God Writes My Books! Ask Me Anything

Linda Heavner Gerald
Mar 13, 2018

I enjoy sailing. For years, the same image of another sailor filled my mind. After I prayed, I began my first book, Beaufort Betrayal. In only two weeks, I completed it with as much surprise as anyone, for you see, I am an unlikely author. Immediately, I wrote Rosemary Beach and after six years and thirteen books, I am still writing. My message is simple: The Redemptive Love of God. He loves all of us. I told Him that if only one person enjoys my writing, it is not in vain. I hope that is you. Thank you. Linda



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What inspired you to write about World War II? What made you decide that you should pen it down?
May 27, 3:52AM EDT0

All of my life, I had a fascination with WW II. I have read many books including the gigantic, The Rise And The FAll Of The Third Reich. After visiting Normandy and areas of the French Resistance, I became interested in someday writing a book about these things. One night, at a local restaurant, I was talking with my husband about this goal and a man at a nearby table approached. To my surprise, he was a Resistance Fighter from Paris during the aforementioned time. This was the clincher. Still I did nothing. At a fund raiser for the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, a lady bid on my offering of writing a book using the name of the highest bidder. She bid a great deal of money. It hit me that I could combine the two. I informed her that she may be a saint or prostitue. I wasn't sure in what direction God would take this book. She turned out being both! VieVie La Fontaine is completed. I'll release it soon. I hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much for taking time to ask me a question. May God bless you. Linda

May 27, 9:15AM EDT0
Do you use the Bible for inspiration? If so, how? Which is your go to verse?
Mar 20, 12:59PM EDT1

I would say that my "go to chapter" is I Corinthians 13. The book, Sins of Summer, is based on that chapter which is my favorite. I wish that I could quote the entire chapter.

Mar 21, 3:15PM EDT1
Other than God, who inspires you to be better and why?
Mar 20, 12:11PM EDT1

My husband, son, and grandson are the lights of my life. How can I not be inspired when I have each of them?

Mar 21, 3:12PM EDT1
What past quality or trait of yours has made you the author you see today?
Mar 20, 5:17AM EDT1

There is not much that I haven't experienced; from the death of a beloved spouse to the divorce of a not so loved one. I almost died once in my life. My experiences as a registered nurse really taught me empathy. At this point, there isn't much that I have not felt. All of this makes me a kinder and more thoughtful person. Plus, I love God and read His word each day. I know that He wants us to love each other and always help as we are led. The ability not to judge others is also something that I have learned.

Mar 21, 3:11PM EDT1
You said you don’t write religious books. With so much of love for God, will you be interested in taking up a religious project in the future?
Mar 20, 3:13AM EDT1

Oh yes, I certainly would love that. God is my compass. I am always interested in speaking for Him. Already, I have a few ideas.

Mar 21, 3:08PM EDT1
What are you looking forward to in the coming months with regard to your writing?
Mar 20, 12:38AM EDT1

I am almost finished with a most special book, Vie Vie LaFontanine. It is the story of the French Resistance Fighters in Paris. The story is told by a young Jewish man from Berlin. As serious as the story has to be, there is a little humor. I love the characters. After being obsessed with this period for most of my life, I am happy to share my views and strong feelings about one of the most depraved and scary times in the history of mankind.

Mar 21, 3:07PM EDT1
What are some of the things you have had to unlearn?
Mar 19, 3:56PM EDT1

That is such a great question. Mainly, for me it is to slow down! I write very quickly. I do everything with great speed which may lower my clarity. Maybe, it is because my writing is a gift and I fear that at any moment, God may stop it. I treasure my writing. Plus, I began to write later in my life. There are so many books in my head which I want to publish. Hence, I am always in a hurry and do not check my words adequately.

Mar 21, 3:04PM EDT1
You said you will read your manuscript to your husband. What kind of reactions, help, or support do you get from him? How is it helping you?
Mar 19, 1:01PM EDT1

Mainly, I want him to tell me if my writing makes sense. As an author, you understand exactly what you are trying to say, but does the reader "get it?" My husband does not to try to correct my English, but he sometimes explains that something that I wrote is not clear. I look forward to his "green light" before I polish the manuscript and begin my edits. His opinion is very important to me.

Mar 21, 3:01PM EDT1
What do you want to say about irreligious behavior or what can be said as the abusive acts in the name of God?
Mar 18, 2:25PM EDT1

Actions such as these sadden those of us who believe. Does a mere man really think that he has the right to use the name of GOD in vain? God instructs us not to judge but sometimes, it is difficult. Still, these people will receive judgement. I try to show love as much as possible, but when I hear someone demean my Lord, it makes me sad and angry.

Mar 21, 2:58PM EDT1
When was the last time you changed your opinion or belief about something important?
Mar 16, 3:38AM EDT1

With the dynamics in politics, I am constantly learning new facts so I can say daily. About my basic core values, never. I believe the Bible which makes my life so simple. This gives me the basis on which to live my life and avoids the chaos and confusion which others may face.

Mar 16, 8:41AM EDT1
What would you say is the biggest project God has for you but you still haven't released yet?
Mar 14, 3:06AM EDT1

I think that it would be the manuscript which I am still editing. The name is Vie Vie LaFontaine. It addresses World War II and the French Resistance Fighters. This book required a great deal of research but I love the story. It is very powerful. Thank you.

Mar 14, 8:29AM EDT1

Don't stop! I love "talking" with you. What a great day.

Mar 13, 9:12PM EDT1

Do you write religious books?

Mar 13, 6:30PM EDT1

No. I write books about people in the world who live just normal lives but their lifes are filled with turmoil and pain. Just like you and me. They are struggling to do the right things. Mistakes are made as well as messes of their lives. Then, they need help. My message is that you can't "mess up" enough to exclude God. He loves you just as he loves me and the person next door. I guess you might say that I write books of hope.

Mar 13, 6:48PM EDT1
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Have you ever faced folks within the writing industry who did not follow your same outlook for God? Has it been a trouble so far?
Mar 13, 4:27PM EDT1

Yes, I have experienced this many times. I try to be very subtle in my books and not preachy but some people are very sensitive and accuse me of being just that. Those are the ones that I truly feel sorry for because they seem to be looking for a reason to lash out at Christians and even God.

Mar 13, 4:30PM EDT0

This has been so much fun. Every question was thoughtful. Thank you all so much! Linda

Mar 13, 3:24PM EDT114
How would you explain your writing methods in some simple steps?
Mar 13, 3:01PM EDT1

There are authors who make outlines and plan. I write by "the seat of my pants" which means that I would never use an outline. All of my words flow smoothly. I must write quickly to keep up with my thoughts. Somehow, it turns out with the ends connected. I read it and say, "Wow! Thank you, God!"

Mar 13, 3:08PM EDT1
What are you looking forward with this #AuthorsAMA and which kind of people you'd like to reach with your writings?
Mar 13, 2:42PM EDT1

I want to reach anyone who feels alone or rejected. The one who feels “different.”

Mar 13, 2:43PM EDT1

Do you have a minimum hours a day rule or some other rules when you write? Do you have days when you don’t feel like writing at all?

Mar 13, 2:09PM EDT1

I try to write each day or at least edit. A good day is when I’ve written for at least three hours .

Mar 13, 2:28PM EDT1
Would you ever consider writing about a subject that personally may be against your thoughts and beliefs?
Mar 13, 2:07PM EDT1

If I feel that God directs me, yes! I love just letting people know that I don’t judge. I have made so many mistakes.

Mar 13, 2:26PM EDT1

This has been so much fun! Thanks to each one of you who took time to contact me. Don't forget that you have a friend who loves you!

Mar 13, 2:01PM EDT82
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