Hi everyone! My name is Vicky Whedbee and I am the Author of "Things He Hadn't Told Her" and "Sarah's Song" and currently writing a sequel to "Sarah's Song'! I am honored to be hosting Ask Me Anything!

Vicky Edwards Whedbee
Dec 1, 2017

I am an independent author foraging my way through the forest, hoping to present my heart and soul (in the form of my books) to the masses, trying to learn and share as much as I can regarding writing, publishing, promoting and all that comes with the above, along my journey! I recently told someone that putting your work out there and waiting for someone to acknowledge it is akin to holding your breath and every response is a breath of air! I am a firm believer in paying it forward and will try my best to help anyone with any questions they may have! 

Things He Hadn't Told Her

Sarah's Song

https://www.facebook.com/vicky.whedbee https://twitter.com/vicky_whedbee

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What did your parents say when they learned you wanted to write? 

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Dec 2, 9:17PM EST0

Hi there! They were very supportive. They always have been in every endeavor of mine! Their confidence in my ability to write a book was a driving force in my making it a reality, and since my dad's health was declining due to cancer, I strived make it happen before my father passed. I made it! However, I only had the opportunity to read him the first Chapter before the cancer took him from us. Thanks for asking!

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Do you also get ideas / inspirations from other authors?

Dec 2, 9:05PM EST0

Hi! I can't say that I have...if it's been written I try to steer away from that. I like to try to come up with something that hasn't been done, or at least that I don't know has been done. Sometimes I feel like surely every possible scenario that could be written has been written, so that just makes it more of a challenge to come up with something new! Thanks for asking!

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What other things you find very interesting to have or to do?

Dec 2, 6:04PM EST0

Hi Kaja! I love to read, and do crafts of all kinds. Crocheting is my favorite! I like to garden and grow things, especially flowers and vegetables, although I don't generally have much time for it. But when I have time in the evening, I crochet things for people. - tops, afghans hats, scarves, purses, etc.. I also have on online boutique where I sell some of the handmade things, as well as clothing and accessories! Thanks for asking!  

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Who is your most favorite book character?

Dec 2, 6:16AM EST0

Hi Faye! I'm not sure if you mean from my books, or books I've read! That's a tough question...but I'll start with my own books. All of my characters are dear to me, (except for the villain in Sarah's Song), but I suppose the Indian boy "Jericho" in Sarah's Song may have a slight edge over the other's simply due to what he's been through. (That and how handsome he is when he grows up lol!) But Caleb & Horace run a close 2nd. It's really difficult to pick one over the others! As for other books I've read it's just as hard! Two that come to mind, probably because I just saw the movies on TV recently, would be Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice and Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. And I just realized as I write this that all of my picks so far are male! Hmm...food for thought! lol! Thanks for asking!    

Dec 2, 11:35AM EST0

Do you prepare an outline for your plot and schemes before getting on with writing?

Dec 2, 1:10AM EST0

Hi Elizabeth! I usually take a spiral notebook and begin with the characters, ages descriptions, role etc. and then write the idea/synopsis. From there I use my PC to actually write. Any changes or new ideas are jotted in the notebook. I carry a little notepad with me in my purse in case I get any ideas and need to make notes when I'm not actually writing. I have been known to make a note or two on a napkin!  

Dec 2, 10:01AM EST0

How hard is it to continue a story into a sequel?

Dec 2, 12:30AM EST0

Hi there! I think that would depend on the original story. In my case, I think it would be harder for me to try to write a sequel to 'Things He Hadn't Told Her" than my second book "Sarah's Song", which it just so happens I am writing a sequel to now. There were more characters in "Sarah's Song" and so many places for them to go, it's been fairly easy so far. Thanks for asking! 

Dec 2, 12:44AM EST0

How do you combat writer's block?

Dec 1, 11:56PM EST0

Hi Kathryn! Fortunately, I haven't suffered any severe writers block yet! When I'm too distracted to concentrate, or just can't think, I usually just walk away from it for a while, immerse myself on another project and give my brain a chance to relax/reboot. So far it's done the trick! Thanks for asking!

Dec 2, 12:39AM EST0

What was the name of your first book?

Dec 1, 11:51PM EST0

Hi Arthur! Mt first book is "Things He Hadn't Told Her". It's a story about friendship and loyalty with some twists and turns! There's also football that appeals to the sports fans, and guys like it as much as gals. I hope you'll give it a try! Thanks for asking! 

Dec 2, 12:25AM EST0

Where is your ideal place to be when you are writing?

Dec 1, 11:07PM EST0

Well, my USUAL place is at my dining room table, but my IDEAL place would be in a mountain chalet somewhere in a quiet room overlooking a breathtaking vista! I have written in my vehicle, in the bathroom, and on my porch, just to name a few places! I carry a notepad and pen with me so I'm ready anywhere, anytime! Thanks for asking, Elizabeth!      

Dec 2, 12:30AM EST0

What is the common theme of all the books that you have written?

Dec 1, 10:49PM EST0

Hi Ashley! The main common theme that I can think of that I try to keep them wholesome (without being boring) because I don't want to hide anything I write from my kids or grandkids. Even though my book "Sarah's Song" touches on abuse, I tried not to be too graphic with it. I  think everyone is already subjected to too much violence on a daily basis as it is, and I hope to take them away from that, at least while they are reading my books, and hopefully leave them with a smile on their face!.    

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What is your favorite thing to have when you settle at your paradise for writing?

Dec 1, 6:11PM EST0

Hi Shawn! Unfortunately, the one thing I almost always have is a nearly frozen Mountain Dew! It's my guilty pleasure, that I know I shouldn't drink on a daily basis, but I do. I don't generally have anything to eat at hand, but if I get hungry while I'm writing I will usually get something that's easy to pop in my mouth and still keep typing, like grapes, apple slices, celery with peanut butter, or little chunks of cheese! Thanks for asking! 

Dec 1, 6:40PM EST0

What is your favorite thing to have when you settle at your paradise for writing?

Dec 1, 4:50PM EST0

Hi Jesa! Unfortunately, the one thing I almost always have is a nearly frozen Mountain Dew! It's my guilty pleasure, that I know I shouldn't drink on a daily basis, but I do. I don't generally have anything to eat at hand, but if I get hungry while I'm writing I will usually get something that's easy to pop in my mouth and still keep typing, like grapes, apple slices, celery with peanut butter, or little chunks of cheese! Thanks for asking! 

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How do you transition from writing mode to regular you mode after writing?

Dec 1, 4:40PM EST0

Hi Nicole! Sometimes that is very difficult! There are times when I go to bed at night, too tired to physically write anymore, yet the story continues in my head! There are times when I simply can't concentrate on anything else, due to being immersed in the story. At the same time, it can be difficult to GET into writing mode if there's a lot going on around me or in my life, but once I do, it's hard to leave! I just have to walk away and hope to pick up where I left off, as soon as possible! Thanks for asking!    

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When did you first sense your ability to grope words and group them to express creativity?

Dec 1, 4:07PM EST0

Hi Ashiqur! It was in high school when my very strict and demanding English teacher had everyone in the class write a short story. I had always loved reading and think having read so much up to that point, it helped me create a story of my own. My teacher rarely gave anyone an A on any assignments, however, I managed to get an A+ on mine and the added unexpected task of reading it in front of the class! I was very shy, but managed to get through it and the praise from the whole class, as well as the teacher, instilled a desire to take it further. However, it was many years later before I actually had the opportunity to make it happen, in the form of a published book! The desire was always there though! Thanks for asking!          

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Does the coffee effect influence your creativity?

Dec 1, 3:47PM EST0

Hi Elena!! I rarely drink coffee, though I do go through periods where I drink it in small amounts every morning for a week or two! I like it very hot and once it cools down, I'm done. I'm afraid most of my caffeine comes from soda, (Mountain Dew). I don't think either have any influence one way or another in my creativity, but I may not know for sure unless someone takes away the coffee & Mountain Dew completely! lol! Thanks for asking! 

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Which book is the most challenging for you to complete?

Dec 1, 3:47PM EST0

Hi Syed! It was "Things He Hadn't Told Her" due to the fact that I had a full-time job, family to take care of, an online boutique as a side job, and all of other life interruptions that had a higher priority. I still have those commitments above, however, I could set aside more time to "write" when I was working on "Sarah's Song" so it's completion came much easier!    

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How long does it take you take to finish one book?

Dec 1, 3:46PM EST0

Oh my...well my first book was done in increments of sometimes only 15 minutes at a time, here or there, in between a full-time job, family, and all the interruptions that life brings with it. So from start to finish, it took several years, about 5. For my second book, "Sarah's Song", I was able to commit to writing it on a daily basis, as my first priority, so it was only a matter of months! Thanks for asking! 

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Who is the most influential person in your whole writing career?

Dec 1, 3:46PM EST0

Hi Marsha! That's a difficult question to answer...it has been a combination of several people. It began with my mom instilling me with a love for books. Then my high school English teacher, after I earned an A+ in her class for writing a short story. She didn't hand out A's often. It was quite an accomplishment at that time. Then later in life, my husband, when, after many unfinished attempts over the years and my own self-doubt, he boosted my confidence in my ability to accomplish a finished product. Between that and my dad's failing health due to cancer, I was determined to have a book in my hand, one way or another, to show them (and myself) that I could do it! So it is a shared influence of my parents, teacher, and husband for my first book! Add to that all the family, friends, and readers that LOVED "Things He Hadn't Told Her", influenced my decision to write "Sarah's Song" which has been received even better than my first book! Thanks for asking!       

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What inspires you?

Dec 1, 12:47PM EST0

I love to read and get "lost" in a story, fall in love with the characters,  and I am THRILLED to be surprised by the way a story goes. Not to "see it coming", or to have figured it out way before the end. Books and movies like that inspire me to try to write in a way that leaves a reader anxious to read the next chapter, and then the next, and trigger physical emotions in them. In short, I like to try to touch peoples heart's, and in the end, put a smile on their face! Certain life events may inspire particular ideas in the content of the story, but pleasantly surprising someone with the story as a whole is what I strive for! Thanks for asking!

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Who and/or what inspired and influenced you to become an author?

Dec 1, 12:47PM EST0

Hi! I have always been an avid reader from a very early age, thanks to my mother. Then, in high school, I had an assignment to write a short story. The teacher was very strict and no nonsense. She wasn't very liberal handing out an "A". As it turned out, I got an A+ on my story! It was a big deal in this class! Much to my dismay, being very shy, she also had me stand in front of the class and read it out loud. But I made it through the ordeal and it was praised by everyone in the class. I THINK that was my first inspiration. However, life has a way of putting obstacles in the way, and though I started several times to write a hand full of different ideas, it seemed something more important always got in the way. My husband finally gave me the courage to try again and I think partly because I didn't want to disappoint him, I finished the project this time, even though it took about 5 years from start to finish, due to life's interruptions! "Things He Hadn't Told Her" was the book! I was able to more time to writing my second book "Sarah's Song" and it was a matter of months from start to finish!  Thanks for asking!   

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How many hours do you spend on writing everyday?

Nov 30, 9:05AM EST0

Hi Nikita! I am writing in my head 24/7! As for actual writing, it depends. I hope to get to the point that I can write whenever I want, for as long as I want, but right now sometimes I don't get a chance to write at all. I  have an online boutique, and take care of my hubby who is unable to work due to his health, so those take priority. When everything works out right, I usually have a couple of hours in the evening that I can devote to writing. Thanks for asking!   

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