Hello! My name is Shanet. I am an author of two poetry books and the blogger of Napturally Happy AMA =).

Shanet OB
Dec 2, 2017

Book #1 Released 01/03/2017 re-released 10/18/2017.

‘Mind, Body, and Soul of a Teenage Intellect’ is a poetic collection of Shanet’s adolescent years entering into young womanhood. Join the roller coaster ride and experience the growth of a teenage mind trying to balance the everyday adversities of life. Read as Shanet brings evocative poetry to life on relationships, love, hate, death, pain, success and so much more. Then maybe you can understand what goes on inside the mind, body, and soul of a teenage intellect.

Mind, Body, and Soul of a Teenage Intellect Purchase Link

Book #2 Released 10/18/2017.

Mind, Body, and Soul The Lyrics is Shanet's sophomore book of young adult memories. The little song bird that was inside of her that never escaped its cage. The song bird is finally able to break the chains that were binding her down. The doubt of worrying what others would think about her work. It is time for that young girl to release her debut album.

Mind, Body, and Soul: The Lyrics Purchase Link

Link to Blogs:

My Napturally Happy Blog is where I write mainly about hair. I write what I do to my hair and the ingredients I put in it. I also write about other natural things in the community. The blog started from a school assignment and it grew from there. My blog post that received the most hits was on Sara Baartman. That blog post received over 25,439 to date. 

Napturally Happy Blog

My author blog is where I post about my updates as well as I write book reviews. 

Author blog

You can follow me on social media:

IG: @authorshanet

Facebook: @authorshanet

Twitter: @authorshanet


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Are your articles based on true stories or your own life experiences?

Dec 8, 10:52PM EST0

Of all topics to blog, why did you pick poetry?

Dec 4, 12:35AM EST0

I write poetry. I blog about natural hair mainly and whatever I do to my hair. For a while I was doing water only washing for a year so I would blog about that and the herbal rinses I used on my hair and benefits. 

Dec 4, 7:41AM EST0

What do you mean by a "napturally happy?

Dec 3, 9:16PM EST0

I combined Nappy with natural. I am happy to be what a lot of ignorant individual who would consider ethnic hair to be "nappy." When our hair texture is tighter coiled compare to other textures. 

Dec 4, 7:42AM EST0

Who are your target readers on your poetry books?

Dec 3, 6:46PM EST0

My target readers are age 12 on up. I want teenagers to read it because I was a teen when most of the poems were written. At that time of adolescents teens go through a lot of emotions that at the time we are unaware of. Often times teens do no know how to express that emotion. I learned how to express my built up emotions through journaling and poetry. 

Adults should read because they should be able to relate to those emotions when they were teens.

Dec 4, 7:45AM EST0

At what age did you realize poetry is for you?

Dec 3, 11:43AM EST0

I realized by 15 that writing was something I wanted to do mainly poetry. That was the age I started really getting into it. Before that I always wrote lyrics and created beats in my head. Whe. I needed an outlook poetry was my way to do it.

Dec 3, 12:52PM EST0

I am really enjoying the questions. The best advice I can give is to go for it. Everyone will not like what you have to say. There are so many others who will and need to hear it.

Dec 3, 10:09AM EST0

How many likes and shares on your recent blogs did you have?

Dec 3, 5:59AM EST0

It has went down recently. I try to share in groups that I am in related to natural hair care. The last post probably got 20 views the most. It is sometimes a hit or miss.

Dec 3, 9:43AM EST0

What advice can you give to people who want to try blogging?

Dec 3, 5:28AM EST0

I would say just do it! There are so many blogs out there with different topics. If you have something to say then say it. There is always someone watching ready to read what you have to say. You maybe going through similar things that someone else would love to read about. It is super easy to set up a blog. 

Dec 3, 9:45AM EST0

What is the name of the author who inspires you to make poetry books?

Dec 3, 5:03AM EST0

Maya Angelou, Shel Silverstein, Ellen Hopkins (I love her style of writing), and Langston Hughes.

Dec 3, 9:46AM EST0

At what age should a boy or a girl start poetry training?

Dec 3, 4:57AM EST0

The minute they start writing. The minute you noticed their engulf in a book. I started wrting lyrics at 8 years old. By 12 years old I was writing journals and poetry. By that age I was going through a lot. Writing was my way to express myself. My son is 4 and soon to be 5 and already wants to write books. He draws up his own stories now and "read" it back to me.  

Dec 3, 9:49AM EST0

Do you think the internet is a faster way of advertising nowadays?

Dec 3, 4:40AM EST0

Yes I do. I noticed especially when you pay to boost your post to your target audience you receive way more feed back. I suggest always sponsoring your post if you have the investment to do so. 

Dec 3, 9:50AM EST0

Do you think the internet is a faster way of advertising nowadays?

Dec 3, 4:34AM EST0

Yes I do. I noticed especially when you pay to boost your post to your target audience you receive way more feed back. I suggest always sponsoring your post if you have the investment to do so. 

Dec 3, 10:07AM EST0

How would you know if one person is inclined to become a poet?

Dec 3, 4:18AM EST0

Interesting question. I just knew. Sometimes you just know. Then there are times a teacher would tell you "Hey your writing style reminds me of this author." Also if you are writing your feelings and thoughts they become poetry. If you read your stuff to a friend and it flows as if poetry. Then you will know that you are an overall writer in general. 

Dec 3, 10:05AM EST0

How happy are you as a blogger? What satisfaction does blogging brings you?

Dec 3, 4:09AM EST0

I am happy overall because it is something I am familiar with having natural hair. I like sharing my hair regimen with other women who are having a hard time transitioning into embracing their kinky coily hair. I need to be more consistent in my blog writing. I wear many hats so sometimes I do not get around to certain things I like to do or want to do. 

Dec 3, 10:07AM EST0

Do you find Indie Publishing easy?

Dec 3, 4:04AM EST0

To self publish is not easy. You do not have the backing from a publisher as far as marketing tools. It is rewarding because you can learn all that stuff by yourself. It is all a learning process. The more you learn the better it gets.

Dec 3, 9:51AM EST0

How many days or months you were able to finish your very first poetry book?

Dec 3, 3:47AM EST0

I finished it in 2012. I had the title of my book since Senior year in High school.  It is a collection of poetry from when I was 12 years old. I completed the project in 2012 typing everything together. I paid someone in 2014 to edit it. The person did not do a good job. I would always find something everytime I re-read my work over and over. I finally got a "publisher," their editor did not do a good job as well. The same thing little errors. I hired someone on Fiverr who did an amazing job. I was able to re-release in October of this year after I was able to look over my work again. 

Dec 3, 9:56AM EST0

In your own point of view, why do you think grammar and spelling play the most important role in your blogs and writing?

Dec 3, 3:35AM EST0

It is important to get your message across. It is important because there are individuals who get stuck on the overall grammar. When they get stuck. What you have to say as a writer gets lost in translation. You want your audience to take you seriously. Then there are times you write a certain way and use certain slang. Some people will not understand it. They will never understand it. I would say just write and make sure to go back over the grammar and spelling the best way that you can. I know I am good at writing but grammar sometimes can get to me. I have to read over everything to make sure my point is clear for the reader to understand. 

Dec 3, 10:02AM EST0

Any obstacles you encountered along the way?

Dec 2, 8:46PM EST0

Yes a lot. My "publisher" who only handle the ebook of things let me go going into make my 2nd book. I was happy because I wanted to end the contract anyway. I felt marketing wise the publisher was not doing anything for me. Then he disappeared and let go of everyone he had on his publishing company. It was like a blessing in disguise. I was doing mainly the work myself and was in charge of my print. I decided to stick to my first decision to self-publish. It makes no sense for someone to reap your benefits and not really do anything to promote your brand like they initially told you. I learned a lot from the experience. Since I was pretty much doing everything on my own. At least the publisher only had ebook rights.  

Last edited @ Dec 2, 9:55PM EST.
Dec 2, 9:53PM EST0

How will you promote poetry in a fast innovation web world?

Dec 2, 5:58PM EST0

It is honestly very hard. I know some people who love marketing. I personally cannot stand the process. I reach out to family and friends first so they can spread the word to. I have had success boosting my posts through social media. I have had success paying someone else who is qualify to do the book promotion for me. I am learning everyday key terms to use that can help. I hope with patience my poetry catches on like a wildfire. 

Dec 2, 6:22PM EST0

Can you differentiate between poetry and a poem?

Dec 2, 3:50PM EST0

Poem is the piece of writing while poetry is the art of creating the poem. 

Dec 2, 6:17PM EST0

How do you think can poetry evolve in the coming years?

Dec 2, 2:33PM EST0

Poetry to me is always evolving. Every writer has their own technique. I am not a traditional poetry writer. I freestyle and do my own thing. I know some say poetry does not sale as well as this genre or that. It is all about the author and how they connect with other individuals experiencing similar things. As the poet evolves in their work so will poetry. 

Dec 2, 6:15PM EST0

How did you get the idea?

Dec 1, 12:50PM EST0

My book title was made in high school. In my creative writing class I told my then teacher Ms.Paladino this is my title. I will one day publish it in the future. Then in 2010 I had my poems from 2006 up till 2010. I added up until 2012. Since, at age 20 you are no longer consider at teenager.

Last edited @ Dec 2, 9:13AM EST.
Dec 2, 8:23AM EST0

How are the books doing in the market?

Dec 1, 12:33PM EST0

It goes off and on. The first book has been doing well. I am trying to get the 2nd book on the Amazon buying list at least to start showing numbers. It is not easy at all. Being an author does not give you a big payout as you would dream. It takes a lot of time and patience to be discovered. 

Dec 2, 8:25AM EST0
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