Hi, I am Billiejo I write erotica, I show the real meaning of writing, and mixing genres together AMA

Billiejo Priestley
Aug 5, 2018

I help people combine different types of genres into one. I show them the real meaning of writing and publishing, and that is not making money.

I have been writing since I was a child, and my passion is writing and BDSM, which is why my books always involve BDSM. Ask me anything.

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Billiejo Priestley says:

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Do you have any rituals or funny habits for writing? Is there a time of the day when you feel that you are more creative or efficient?
Aug 19, 6:08AM EDT0

Hi Silvia.

I tend to write throughout the day, I do find my most effective time is late at night. 

I listen to music every time I write as well, it helps drown out other noises around me. 

Thank you for your question. 

Aug 19, 8:14AM EDT0
If you could ask one successful author three questions about their writing, writing process, or books, what would they be?
Aug 19, 12:50AM EDT0

 Hi Blacklaca, that is a very interesting question. 

I would ask them, what their aim was while writing the books, success, money, to share their imagination or something else. 

I would ask them what their biggest struggles were. 

The last one would be if anything what would they go back and change about their book. 

Thank you for your question. 

Aug 19, 8:10AM EDT0
Who designs the cover of your books? Do you have a clear idea of what you want or is it more a spontaneous process?
Aug 18, 8:59PM EDT0

 Hi Ymanej.

I design the covers myself, I have an idea generally then I search for an image or images that I think will work best for the cover. 

Thank you for your question. 

Aug 19, 8:07AM EDT0
Some people define success by the number of books they sell, others determine it by the positive reviews. How do you define your own success as an author? What matters to you?
Aug 18, 1:34PM EDT0

Hi Neil, that's a very good question. 

Everyone does determine success different.  For me, success is when people have read my books, and give me feedback not so much on the story but how it relates or helps them. 

Thank you for your question. 

Aug 19, 8:06AM EDT0
Do you have any upcoming writing projects that you would like to share? When you decide on a new story, what is your process like?
Aug 15, 2:43PM EDT0

Hi, Robertogp thank you for your question.

I am working on two books at the minute, Lucifer's love curse which is been released on Wattpad a chapter every 1-2 days for free.

Along with that, there is Mistress Delcox series which is very much like Seductive Vibrations that I am working on.

Lucifer's love curse

Aug 15, 3:26PM EDT0
What is next for you after Seductive Vibrations?
Aug 15, 1:52PM EDT0

Hi Estela, that is a very good question.

I am currently writing Lucifer's love curse, I am doing 1 chapter every 1-2 days on Wattpad.

Once all 6 books of Seductive Vibrations are released, I have got my biography to work on which has taken many years, as well as another series which involves a Dominatrix rather then Dominant.

Thank you for your question.Lucifer's love curse can be read free here www.wattpad.com/myworks/158295129-lucifer%27s-love-curse

Aug 15, 2:33PM EDT0
When you are writing a novel do you plot the story from start to finish or do you let it come alive as you write?
Aug 15, 1:21PM EDT0

Hi Abigaille, thank you for your question.I am a free writer, sitting and thinking about the whole story does not work for me, I find as I am writing my mind is automatically thinking of the next part.

Sometimes throughout the book, I do plan what is going to happen first, but in general, I free write throughout the stories.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 15, 2:30PM EDT0
What is your personal method to mix two or more genres into one single consistent novel?
Aug 15, 10:29AM EDT0

Hi Al emonn,  that is a good question.

For me, it is all about timing if you write the thriller bit too early or too late it won't work well.

I do a lot of planning beforehand, I work out how to build up to the big scene that is a thriller. I must rewrite things 3 or 4 times before I get the placement correct.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 15, 2:29PM EDT0
What characteristics do you find sexy in a dominant and/or a submissive?
Aug 15, 1:14AM EDT0

Hi Edsmontague, that is a hard question.

For me personally, in a dominant, I find humour, dominance and caring sexy. The ability to be dominant but still make me feel safe and free.

As for a submissive, I, of course, find their submitting side sexy, but I also find their bratty side that sometimes escapes sexy. I also find it sexy how they strive to please the Dominant.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 15, 4:58AM EDT0
What is a “Play Session”?
Aug 14, 11:13PM EDT0

Hi, Marco that is a very good question.

A Play Session, is also known as a scene, or BDSM session/play.

It is when the people in the relationship play, either mental and physically in any aspect of Kink.

Depending on where it is, it can be anything from light getting to know them session to an edge play session. Most light play sessions are within meetings, often when others are joining in and it is something new to the submissive.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 15, 4:53AM EDT0
As an author, what are you looking for in an editor?
Aug 14, 7:09AM EDT0

Hi Mennah, that is a very good question.

For me, I am looking for someone who is comfortable editing erotica and BDSM. I also look for someone who is quick but effective and also keeps in contact throughout the work.

I had a lot of issues getting a good editor, one made the book worse, one while it was very good editing, there were many errors where there were 4 of 5 spaces between words, full stops two spaces away from the word etc.

I like editors who ask for a portion of my book to edit beforehand so I can see their work.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 14, 6:06PM EDT0
Were there any portions of your book series Seductive Vibrations that were particularly difficult to write?
Aug 14, 7:02AM EDT0

Hi Gareth, I had to think about this question.

There certainly were, I had a lot of issues writing quite a lot of the book, Secrets Of Marcus, because Marcus while he appears to be a strong man throughout the book, his own personal book was a journey that showed his depression, suicide attempts, and several other life issues.

At the time of writing it I didn't understand why it was so hard, but it was, it was only after someone mentioned certain parts of the book, almost mirroring my life just different circumstances did I realise just why I had struggled.

Thank you for the question.

Aug 14, 6:03PM EDT0
What is electrosex? How do you include this type of BDSM in your books?
Aug 14, 1:16AM EDT0

Hi Bea.justh, that is a very interesting questions.

Electrosex is the use of electricty for sexual pleasure, typically using sex toys that are created for it, however some people do use others items as well.I have included this within my books, and I did it like I did any other act during a scene, I described about what it was and how it felt, how the toys where used etc.

I explained where the pads went on the body etc.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 14, 5:59PM EDT0
What are the most common misconceptions about BDSM?
Aug 12, 10:46PM EDT0

Hi Andrefossey, that is a good question.I would say the most common misconception would be that it is abuse, and that the submissive has no choices in the relationships.

There is a article about the misconceptions of BDSM here


Thank you for your question.

Aug 14, 5:56PM EDT0
Do you display your own BDSM fantasies into your novels?
Aug 12, 10:31PM EDT0

Hi Shreya, that is a good question.

I have done yes, myself I did not realise to be honest, it was only when a old partner was talking to me that he explained how much like my life the books actually are.

It explains why some of the story lines are so easily conencted with by the readers, as in a way I have put myself in the novels.Thank you for the question.

Aug 14, 5:50PM EDT0
Have you had other power exchange partners? Do you know what your limits are?
Aug 12, 3:12PM EDT0

Hi Shreya, that is a good question.

I have had a few power exchanging partners, been a switch I have had Dominants and Submissives. I know my limits pretty well now, but it has been 15 years since I started BDSM.

My hard limits list started pretty big, then slowly over time I found courage to try more and found I loved a lot more than I had expected.Thank you for your question.

Aug 14, 5:49PM EDT0
You mentioned that you write since you were a child, what was the first story that you created as a child?
Aug 12, 8:28AM EDT0

Hi Angeloj that is a good question.

I wrote poetry as a child, a way to get my feelings out, I then started writing an autobiography which was the very first book I started on, it still isn't finished as it takes a lot of my mental strength to complete it.

Thank you for your question.

Last edited @ Aug 14, 5:46PM EDT.
Aug 14, 5:46PM EDT0
How old were you when you first noticed you have an inclination to BDSM?
Aug 11, 5:44AM EDT0

HI Chitto, thank you for the question.

I was fifteen when I found out about BDSM and started looking into it and realised it was something I was interested in.

Aug 11, 6:37AM EDT0
How do you manage your time between your kids and your writing?
Aug 10, 7:49PM EDT0

Hi Cherly that is a very good question.

I work for myself so that helps. The kids are at school so I would typically spend most of my day writing, then spend the evenings with the children, get them to bed and relax for an hour then start writing again.

I find night is my most active and less distracting time to write, even without the kids at home during the day I find my mind wonders and I can be sat for ages not actually writing.

My kids always come first, so I do wait till they are either at school or asleep to write.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 11, 6:25AM EDT0
What do you think about 50 shades of Grey? Is this series a bad representative of BDSM? What are the reasons behind your answer?
Aug 9, 12:20AM EDT0

Hi Red_sun, that is a very good question.

I like the books and dislike them for a few reasons, I like the main storyline outside of the BDSM, I also like the fact so many women are saying how the books and filmed encouraged them to be more adventurous within the bedrooms.

As for showing BDSM wrong, I do think the books have done this and for so many reasons.

The first is the whole begining, a Dom would not show anyone his dungeon/playroom without being sure they have at least had sexual partners and shown signs they are possibly interested in BDSM. He of course just shows her it all then finds out she is a virgin. It kind of runs across with Christians story, been a child and brought into it. Most will tell you a Dom/Domme would not do anything until the person reaches a legal age. I was brought into BDSM when I was 15, but it was none sexual and did not become sexual until I had reached the legal age and also gone out myself and sex with someone away from the BDSM lifestyle.

The second is when Alena is still considering it, a real Dom would not message a potential submissive constantly asking for an answer.

The third reason is again when Anna says it was nice knowing him, and he just appears within her flat, that within BDSM would never happen, a Dom would never just go to a submissives place and let himself in after she said no.

The fourth is the punishment, the scene in the playroom, where he says he wants her to feel how she made him feel. Now he took her to the playroom believing it was like any other time. A Dom would actually explain to the submissive that she is been punished, how and why. A Dom would also think about why the submissive needs punishing and is there a reason she acted the way she did. He would do that to see if in fact did he do something she was not happy with in which case she should not be punished. The other thing is a Dom would never punish a submissive to make her feel how she made him feel. That is revenge, not a punishment.

There is a lot throughout the books that show BDSM in the wrong way, including him just showing up when she is with her mum, that time away any Dom would tell you is needed, a submissive needs time and space away from a Dom and the BDSM lifestyle sometimes and needs to be respected.

Thank you for your question.

Aug 9, 5:58AM EDT0
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