Archer, Jan Eyre, Geoffrey Chaucer, Mario Puzo, Ian Fleming, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiong'O, and VS Naipaul. 

Nov 17, 2:42AM EST0

What book that you have read has most influenced your life?

Nov 17, 12:06AM EST0

Thanks, Ludmyla, for a great question. It is a known truth that most great writers are themselves great readers. Personally, I have been a voracious reader before I would become a prolific writer. 

The book which have most influenced my life is the Holy Bible - I have read the Bible not as a religious book but as a truly inspired book which, surprisingly, contains answers to many of life's questions including the origin of life, how best to live a fulfilled and satisfying life, how best to live in peace and harmony with others; it also is full of many wise and philosophical nuggets which prove to be relevant today as they have been in ages past. Furthermore, the Bible helps us understand the mind of the Creator  (why He made the world and us), and helps us to understand the nature of divinity. Interestingly, the Bible also contains a lot of historical information some of which predate any other book of history.

In addition to the Bible there are many other books I have been significantly impacted by that it would be impossible to list them all but a few examples include, Roots, Twelve Years a Slave, Long Walk to Freedom, As the crow flies, Romeo and Juliet.,  Things fall apart, The Man they couldn't arrest,  Of Human Bondage, and Animal Farm.  There are many others.

Nov 17, 2:30AM EST0

What has your experience been like as an author?

Nov 16, 9:26PM EST0

Firstly, I personally find writing to be therapeutic - writing leaves me inspired and motivated as through writing I learn a lot of new things including information and experiences. Also I discovered that when writing under inspiration, the writer is driven by what is been written such that he or she simply becomes a conduit for the external expression of what is being written instead of being the one actually initiating the thought, flow, pattern and content of what is being written. 

As a profession, writing is very demanding - it can be both mentally and physically exhausting as well as time consuming. Similarly, getting published isn't the easiest thing in the world and in some cases you have to deal with more rejections than ordinary people can cope with but perseverance always pays off because just one acceptance is so rewarding that all previous rejections seem insignificant. Furthermore, the rewards for your efforts trickle in gradually such that a lot of patience is needed on the part of an author before he or she would begin to realise tangible benefits from his or her works.

Finally, in spite of all of the above, being an author is my most cherished achievement because it has enabled me to positively influence more people than I know. 

Thank you for your question. 

Nov 16, 11:58PM EST0

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter I could follow?

Last edited @ Nov 16, 6:37AM EST.
Nov 16, 6:37AM EST0

Hi Heenal, thanks and yes: Twitter - @ziridafranchi; and my Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/officialZiriDafranchi1888/.

You can also send me a friend request on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/ziri.dafranchi

Looking forward to connecting with you. 

Nov 16, 6:53AM EST0

You mentioned you want to become an Author; what will your first book be all about? 

Nov 15, 10:19AM EST0

Hi Ivy and thanks for your question. I am already an author - my first book is called, Life: A mystery solved and is widely available online.

The book, Life, is a philosophy (non-fiction) which explores the journey of life, in the natural, from the beginning (at birth) to the end (at death) while also presenting a quick glimpse into what to expect after we die. It is a book of 3 parts: Part 1 - The Beginning - explores how life begins, who you are, and why you are; Part 2 - The Journey - explores some mindsets which make us behave the ways we do; while Part 3 - The End - explores death, dying, and what happens after we die. 

The book, Life, aims to challenge you to becoming who you were meant to be in order to live the life you were meant to live - a life that would leave you satisfied and fulfilled in the end. 

Nov 15, 11:10AM EST0

What inspired you to become an author?

Nov 15, 9:12AM EST0

Hi Shilpa, thank you for your question and interest about what inspired me to become an author.

My journey into authorship started with a desire to share some of the things I would, at some stage in my life, begin to discover about life, in general, and also about other things which I had believed since childhood which I later found out were not entirely accurate. As a result, I first started by simply sharing my thoughts and findings via short writings which I shared on social media. The interest generated by these short posts further inspired me to write more and the more I wrote the more insights I would receive. From thence, I would find myself documenting my thoughts and findings in book form. 

The above is a summary about how I became an author. Can I ask you if you desire or have plans to become an author yourself? 

Nov 15, 10:12AM EST0