Hi! I'm Abdulwahab, I'm new to the world of writing and just recently published my first novel on amazon. I'm currently writing my second book. You can ask me anything.

Abdulwahab Dabai
Nov 30, 2017

An #Ama about writing, my first novel to be more precise. My first novel "A Paused heart" is a story of a teenager who finds himself unable to fall in love despite the fact that he's surrounded by many girls. What does it take for one to fall in love he wonders, is it Money? Looks? Determination? or is it.......................... a heart? 

it follows the story of a boy as he desperately tries to find love in order to prove to himself "I'm human just like anyone else."

Abdulwahab Musa, i'm an aspiring author with one self published book on amazon, i'm currently writing my second novel on superpower but the first hasn't really "Picked up" i have a feeling once people know about my book the demand will increase exponentially but a self publisher can do so little.

You can ask me anything, and thanks for your time.


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Do you see yourself writing for a long time?

Dec 2, 9:41PM EST0


I'd really love that. A lot of people chase their dreams only to meet a dead end, i'll try and crush as many dead ends as possible.


Dec 3, 10:03PM EST0

What genre do you like best?

Dec 1, 8:51AM EST1


Mystery and thriller. i get depressed whenever i read a romance novel or watch a movie so i dont bother with romance much.

Dec 1, 10:10PM EST0

Where can we find you in Amazon?

Dec 1, 12:34AM EST0


You can search for my name "Abdulwahab dabai" or the title of my book "A paused heart". Only the paperback is available right now, but you can like my facebook page and i'll let you know when the ebook goes live.


Dec 1, 10:07PM EST0

Where is the last place where you where able to complete the writing of your novel?

Nov 30, 8:36PM EST1

It was after the main character's resolve to fall in love grew stronger and he decided to go with the flow of things.

In the end.........................................................


Nov 30, 9:18PM EST1

Have you been inlove but lost it? Did you incorporate your frustrations to the book?

Nov 30, 8:33PM EST1

I've never been in love, i often asked my friends how it feels to be in love hoping i've experienced something similar.

i think my desperate attempts to fall in love led me to writing this book.


Nov 30, 9:13PM EST1

i think my desperate attempts to fall in love led me to writing this book.,

That is a line from a future book. Well said!

Dec 1, 1:32AM EST1

How many books are you planning to bring to your readers?

Nov 30, 8:32PM EST1

As many as possible, i want to write in every category i can. For now i think the hardest category for me would be in "Mystery". i've always loved mysteries and i think it would take a lot of thinking and time to come up with a masterpiece trick.


Nov 30, 9:11PM EST1

What is your plan to increase your fanbase?

Nov 30, 7:33PM EST1

i sent my work out to a lot of people i thougth shared a connection to what i wrote, it has been going around ever since.

I recently opened a facebook page and i'm experimenting various ways to get my work out there.

Slowly but gradually, i think a lot of people who find meaning in what i'm doing will watch out for more of my work.


Nov 30, 9:06PM EST1

If you can sit for a cup of tea with any of your girl characters, who would it be and why?

Nov 30, 7:02PM EST1

It would be "Dona", I found writing about her interesting myself, i like how patient and bold she can be.


Nov 30, 9:01PM EST1

Where do you get your inspiration for your book?

Nov 30, 5:08PM EST1

Hmm, lets see..................... I'm a person who thinks too much, my imagination runs wild most of the time that i come up with ideas doing leisure activities.

I dont talk much, i sometimes watch other peoples interactions and i end up with a totally different idea from what they did.

I think i chose writing to let loose my imagination.


Nov 30, 8:59PM EST1

How many books have you drafted and failed to bring to completion before you started this book?

Nov 30, 3:36PM EST1

None. It's the first book i tried writing and luckily enough i had to skip some ideas because i thought the book wouldn't end if i kept writing all the interesting ideas that came to mind.

Even for my current work, on a day when i feel like writing "I can write about 3 chapters".


Nov 30, 8:52PM EST1

How did you get through the trying times when you were in a most depressing state after breakup?

Nov 30, 11:27AM EST1

if i understand correctly, you mean times when i broke up from my "romantic partner"?

i've had some relationships growing up and to me it never passed the line of friendship. I'm turning 20 this year and i still dont feel like i've ever had a crush on anybody.

The story though fiction, tells a little about my experience.


Nov 30, 8:50PM EST1

Have you made any sales on Amazon.

Nov 30, 8:10AM EST1

None, and i think it has to do with the fact that only the paperback is available. i published the paperback and ebook at the same time but the ebook got blocked for some reason.

Even though i haven't made any sales, my book is slowly reaching readers. i didnt know i was going to publish my book until i was finished writing and got wonderful comments from strangers i sent my pdf out to, for some reason i felt satisfied and the lack of sales didn't bother me much.

i just republished the ebook again and hopefully this time it'll get accepted. 


Nov 30, 8:45PM EST1

What do you want to say to your readers through the book?

Nov 29, 9:34AM EST1

I want my readers to explore a world full of possibilities, there are a lot of interesting characters out there that one may relate to and feel comfortable knowing about them. 

I think most people need someone to look up to or down on. Most importantly i want my readers to have a good time reading about my imaginations.


Nov 29, 7:04PM EST1

Why is it so hard for this boy in the story to fall in love? Any painful past experience about love?

Nov 29, 9:19AM EST1

None, of which he knows about. If you read the story you'll find out that it's not only romantic love he seeks, the only type of love he knows is "Mental love" (I know i love something but i dont know what my heart feels about it.) He hopes to change that by opening up to people arround him and by engaging himself in their activities.

Thanks, i like that question.

Nov 29, 6:58PM EST1


The link to my novel on amazon.

My twitter account: https://twitter.com/abdulwahabd13

Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/Abdulwahabd13/

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/Abdulwahabd

Nov 28, 7:01PM EST0

What could have you done better during the process of the first book's publication, which you want to do in your next novel?

Nov 28, 11:05AM EST1

Hi there. I'd say marketting, at first i thought amazon was going to advertise my book so i laid around until after a week when i found out i had to do everything myself.

i've joined up with some author and promotions group in facebook and i've been getting advice from fellow authors. i think i'll be ready for my next publication.  THANKS.

Nov 28, 6:30PM EST1

How do you plan to enhance your writing skills to grab the reader's attention?

Nov 28, 2:44AM EST1


One way to enhance my writing skill is reading the works of accomplished authors, but i think i've had enough of that. 

I try to come up with something original which my readers can relate to.


Nov 28, 6:34PM EST0

Can you identify with personality of your main character?

Nov 28, 2:17AM EST1

Hmm.............. if i had to choose it would be "Complicated". Quite on the outside and a monster on the inside. 


Nov 28, 6:37PM EST0

What is the next book about and why would it be more interesting than the first book?

Nov 28, 12:15AM EST0


My next book is a super power. To tell the truth i never thought i would be writing a romance novel first, but at the time i was overflowing with ideas for the romance genre so i decided to try it out before i can sort out the super power.

I'm not allowed to say this but i think i did a good job on my first work, my next work is somewhat of a "Grand story". The gods have forsaken humanity and the main character tries to rise above them with the help of a goddess.


Nov 28, 6:43PM EST0
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