HER, a debut novel by Sandra Dosdall, gets rave reviews, and leaves her readers wanting more. Ask Me Anything about the writing experience, character development, research, or plot.

Sandra Dosdall
Dec 1, 2017

Sandra Dosdall knocks it out of the park with her debut novel HER. A story about a young reincarnate sent back to save Mother Earth, She is a lovble, compassionate and charasmatic gifted young girl on a mission. With a zest for life, she engages us with Her wit, sense of humour and passion for learning. A page turner, this novel keeps us guessing as she travels to a foreign land, negotiates with her kidnapper, and communicates with the dead. 


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Did it ever dawned on you that perhaps you could have done the book differently?

Dec 2, 9:22PM EST0

We can always do things differently, everything changes once we have completed something. I wouldn't change what I have done however. The direction of the novel was done for a reason. 

Dec 2, 10:57PM EST0

Hi Sandra! How easy/difficult did you find it to work with a protagonist who is a child throughout the entire story?

Dec 1, 1:07PM EST0

Hi Christine! Congrats on your book btw!  For me the perspective of a child was challenging, but very enjoyable. Kids are far more accepting, liberated and creative than we are as adults. We learn that life is difficult, we become jaded, sometimes darkened by our experiences as we mature. Kids don't have the clouds of life hanging over them when they are young, and so they are still carefree. I found this aspect of the deliverance of Her message very welcoming. I love the thought of being a child again, maybe living through Her is a way to embrace that.

Dec 1, 1:25PM EST0
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How did you get the idea?

Dec 1, 12:30PM EST0

Hi Ana, thanks for checking in!! The concept for Her came from life, from learning, from listening to people, from talking and from death. I have learned an immense amount just from being still and watching life happen around me. In reality as writers we could manifest a story about brushing our teeth. It's in the way we deliver the information that it comes to life.  

Dec 1, 12:35PM EST0

What is your secret behind your choice of a charatcter in your novels?

Dec 1, 11:50AM EST0

Hi George! No secret really, I wanted to create a characters that I beleive would resonate with the public. I wanted my readers to like them, to cheer for them, to empathise with their situations and to feel. It was my intention to bring my audience to tears, to make them laugh, and for them to feel angry, scared, excited and anxious. I took time to think about how I would feel myself about the characters, and how I wanted them to be recieved. I hope that I was successful on some level! 

Dec 1, 12:11PM EST0

Who and/or what influenced you to come up with your plot for a novel?  Also, have you ever thought of changing the title because there's a famous film, "Her"?

Dec 1, 11:09AM EST0

Hi! Thanks so much for these questions! First to address the plot concept, my influence came from daily life. We follow Her from birth to about age seven in this novel, alot of stuff happens to a child in those years. It's been shown that although every year is important in development, the first five are the most impactful. It is in the first five that we learn appropriate behavior, boundaries, empathy and social skills that remain with us for life. I wanted to explore the concept of adversity, struggles, and how one has the ability to maintain focus despite circumstance. In Her we see the protagonist face negative situations and remain still, she learns and retains her positive outlook. So essentially, I wrote the plot and the twists in it to illustrate a point. I hope that by doing so I have entertained some readers! 

Changing the name of the novel? Never. Her name is Her. She has no other, and for a reason that will come apparent later in the series. As far as the film goes, for me there is no conflict and it doesn't worry me at all.  The two works are nothing alike, and hopefully those that read my novel understand the differences between the two.

I have the name copywritten with the body of work. So from a legal perspective I should be A-Okay! Thanks again for checking in with me! 

Dec 1, 12:07PM EST0

How long have you been writing?

Dec 1, 2:52AM EST0

I have been dabbling with writing since I was in high school, so more than thirty years. Short stories, poems, love letters, ad copy, website material...you name it I dabbled with it. It's only been in the last five or six  years though that I really got serious about it. Serious enough to sit down and write a novel- or three...or more! I write every day now, and I could not be in a happier place! 

Last edited @ Dec 1, 11:05AM EST.
Dec 1, 10:45AM EST0

Do you also have the ability to communicate with the dead?

Dec 1, 2:08AM EST0

You know if I had a superpower that might be what I would like to have. Communicating with spirits that have left the human body has always been fascinating to me, but regretfully no, I do not have the ability to communicate with the dead. I do know some people who can however. 

Dec 1, 10:48AM EST0

What personality of the character resembles the personality of the author?

Dec 1, 1:46AM EST0

Honestly there are no parallels between the protagonist and myself. She is a young girl, kind, compassionate, highly intellectual, she sees the world differently than most. I created a character that is essentially a perfect human, but female this time rather than male. She is a reincarnate that returns to save Mother Earth. The world sees her as different, she Knows that she is different, but doesn't understand why.  

Dec 1, 10:57AM EST0

Are there people who you would like to acknowledge in helping you create this book?

Dec 1, 12:50AM EST0

Absolutely! I relied heavily on many for guidance, and for direction. I appreciate the love and support that came from all of them. My husband and children, four of my favorite women in the world, Candice Cain, Sabrina Rhodes, Lisa Heid and Suzana Dawe. My priest, a true leader of men, Alfredo Pereira, my friend, Chad Loch for his insight and wisdom, my professor and mentor James Patterson for his belief in me and his instruction and guidance, and my Maker, my God for each day that I get to write. 

Dec 1, 1:06AM EST0

What vital message would you like the readers to get from reading your novel?

Dec 1, 12:38AM EST0

Thanks Amber! Great Question; I think that if there was one message that I would have everyone recieve, it would be to be open. The universe is vast, and full of endless possibilties, the concept of which cannot be fathomed with a closed heart and an unreceptive mind. Just be open; ready to recieve. 

Dec 1, 12:44AM EST0

Who did you use as inspiration for the character?

Nov 30, 11:08PM EST0

One of my children inspired the protagonist, but the story has no reflection and in no way represents actual events in her life. Her gentle, compassionate nature, an immense intellect and her grounded spirituality were what manifested into the character that I created as "Her". Thank's so much for asking! 

Dec 1, 12:18AM EST0

Which part of the book depicts your own life experience?

Nov 30, 8:50PM EST0

Hi Syed! Thanks for checking in with me! There are no parts of the book that actually depict my life experience, other than the fact that I lived for five years in Mexico. All of the characters including Her were developed to tell a story, and illustrate the possibilty that attitude is a choice. We can alter our reality by remaining positive, sometimes praying (meditating) our way through darkness. There is always hope, despite our circumstance. 

Nov 30, 9:20PM EST0

Some say experience makes you wiser. What of this book-writing experience made you a better person?

Nov 30, 8:50PM EST0

Hi Elena, for sure I have altered my expectations of myself, not sure if that makes me wiser, or just painfully realistic. I have a greater balance of work/home/play time, accepting that I can't do everything; also acknowledging that if I want to write, I have to say no to some people. I take time for what is important to me now, ensuring that I get time to develope my craft everyday. I believe this sense of balance has rendered me more sensitive to others, more aware of my own inner voice and generally more productive. I guess I have Her to thank for my personal growth...!

Nov 30, 9:14PM EST0

There's only one left in-stock for the book. How many have you sold since publication?

Nov 30, 8:50PM EST0

Hi Rhoda, to be totally transparent, I don't know! I will recieve my annual royalties statement from my publisher in mid to late January. I hope that I have sold millions!!! but I doubt that to be the case...

Nov 30, 9:05PM EST0

If you have to replace the character as yourself, would you dare to do the stunts she did in the story?

Nov 30, 7:36PM EST0

Hi Again, not certain what you mean by stunts that she did, can you clarify for me please? 

In Her, she is an insightful and spiritual being, remains positive despite her situation and prays her way to results. So yes if I was able- I would do this for sure

Nov 30, 8:29PM EST0

What is your purpose of creating such a novel?

Nov 30, 5:11PM EST0

I think like any writer, my purpose is only in bringing my imagination to the page so that others can share in my thoughts. There is no directive, other than to entertain, and hopefully touch the hearts of readers. If I can stimulate someone else's imagination, or even provoke intrigue and discussion, then I am winning the battle. Thank you for checking in with me! 

Nov 30, 6:52PM EST0

How long did it take you to cover the entire process of producing the book - from conception to writing until publication?

Nov 30, 3:38PM EST0

HI Jesa, Thank you for your question! The entire process of producing the novel took what felt like an eternity. In actuality it took approximately a year to write, and then a few months to negotiate terms with my publisher. From the signing of contracts to the release of Her was about another year. Edits, adjustments, cover design, all of those things took longer that I thought that they would. My first mental images of my protagonist happened over twenty years ago though. It took me along time to discern how to bring Her to life. 

Nov 30, 6:47PM EST0

Where are you from and what kind of influence does your hometown have on you?

Nov 30, 10:16AM EST0

Hi Carla! I am from Calgary Alberta, a Canadian through and through. The city in which I live has an incredible network of authors, editors, agents and a few small publishing companies. Knowing that it's possible for regular folk to write, impacted me in such a way that I decided to forge ahead with my dream,  Everything is possible for everyone. I see that in the people around me, in the diversity of vision, and the choice to make change. My city inspires me. 

Nov 30, 11:48AM EST0

Is there a subsequent book coming after this publication?

Nov 27, 8:32AM EST0

YES!!! Her is the first book in the series, Her too, is written and edited; ready to go to production. 

Nov 27, 9:39AM EST0

What is the most challenging part of writing a novel?

Nov 27, 7:53AM EST0

For me, the most challenging aspect of novel writing is discipline. Staying focused, and writing every day. I have to make my manuscripts priority; which can be challenging when there is laundry to do, and kids to pick up, dinner to make, girlfirends that need me...

Nov 27, 9:40AM EST0

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Nov 26, 9:57PM EST0

Hi There! I honestly beleive that no one earthly can confidently discern what happens after a person dies. Not the Catholic Church, nor the Baptists, the Hindu's, those of the Jewish Faith, the Buddists, the Mormans, nobody. I would like to hope that there is room in the universe for the energy of each individual to live on. I think that reincarnation is a possibilty; yes most definitly. 

Nov 26, 10:18PM EST0
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