Hello, i am a media personnel and I have been running a journalism organization in campus named the 3rd eye, this is how we have managed to bring together media students and help them head for a common goal. Learn more about this organization now if you Ask Me Anything

Oct 12, 2017

The 3rd Eye Press club has been one of the most active organizations and so far the leding in Moi University, we have managed to unite media students and other interested writers within the school from various departments through our daily publications, through thi publications some have been able to land on jobs after school. This is an organization that has often time played a big role in the media industry generally. Feel free today help me make the best out of it through this AMA. Ask Me Anything.

Dankim says:

This AMA will end Oct 12, 2017 9PM EDT


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How many issues do you print per edition?

Oct 12, 4:27PM EDT0

We do weekly publications, we do 10 pages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Oct 12, 4:57PM EDT0

How many people are working for the publication?

Oct 12, 2:20PM EDT0

We have a big team of about 100 students who are fully contributing to the publications.

Oct 12, 5:00PM EDT0

Is the publication solely online or do you have a print version as well?

Oct 12, 11:33AM EDT0

We do print and also publish on our website.

Oct 12, 5:01PM EDT0

Is it a weekly, monthly or quarterly newspaper?

Oct 12, 9:36AM EDT0

We publish 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Oct 12, 5:02PM EDT0

Do you contact prospective employers to offer jobs in your newspaper?

Oct 12, 6:54AM EDT0

Yes we do contact them, thanks.

Oct 12, 5:06PM EDT0

Can you explain a little bit more how you anticipate it to work?

Oct 12, 4:01AM EDT0

It should allow media students and any other interested paty to start writing while still in school and get used to the field as much as possible.

Oct 12, 5:37AM EDT0

What is your eduational and professional background?

Oct 12, 1:41AM EDT0

My profession is on Jounalism and media studies.

Oct 12, 5:36AM EDT0

What professional background do you have? 

Oct 12, 12:05AM EDT0

I am a journalsit.

Oct 12, 5:35AM EDT0

How is it financed?

Oct 11, 5:21PM EDT0

We finance it through regular subscriprions by member students.

Oct 12, 5:35AM EDT0

Is this like a job advertising platform for students?

Oct 11, 3:05PM EDT0

Not really, Its a kind of a news and writers platform.

Oct 12, 5:35AM EDT0

Is the 3rd Eye Press club mainly for students or do people outside of your university also have access?

Oct 11, 10:02AM EDT0

It is for students to write but any other person can access our content.

Oct 12, 5:34AM EDT0

Are you an editor and do you proofread whatever is submitted?

Oct 11, 5:21AM EDT0

Yes is am an editor and I proof read whatever is submitted.

Oct 12, 5:33AM EDT0

Are you a student or are you working fulltime for the paper?

Oct 11, 5:21AM EDT0

I am a student, working full time since I am a media student, so it is just part of my course.

Oct 12, 5:33AM EDT0

How many users/subscribers/participants do you currently have?

Oct 11, 2:29AM EDT0

I have around 500 subscribers and about 50K facebook followers.

Oct 12, 5:32AM EDT0

Did your magazine ever cover any tough subjects?

Oct 10, 12:22PM EDT0

Yes it does, and some of the writers gone through rough times especially when they write about sensitive matters in the school.

Oct 12, 5:31AM EDT0

How did you decide on the name 3rd eye?

Oct 10, 11:40AM EDT0

I decided this because we are the eye that see all and report to others, unlike the normal 2 eyes.

Oct 12, 5:30AM EDT0
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