Hi my name is Jennie and I am first time Author I am hosting AMA ask me anything

Jennie Ortiz
Feb 12, 2018

Hi, everyone I am a person that loves to help people. but my life took a different direction when one night a little boy came to visit me in my home and he vanishes in front of me.   I never thought in my life that I was going to see a spirit especially a child.  from that day forward I began seen sparkles something that I didn't understand and I felt the little boy jumping on my bed at night yes I freak out left my home. a year later I won my fear back and stayed full time in my home. just to find out that in 2008 my life will take another direction again. that when I began to hear my spirit guides.

not knowing that I was becoming a medium and I began to tell people thing that came true. so 2016 my book came out on Amazon "When the light changed me " true story by Jennie Ortiz i also have it on eBay   if you like you can ask me anything  welcome to my page AMA 

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What about spirit animals? Do you think spirit animals are real? If yes, what is your spirit animal?

Feb 18, 10:08AM EST0

well i know that when animal die they go to heaven if that what you mean.  I never thought of having a spirit animal or never ask if i had one so i can tell you more then that sorry. thank you for the question AMA

Feb 18, 1:16PM EST0

Do you see particular kinds of spirits, like little kids or all kinds?

Feb 17, 11:58PM EST0

well after the little boy i began to see angles and i have not seeing them very clear like i saw the little boy.  but they make sure i see when they are around. thank you for asking AMA

Feb 18, 5:07AM EST0

Did you face any challenges when writing your book? How did you overcome them?

Feb 17, 9:58PM EST0

from the start i didn't know where to begin. and after i found out a little bit i learn by searching through the web and i found out not all publisher are the same and they don't take your work and you spend money to do your own editing something i found out after 6 years looking for a publisher it was hard but in the end. i went a different route. i self-published my book. when the light changed me. thank you for asking AMA

Feb 18, 5:04AM EST0

Have you always believed in spirits?

Feb 16, 5:26PM EST0

i always believed in angels and in jesus christ if that what you mean so yes i did but i always heart of ghost stories but i never thought i be the one seen them. thank you for your question AMA

Feb 17, 2:13AM EST0

Do you have any religious beliefs, how does it affect your work as a medium?

Feb 14, 1:14AM EST0

great question i am catholic my mom raise us very religious now fast forward to 2000 few my family members began changing religion my aunts change to Baptist then my other aunt turn mormon so some of us stayed catholic so when i went through the process of my mediumship i had to keep it to my self a secret because they didn't believe anything and i understood that my mom didn't believe me when i began telling her  what was happening to me until one day she sat me down and told me she believe me i cried so much because i was by my self going through something that i didn't know what was happening to me. but my religion was more stronger then is ever been.  that never changed. thank you for asking if you have more question AMA 

Feb 14, 3:28AM EST0

Are you self-published or did you go with a publication company?

Feb 13, 3:56PM EST0

yes i am self- published the reason i went that way i could not find any publisher that i could tell that like my book it was hard looking for a publisher and it was costing me a arm and leg. sending out every other day so this was was more easy step. so if you thinking about writing do your homework and good luck god bless on your journey if you want to ask me more question AMA

Feb 13, 4:36PM EST0

i am self-published i looked for a publisher but in the end of the day it took to much money sending it making sure it would get there buying ink and so forth and it took me ten years. so in the end i decided to do self  published i even paid for editor thank you for asking. AMA

Feb 17, 11:21PM EST0

Did you proofread and edit your book yourself or did you hire someone to do it?

Feb 13, 1:41PM EST0

i did proofread my book and i paying an editor cost me an arm and leg to do it but if you want to make sure that your writing is good 

Feb 13, 1:52PM EST0

How did being a medium change you?

Feb 13, 12:30PM EST0

it changed me alot i didn't know in the first place that i was a medium i had dreams and stuff but still didn't know i became a medium 2008 i was in my 30's by then scary stuff but i got use to it and i love helping people

Feb 13, 1:53PM EST0

What are your plans for the future, what do you plan to do with your career as a medium?

Feb 13, 11:01AM EST0

 I guess my plans are taking one day at a time and work on my second and third book and if i do reading i make sure every one is happy if i can help anyone for free i do to. i am not a show off i do it low key and if someone asks me to read them i do it whatever road god take me in the future i be happy both ways 

Feb 13, 1:57PM EST0

How do people react when you tell them what you do?

Feb 13, 10:32AM EST0

i don't go on the street and tell people i am medium how ever this the first year my aunts know what i am doing i was psychic in the closet it was hard keeping it to my self the only one that knew was my mom and she pass away 3 years ago. she supported me other wise i ok if someone don't agree with what i do is their right not everyone support medium 

Feb 13, 2:01PM EST0

Do you feel it is easier to be a medium as a woman rather than as a man?

Feb 13, 9:22AM EST0

well i have notice since i started is alot of man that are medium or just psychic i don't think is any different it depend on the person that want a reading if they think who ever could be good reading so they go to them we all read different. 

Feb 13, 2:08PM EST0

Where you based? Are there many mediums in your locale?

Feb 13, 8:40AM EST0

well yes i go to different location we support each other help each other when we need answers this don't come with a paper saying this is how you became a medium. their are group gathering to learn from each other that help alot if you need any more question AMA

Feb 13, 2:10PM EST0

How do you promote your book?

Feb 13, 2:15AM EST0

well i have it on amazon and ebay i put it on facebook and twitter and i my self sell some on  psychic fairs but other wise i try my best to let people know i hope i answer your question i am still new and i am still learning to pass the word around thank you for the question if you still have question AMA

Feb 13, 2:13PM EST0

You mentioned that it took you a year to get over your fear. What did you do during that year and how did that help you get over your fear?

Feb 12, 11:18PM EST0

ha ha ok one entire year i keep running out of my house when i felt being touch on my head or my back or felt the child jumping on my bed that is not easy from the start. my sister inlaw mother told me about a psychic fair and i need to find out what was happening to me so i went to one lady and i cry so much because i felt a rock was lifted off of me i understood that what was happening to me is was spiritual and i was getting contact with the angles so i was about to move  back in with my mom that day when the lady told everything i felt better so it took me a few month not to run out but i learn to stay in my home and i can't lie i do sleep with the light on ha ha i use to have all the light from all the rooms on but now i have one light on so i still working on it. thank you for the question you can AMA

Feb 13, 2:21PM EST0

When exactly did the little boy visit you in your home? Were you alone at the time?

Feb 12, 8:06PM EST0

well the little boy visit me at 2AM and i was alone i don't have kids and i am not married so i am always along. I saw him 2000 it was the scarest thing i went through to become a medium but i am not that scared any more any more question AMA

Feb 13, 2:24PM EST0

Do you do any other work as a medium apart from writing books? Contacting spirits for others, for example?

Feb 12, 6:41PM EST0

Was anything different going on in your life when the little boy came to visit you?

Feb 12, 4:12PM EST0

oh my that a great question so is been a long long time i have not felt the little boy jump on my bed. so i had aha moment in my life about 3 months ago.  let me tell you that when i felt the little boy once again a few days after i felt him jump on my bed that when AhA moment happen i end up writing a new book i had been working on my second book for a while but my this third book came out of the blue i was not thinking about write it but now my second book became my third and my third became my second how that work i don't know but i will publishe my second that was soppost to be the third any way i hope you get the picture ha ha as soon i get the copy write letter in the mail i will puslishe  so back to the little boy the first time he came to me he told my sister inlaw that also has her gift that he came to me to show me it was just the beginning. that was scary stuff back then now this happen i guess the boy come when something great is coming to me so he jumps i guess that the way he want to show me good things are coming to me thank you for letting me think about this i didn't get it until now. anymore question AMA

Feb 13, 2:41PM EST0

What was your life like before that incident happened? How has it changed since then?

Feb 12, 3:59PM EST0

i had a normal life i guess i work for 10 years in a flea market. i help family and friend when they needed a ride to go somewhere. otherwise my life was normal that i thought but i learn later that some of my dreams was not normal but for me at the time it was just crazy dreams but now that i know the truth it was not crazy dreams after all. it now that i have this gift how i call it. it change me for the better because before i love helping people now i know i can heal them when i know for a fact they are hurting inside. and they person that lost a parent of a niece or nephew how bad it hurt it take a long time to go on with out them. i never understood it until my mom dead 3 years ago it leave you with a big hole in your heart so i realize how happy people feel when i give them message of they relative that pass away. it did change me alot for the better. thank you for the question if you want me to answer any more question AMA

Feb 13, 2:54PM EST0

How long did it take you to write the book?

Feb 12, 11:36AM EST0

let me tell you this if you don't know where to begin and you don't know a publisher or editor then it will take alot longer let me tell you that it didn't know anything when i began and i thought looking for a publisher they would get me a editor i was wrong very wrong because not all publisher want what you write every publisher is different so you start from scratch when i found out i was the one that had to look for an editor I was surprised that it cost alot more than i thought alot cost over one thousand dollars i surely didn't know what was i was heading too. to make the story short i finish writing around a year in a half but to publish it. it took me 10 years so do your homework and look around if that what you want. now that i know a little better i am working on 2 more books right now. thank you for your question. AMA

Feb 13, 3:45PM EST0

Do you find that spirits are asking you for help?

Feb 12, 10:35AM EST0

no that a good question. I was once had a lady that was coming over one day to get read but the night before i heard a men say she throw me out 3 time i was shock why is he telling me this i was new so i was scared to ask. so when the next day came and the lady came over a few second before i open the door i heard it again. so when she sat down i ask her who you did you throw out of your house she laugh and said my husband. spirit come anytime but one time they came to  let me know everything will be alright. and my grandmother came to me to let me know my mom will be ok. because my mom was sick i thought they was just letting me know she be fine but little did i know and didn't understand was they came to get me ready for something i didn't know what about to happy and i didn't get by them telling she be ok was she will die 3 month later. that really took me off course. i was mad with everything. because what i understood she be ok i didn't understand that she be ok in the other side heaven. i am still learning having this gift became hard and because you are a medium you see things you don't want to know but you still know it. so yes spirit come to you but to help you not them. thank you for your question AMA

Feb 13, 3:54PM EST0

Are you able to read the future as well?

Feb 12, 12:16AM EST0

hell yea it hard i have a book coming out in a few months about predictions. i had to do it to many things keep coming out what i said so it was best for me to do it. sometimes been a medium is not easy you know things about family members that you wish you can stop it but again they don't saw how or when. thank you for the question AMA

Feb 13, 3:57PM EST0

Have you always wanted to be an author or is it something new after coming in contact with the other world?

Feb 11, 4:59PM EST0

great question no what i wanted real bad was becoming a business owner all my life i loved business but 2000 my life change big time after the spirit world contacted me. so when 2007 came and again my life took a different direction that when i began to hear my spirit guides and when i started to write everything they told me is was for my self in a few pages i wrote.  I remember writing a book i still didn't understand the predictions until i wanted some answers my self when the medium i went to told me.  there is a story to be told that when the Aha moment hit me i wrote a book that what they were telling me so that when i began to write my first book. and now i am working on my 2 and 3 book so now i like been an author it is fun telling people my story if it help someone in the world with their own spritiual struggle i be very happy. thank you for your question AMA

Feb 13, 4:03PM EST0

Do you ever have moments when you wish that you don't have the ability to contact spirits? Or do you wholeheartedly embrace it at all times?

Feb 11, 4:39PM EST0

yes the moment i thought that the spirit world lied to me telling me my mom will be ok even my grandmother came to me to say your mom be fine. to find out that she be ok in the spirit world i thought they betrayed me. so i wanted to stop reading and i hated the gift but i guess i was hurting inside i have not gotten over the hurt see my mom dead 3 years ago. to i still hurting but still working with the spirit world because i know alot of people hurt too for their family members.  i guess i fill good helping them out. i love what i do really i do thank you for your question. AMA

Feb 13, 4:07PM EST0

Do you ever get writer's block? How do you deal with it?

Feb 11, 12:33PM EST0

oh yes in the beginning when i started to write i didn't know what i was doing but a friend told me stop writing for a little while it will come back to you so that what i did. i hope i answer your question AMA 

Feb 13, 4:09PM EST0

What is your background, what were you doing before getting into this line of work?

Feb 11, 8:23AM EST0

i was a regular person helping my family with picking up their kids or taking a friend to the store and working at a flea market for 10 years before that i was in school taking business courses. before that i was in high school. and it was not by choice that i got in this line of work if that what you mean. it took me by surprise i didn't know i had this gift trust me had to learn alot since this happen to me.

Feb 13, 4:12PM EST0

Why do you think spirits choose you in particular?

Feb 11, 8:16AM EST0

ha ha ha that a good question i did ask my self that question a few time but i didn't ask spirit world why they choose me i was afraid of the answer so i have not ask.. ha ha beside i learn through research that i don't my family members like  my great great grand mother great great great great grandmother from my mom side and i just found out from one of my mom half brother from my mom father side grandparent had the gift also so it jump generations to me that. what i think happen no one will understand it if happen to them so they choose me because i guess they saw i could handle it. that what i think happen. so i hope i answer your question you can AMA

Feb 13, 4:17PM EST0

Do you have other hobbies involving the spiritual and the occult, like tarot card reading or palmistry for example?

Feb 11, 6:10AM EST0

my hobby was working at the flea market when the spiritual world came knocking at my door. i don't play with any occult i don't have any tarot card and i don't know how to read your palm i treat this like a job i respect the dead i don't knock on their door they knock on mine door when i need to help someone that need some answers or healing message from a dead relative. i don't play with fire that is not me thank you for your question god bless you any more question AMA 

Feb 13, 4:21PM EST0

What advice would you have for anyone who has just met with a spirit for the first time?

Feb 11, 6:07AM EST0

it is hard work once you find out you got a gift is a scary sometimes because you not the one looking for them they look for you to help them with family members that still here that need healing. to treat the spirituality like a regular job you had before you became a medium or a psychic don't play with anything you don't know because you can get burn. or get into alot of trouble. if you don't know how to go about it meet up with groups call metaphysical that help each other when you don't know how things work. they are very nice group support each other when you don't have family member that don't have the gift and they can't help you or  don't want to back your up or understand. this is the reason i wrote my first book to help those like me that didn't have anyone to turn to until i found the metaphysical group. thank you for your question god bless if you have more question AMA

Feb 13, 4:29PM EST0
Is there any particular situation or time of the day when you are more open to spirits
Feb 11, 4:37AM EST0

no not really when the spirit world is busy so i know that something is coming up but other wise they make sure you know that they are with you 24/7. they help me when they see i am heading for trouble but still get into the trouble because i still have to learn from it. beside that their favorite word is god want you to have a normal life... mmmm is this normal could it fool me ha ha any way i hope i answer your question. if you have any more question AMA

Feb 13, 4:33PM EST0
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