HELLO, I'm Marilyn L Rice or Lady M, whichever you choose. AMA about life, my views, experiences or feel free to share your own on here. 'Life is...' wonderful, wacky, wicked or like fish and chips, tasteless without salt and vinegar!

Author Marilyn L. Rice
Mar 30, 2018

You may find out all about moi at lookaftereachother.blogspot.com or Google me. I often do that because I love to find out what i'm doing. Once, I found myself on a listing with 1951- at the side of my name. I was really relieved because I was still alive!

I am an author of 8 published works including Life is... This is a book with my sayings or witticism about life like 'Life is a maze... just muddle your way through.'

Just one of the reviews - "Quirky and sweet I'll be dipping into this book every morning to get my 'life is' fix. Well done to the author for condensing a chaotic time in the world and giving us hope."

Please go and have a look at this book on Kindle because it is my Easter gift to you. During the Easter period it is on free download.  Just put the title and my name in Amazon and enjoy it. A review would be nice but not essential.

If you are a writer and interested in my story, want to learn from my experience or want any of my writing tips my other eBook is also on free download, WRITE IT! PUBLISH IT! MARKET IT!

Happy Easter.

Author Marilyn L. Rice says:

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Did you ever find writing difficult? Has it got any easier over time?
Apr 3, 7:06AM EDT1


Hope you had a great Easter.

Yes, writing can be difficult. It gets easier with practise. 

Apr 3, 7:25AM EDT0
Could you turn the readers on to someone they may not have read/heard of yet?
Apr 2, 7:15PM EDT0


Hope you had a good easter.

I hope so! 

Last day to download the book free. Enjoy!

Apr 3, 7:23AM EDT0
What surprised you about writing and publishing this book?
Apr 2, 11:23AM EDT0


Thank you for this question.  Probably, because it came from nowhere! I had no plans to publish anything like it. The idea for witticisms on life just came out of thin air and became a daily item on Facebook. I was amazed at the 'likes' and comments so decided to put them all together for those who would like to keep them all.

If you download it... enjoy!

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Apr 2, 11:54AM EDT0
What is it that you secretly wish that people would ask you?
Apr 2, 7:30AM EDT0

If I could change anything about people what would it be? The answer is selfishness!

Apr 2, 8:51AM EDT0
During your early days, were there other authors/writers you consciously modeled your work on, someone you cherished?
Apr 2, 6:11AM EDT0


Thanks for the question.

Not sure if I did but if I did it was not consciously.

Apr 2, 7:25AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on writing programs?
Apr 1, 6:00AM EDT0

Happy Easter,

Writing comes from within a person. Programs are fine if they are approriate and bring out a person's potential or inspire in some way. 

Apr 1, 7:01AM EDT0
Did writing change the way you thought about certain parts of your life?
Mar 31, 7:10PM EDT0

Happy Easter,

No, it didn't change me or any part of my thoughts, life etc. What it did change was the way other people saw me. The fact that I'd written a novel changed people's opinions of me. 

Apr 1, 7:03AM EDT0
What writers, books, or ideas have most influenced you?
Mar 31, 12:54PM EDT0

Hello and Happy Easter,

Many... Dickens, Steinbeck, Hemmingway. The Grapes of Wrath has been my favourite and influential novel because of the way Steinbeck engrossed himself in it. Two things I learned from the masters of writing are  thorough research and first class realistic dialogue.

Mar 31, 5:05PM EDT0
You have been blogging from 2009. Why did you start a blog initially and what were your early writing influences like?
Mar 31, 7:40AM EDT0

Hello and happy Easter!

I started a blog at the suggestion of my publishers as a marketing aid. My early writing influences were really the books I read. Books are so beautiful I just wanted to write them.

Mar 31, 8:23AM EDT0
After authoring 5 books, what lessons have you learned as a writer?
Mar 30, 4:15PM EDT0

Hello and Happy Easter,

What lessons have I learned?

It's not easy but you need perseverance and determination.

Prepare for rejection, harsh criticism and disappointment.

Appreciate the 'magic moments' like a good review, peeps asking for your next book.

Never give up!

Mar 30, 6:55PM EDT0
What is your favorite life quote and how do you apply it in your life?
Mar 30, 2:05PM EDT0

Hello and Happy Easter,

It has to be the 'life is like fish and chips, tasteless without salt and vinegar.' I apply it to my own life by adding 'salt and vinegar' in the form of adventure, excitement, new experiences and avoiding ennui and getting in a rut. Of course, if people are happy and satisfied with just fish and chips that's fine!

Mar 30, 6:52PM EDT0
What do you think makes readers connect to your writings on life and philosophy?
Mar 30, 12:07PM EDT0


I write with honesty and integrity. As a believer in karma my characters tend to get what they deserve and very often there is a moral, ethical undertone. I am one of life's givers and love helping people and I hope in some way my books do that whether it be simple escapism, help  or a kind of 'change in life' for the reader. I guess it's all of this plus a kind of affinity with characters or writings which leads to the connection.

Mar 30, 12:37PM EDT0
It seems music plays an essential role in your life in general. What type of music keeps you grooving and makes you think about both good and bads of life?
Mar 30, 11:17AM EDT0

Hello Jennifer,

Happy Easter,

I love the music of the sixties. Guess it's because it brings back memories of my teenage years.

Mar 30, 12:31PM EDT0

How long does it usually take you to complete a book?

Mar 29, 9:14PM EDT0

Happy Easter!

It depends on the book! This freebie, only a couple of weeks after daily writings on FB. Time & Tide took over three years due to research and the length. 

Mar 30, 7:54AM EDT0
Is there any author/book that you are waiting to get released/launched for this year?
Mar 29, 1:12PM EDT0


No one specifically. 

Happy Easter!

Mar 29, 5:53PM EDT0

What made you open up to share your life with others so publicly and was it easy or hard for you? 

Mar 29, 10:50AM EDT0

Hi Porscha,

From looking at your AMA I think we share some thoughts and beliefs. 

I gave a lot of thought to becoming an 'open book' on my life but made the decision when I published my first book because it's what readers want.  Some things are still private  like the details of my marriage and health issues which are personal. It's not an easy decision for anyone to make. In 2003 I exhibited at the Hay Festival and had an article about my publishing story on display. Peeps would stop and read it, I'd show them my books... no real interest, just my story. If I'd charged for that or the help I've given peeps over the years I would be a millionaire!

Happy Easter and hope you download the booklet.

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Mar 29, 12:04PM EDT0
Who's your favourite musician? Do you ever listen to music while writing?
Mar 29, 7:11AM EDT0


Thanks for this question which I'm finding impossible to answer because I have so many favourite musicians. Yes, I listen to music while writing or the television. As a child there was always something on in the background so I find it impossible to work in silence.

Happy Easter.

Mar 29, 12:07PM EDT0
Could you tell about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career?
Mar 28, 8:54PM EDT0

Hello Jan Jan,

I'm hoping it's yet to come. Namely, a film of one of my works and I live in hopes.

Happy Easter!

Mar 29, 12:08PM EDT0
How do your friends feel about your writing?
Mar 28, 7:22PM EDT0

Hello Tosha,

Thank you for this question.

When I published my first book I found it to be a revelation on friendship. I discovered my so called friends and relatives fell into two categories. Those who were pleased for me, wished me well and were happy to purchase a book. Then there were those who were scathing, bitter and jealous but wanted a free copy; they are no longer my friends! I get rid of such people in the same way I dismiss those who think the telephone is a one-way communicant and they are incapable of calling you!

Happy Easter!

Mar 29, 12:13PM EDT0
How do you decide the design art for your book cover?
Mar 28, 7:07AM EDT0

Hello Leon,

There's an old adage, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. It is often the case and the cover can be misleading. For me, I try to find something which portrays the book. Sometimes, I'm overruled or the designer doesn't seem to quite get it right and it's easier' to go with the flow'. My book Time & Tide  has two boys by the sea and was changed to sepia by the publishers to depict the idea of 'time' and 'tide'. Some people thought it was misleading for a book set in landlocked Derbyshire. So, I guess angle of vision is also a decider and the reader's vision may well be different from mine. For this book, I looked through the options on Kindle and selected the one I felt most appropriate... life is champagne, fun etc everyday if that's what you want it to be. Maybe, you will disagree with my thinking. Anyway, please feel free to enjoy my little Easter gift and a Happy Easter to you!

Mar 28, 1:44PM EDT0
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