Have you been the victim of any form of abuse and have been unable to overcome it? I am the Author of newly published novel "Look What You Made Me Do" Ask me anything about how I overcame my own abuse and how I can help you to overcome as well...

Poppii King
Feb 11, 2018

I am Poppii King, Author of newly published novel "Look What You Made Me Do" My novel, mostly taken from my own life story is about a young girl whom had gone through a life of being sexually, mentally and physically abused before being brutally beaten, raped and left for dead only to find that she's also been infected with HIV... You can see my cinematic book trailer at www.PoppiiKing.Xyz and also read the first two chapters that we’ve released free! 

After overcoming some traumatic expierences of my own I now dedicate my life to helping others overcome thiers as well, so you can ASK ME ANYTHING. 

My novel set for release March 18th 2018 is also available for pre-order on Amazon and kindle here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1974369633

If you've been finding it especially hard to get over any form of abuse that you may have had to endure, or know someone who has, whether it be emotional, mental, physical etc. Please keep up with us at PoppiiKing.Xyz as I have designed a "Challenge" that i'll be posting next week, free of charge to help those that are up for it to re-gain their power and get their lives back on the right and positive track. 

Also join us for a live video Author Q&A THIS SUNDAY Feb. 11th 2018 at 3:30pm on Instagram @LWYMMD Find out about my new #IAmNotAVictim campaign and how i'm helping the nations largest Anti-Sexual violence Organazation, RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network). Also get details on how you can have a chance to win our bluetooth smart watch Give-A-Way .. (Compatable with all iphones, Samsung and android" devices. Hope to see you there :-)

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Do you feel that the abuse in the past has changed the way you feel about intimacy and companionship now? Are you shy or scared of this aspect of your personal life or have you overcome the psychological factor?

Feb 18, 12:00AM EST0

Could you share bit more about Anti-Sexual violence Organazation, RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) and your collaboration with?

Feb 17, 10:04PM EST0

What do you do to keep yourself active and mentally strong?

Feb 16, 5:28PM EST0

Do you get negative feedback about the novel too? If so, how do you deal with such criticisms?

Feb 13, 12:47PM EST0

Hi.. this is a good question however the novel hasn’t been released yet .. but I have gotten some mixed reviews in regards to the book trailer where some people thought it was “too much” when speaking about the child sex abuse. Unfortunately many people have a problem with reality and would like to close their eyes to the evil things going on around them.. unless of course it’s being reported by their local news channel  🤷🏽‍♀️

Feb 13, 9:45PM EST0

What inspired you to share your life story? Do you ever feel concerned that you’re publicly sharing very personal details?

Feb 13, 10:32AM EST0

Hello thank you for your question.. I honestly had no intentions of sharing my story when writing this book but I knew I wanted this girl to have gone thru a great amount of trauma .. I knew that in the beginning she would share my same expierences of being born to two drug addicts and then being sexually abused as a child but the rest really just came with me wanting to give the reader such a real and emotional experience. I didn’t want the reader to feel as though they were reading about a character in a book.. I wanted the feel as though they were reading their friends diary or a friend was texting them about events that were happening so it really kind of just happened,.. and yes sometimes I do say to myself OMG I just put all my business out here lol .. but I know that I can help so many other people with my story and my alternative ways of thinking to overcome such abuse.. and that definately outways the thoughts of people knowing my business. 

Feb 13, 10:52AM EST0

Among all the traumatic experiences you have experienced, which one was your breaking point and you decided to finally fight back?

Feb 12, 8:20PM EST0

Greattt question .. You know .. I don’t think it was just one experience in particular especially since all of them happened one right after the other .. I just knew that either I was going to either drown or I was going to try to swim until I was forced to drown.. and I made the decision that I would keep going until I was forced to drown.. and this is a great way to look at a lot of things. Alot of times we think just because we’re down that’s it.. we’ve lost.. I never saw it like that.. no matter how many times I was down.. I knew that if I could get back up then it wasn’t over.. I knew that still had a chance to live a life outside of the mental anguish that my experiences had caused me and when u think like that .. u can always find a way to get back up! 

Feb 13, 10:46AM EST0

Have you forgiven the people who hurt you? If so, what role did that play in helping you to heal?

Feb 12, 4:09PM EST0

Hi.. thank you for your question.. yes I have forgiven them but only because I understood that I needed to for my own healing and progression. 

Feb 13, 10:34AM EST0

How did you come up with the title? Did you create the title prior to the release of Taylor Swift’s widely popular song with the same title?

Feb 12, 10:08AM EST0

Hello.. this is actually a great question this book was titled and copywritten about 5 years ago and I actually was just using the title as something until I came up with a better name ... I came up with it because the only idea I had for the book was that it would be a young girl who was done wrong and eventually gets HIV and purposely spreads it.. so I just knew the main character would feel as though men had made or pushed her to that point.. well.. 5 years later I decided to just stick with the title because I thought it would be unique plus I didn’t want to have to think of anything else lol needless to say it was before the Taylor Swift song and I recently discovered that there has actually been other books with this same title .. sheesh unfortunate for me...  Taylor Swift of course is more popular than I, so this is a question I get often... 

Feb 13, 10:33AM EST0

When a novel is “mostly taken from a real life story”, is still considered fiction or non-fiction?

Feb 11, 5:18PM EST0

Hey.. that’s a good question.. it would still be considered Fiction. 

Feb 11, 6:33PM EST0

Is your novel self-published or do you work with publishers?

Feb 11, 4:53PM EST0

Hello.. yes it is self published! 

Feb 11, 6:31PM EST0

Where are the people who abused you in the past now? Are they already paying for what they did to you?

Feb 11, 4:43PM EST0

Hello. I’m not sure where they are though I leave it in God’s hands and am sure that they are paying one way or another but due to the fact that I was very young and had never spoken out about it.. they never directly paid for what was done to me 

Feb 11, 6:31PM EST0

How can one win the smartwatch during your giveaway promo?

Feb 11, 3:43PM EST0

Hi great question... please visit our website www.PoppiiKing.Xyz or our Instagram @LWYMMD for details on the smart watch give-a-way 

Feb 11, 6:29PM EST0

Do you plan to write and release more novels in the future?

Feb 11, 7:15AM EST0

Hi thank you for your question I definately will be releasing much more in the future. 

Feb 11, 10:52AM EST0

What’s the best feedback you got so far from readers of your book?

Feb 10, 6:08PM EST0

Hi.. good question... Well the book hasn’t been released as of yet but i’ve Gotten all great feedback on the two free chapters that has been released on my website.. and it has all been great however I believe the best is someone saying that they loved that it was written as if they were reading it from a friends text message or Diary.. which was super because I really wanted the reader to feel that way.. 

Feb 10, 7:47PM EST0

See more about my “I Am Not A Victim” campaign and how I am helping others whom have been victimized and how you can help too https://fundraise.rainn.org/fundraise?fcid=1275933

Feb 10, 5:20PM EST0

What are some tips you can share with other people who have unique life experiences and would like to write their own novel?

Feb 10, 4:51PM EST0

Great question I would definitely say one should be as open as possible about their experience because with writing you are able to touch so many different people and you’d be surprised by how your knowledge, your experience or how you were able to handle or deal with a certain thing can truly help someone else through their own experience and I believe that’s what we as humans are here for. I believe in some way or another we are all supposed to help one another. So I would say Be patient with yourself and your story, even if you yourself have yet to overcome the abuse it would be great to include links or info on how one could overcome or where one could seek help because the best stories are not only those that are told but also those that provide a solution or help of some kind.. include info that you wish you had access to in your time of need.. while you want to tell your story keep in mind the young man or young girl that may be going thru the exact same thing that you had gone through whom may be reading your book.. what advice would you give them? What would you say to them? These are all great things that you would want to include in your book! 🙂

Feb 10, 7:43PM EST1

Do you still remember and feel the trauma sometimes or are you completely over the abuse?

Feb 10, 2:05PM EST0

Hi.. good question.. I do still have memories of the sexual abuse.. I think more now that i’ve been so open about it I’m kind of forced to be reminded of it.. I’m definately not traumatized but it does bring tears to my eyes once in a while. The physical abuse I was definitely traumatized for some time and sometimes i’ll Have nightmares about some of the horrible physical abuse treatment I received, but I would say that I am consciously over it. 

Feb 10, 7:32PM EST0

What’s the best advice you would give to someone who’s scared to leave an abusive relationship?

Feb 10, 12:20PM EST0

The best advice I could give is to never accept any discounts on your worth.. often times we feel as though we don’t deserve better or will not be able to get or receive better which can a lot of times leave us stuck in abusive relationships and sometimes we may just be scared of the repercussions that could possibly follow .. if the repercussions is what keeps one stuck I would say to go all out and take every precaution and help available to cut all ties so that one may reach safety.. sometimes that can even mean starting over from zero or nothing.. but the good thing about starting from nothing is that you can always re-build .. we must always know that we are worthy of REAL love.. and anyone abusing you truly does not love themselves therefore will always be incapable of loving anyone else, however we must love ourselves enough to get away.. u can never truly enjoy your human experience if you are being beaten and constantly stressed.. life is only an experience .. none of us are here forever.. never let anyone strip you of enjoying your experience!!!! ❤️

Feb 10, 7:26PM EST0

Why do you believe it’s necessary for someone to recognize and say out loud that they’ve been victims of abuse?

Feb 10, 8:49AM EST0

Great question... I never like to use the word “Victim” since being in the state of a victim keeps us in a mind of suffering.. so we’ll say victimized.. I believe it is important and neccesary because there are so many people that do not have a voice, so many people that are unwilling to have a voice and too many times young men and young women are being victimized and feeling alone as if no one understands them.. or that they can no longer live because they don’t see any help for themselves .. I was one .. I was sexually abused as a child and never spoke out about... and now that I am an adult and was able to overcome the things that I had been forced to endure, not only is it neccesary for me to speak out, I believe it is my life purpose.. I have a need to let others know that they too can overcome, that life is not over, that just because we’ve been victimized does not mean that we have to live as victims.. all too often being victimized by abuse leads to mental and emotional anguish... and a lot of times even suicide.. Just having someone to talk to or having a certain level of support can make a great difference... especially when one is already in the state of being a “victim”. 

Feb 10, 10:31AM EST0

Do you plan on counseling other abused individuals as a full time job?

Feb 10, 7:27AM EST0

Hi thank you for your question counseling is definitely something that i’ve Always been interested in and actually had gone to school for.. these days I plan on reaching others through public speaking at many different crises centers, i’ve Actually included some great messages in my book which I believe will help many people that has gone through or going through some of the same things that I had as well.. So yes counseling and helping with recovery after abuse is my dream career and I make sure to implement it in anything that I do.. which is my form of counseling. 

Feb 10, 10:22AM EST0
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