Hello, I'm Sean Davis. I'm an aspiring author (searching for publishing), screenwriter and poet here to answer any questions that I can - or to mine the community for material that I'll take sole credit for. Maybe both. Ask me anything.

Sean Davis
Sep 7, 2018

I wear many hats as someone that's always felt passionate enough to pursue a career in writing. Stability, right? Trust me, I'm sane.

I'm a blogger, actor and producer along with my other creative outlets. However, the thought of creating an entire world from a blank word document invigorates my soul (when it doesn't force me to cry and book an emergency trip to Rome).


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Is there a topic or a subject that you find particularly hard to write?
Sep 9, 11:15AM EDT0

I would say "no" for a topic and "maybe" for a subject. Writing about politics can be tricky because everyone's so sensitive and barely anyone listens anymore. That would be the only time I have trepidation but I still jump in.

Sep 9, 10:47PM EDT0
Would you say that for acting is more important to have training or have talent?
Sep 9, 7:13AM EDT0

Talent gives you an advantage but training can't be overlooked. It's better to have both. An actor without training can abuse natural talent. Training keeps you sharp; talent can be wasted if it isn't nurtured.


Sep 9, 10:44PM EDT0
Do you believe that your a meant to be a writer? Why?
Sep 9, 1:07AM EDT0

I don't believe I'm "meant" to be a writer. I have a grasp of language and I put in the work to hone my craft. I work at it because I love it.

Sep 9, 10:29PM EDT0
Do you have any unusual writing techniques or strategies that you have planned for marketing your books?
Sep 8, 10:35PM EDT0
Who/what inspires you most to keep writing? How?
Sep 8, 4:47PM EDT0
What’s the biggest challenge for you in writing?
Sep 8, 6:22AM EDT0
What is your favorite story/poem you have ever written? Why is it your favorite?
Sep 8, 4:18AM EDT0
Do you believe in writers block? Can you explain why?
Sep 8, 12:47AM EDT0

It exists but I don't suffer from it. It usually stems from a block in creativity - and after that point is where it becomes a problem. Instead of finding another outlet - as in listening to music, going to run errands, etc. - they stare at the screen and let frustration overwhelm them.

When I hit a stale moment I walk away from the laptop to clear my head with music, reading something that's the complete opposite of the subject material I'm writing or simply put, I leave the house. I don't stare at the screen in frustration.

Sep 9, 10:28PM EDT0
What are some of the most common mistakes you see yourself making while trying to publish your book?
Sep 7, 10:38PM EDT0

I'm not sure I understand the question. I've taken the proper steps to seek traditional publishing by ensuring the work is ready to be seen by representation. 

Sep 9, 10:24PM EDT0
Many upcoming authors face a difficult time getting literary agents. What has your experience been like? Have you tried getting one? Do you have a manuscript yet?
Sep 6, 9:20PM EDT0

I have a manuscript, yes. Finding an agent has been tough over the last two years. I've gotten positive feedback but there hasn't been any progression from that point. I have been trying, yes.

It's a long-term game or just luck. I've read writers who are successful freelancers, have written and sold screenplays but haven't managed to hit a target on a literary agent and then following steps thereafter. It's been a struggle.

Sep 7, 5:02PM EDT0
Did you always want to become a writer?
Sep 6, 2:38PM EDT0

Not...really. Throughout middle school I won awards for creative writing but I never considered it as a career. It was just an activity I liked because English was always my favorite subject - and my teachers and classmates liked my stories. 

I began thinking of it as a career once I first got into college and realized that my computer science major made me want to scream. I switched majors and never looked back.

Sep 7, 4:41PM EDT0
What are some of the exciting things people do not know about being a backpacker?
Sep 6, 12:37PM EDT0

That it isn't difficult to do. It's easy to budget for a trip without killing your life savings. If you can balance your finances efficiently and intelligently backpacking the globe is kind of easy. 

For instance I hit Switzerland and Belgium recently - with stops in Luxembourg, Germany and France - and I think I spent less than $700 total. I booked a cheap flight about a month out. I stay at hostels almost exclusively on my travels and I don't eat out every night (for dinner). I indulge myself in anything I want. Once on the trip I don't worry about money because I always have more than enough discretionary cash (by that I mean credit card). Bring a camera - or your phone - keep your itinerary open, cook some of your meals and pack lightly. Meet strangers and locals, go to museums and partake in the nightlife.

I didn't even plan on Luxembourg, it just happened because i had a hole in my itinerary - and it was near. It's not hard.

Sep 7, 4:36PM EDT0
Did you have any professional training as an actor? Where did you learn your craft?
Sep 6, 8:20AM EDT0

Yes. I studied acting in college - and as part of a sketch group. From there I trained at a lot of workshops. I was in a Shakespeare group. I've completed Meisner and method programs.

I've trained at Second City to get a foundation for improvisation, writing and sketch comedy. For drama I trained at Actors Workout Studio. Some are fortunate to catch lightning in a bottle but 99% of actors need schooling; either through private coaching or in a class setting. It shouldn't be overlooked. The lull in-between jobs can dull your skills.

Think of a really sharp knife that doesn't have the blade catered to. It's not as efficient getting through that piece of chicken or steak. Training is needed and can't be overlooked.

Take care.

Sep 7, 4:18PM EDT0
Would you consider self publishing even as you consider getting a publisher?
Sep 6, 7:17AM EDT0

Yes. It's an avenue I'm actively considering. 

Sep 7, 3:43PM EDT0
How did you become a blogger?
Sep 6, 5:29AM EDT0

I found a forum on wordpress and created the page in 20 minutes or so. I used it as a creative outlet and now I'm making the transition to monetize it. 

Sep 7, 3:45PM EDT0
Where do you want to be in five years, professionally speaking?
Sep 5, 11:44PM EDT0

Wow! I'd like to be running my own production company, selling and producing screenplays, writing and traveling the world. The goal is to be financially healthy so I can pursue everything I can before my time's up.

Sep 7, 4:05PM EDT0
What do you love about being an actor?
Sep 5, 10:06PM EDT0

I love picking up someone else's life. It's a fantastic escape and challenge to morph into another character and experience their emotions. I love that the most. 

Sep 7, 3:42PM EDT0
Which of your acting jobs has been the most rewarding for you and why?
Sep 5, 9:21PM EDT0

I got to play "Jerry" in the stage play Strange Fruit by Neil Labute. It was a heartbreaking tale of two lovers.

I found it most rewarding because of the depth of both characters. They were flying high until life brought them down a few notches. I've had parts where I was a love interest but this was the most tender and heartfelt relationship I had to portray.

Sep 7, 3:40PM EDT0

You are a writer, a producer, an assistant cameraman and editor. Which one of these hats is the hardest to wear and what were the circumstances that led you to this realisation?

Sep 5, 9:11PM EDT0

The hardest to wear is that of producer. While I love the challenge and creative control, it can be frustrating. I usually work with a small crew  -and we've collaborated on several projects - to mitigate the clashing of personalities. 

At the end of the day I wouldn't trade the producer (and writer) credit for any of the others as I can ensure the creative vision is realized.

Sep 7, 3:30PM EDT0
Are you planning of making blogging a full-time activity or are you just doing it as a way to express yourself?
Sep 5, 7:06PM EDT0

Both. I've done research into monetizing my site and possibly launching a podcast to grow an audience. 

Take care.

Sep 7, 3:22PM EDT0
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