From NYC 's Limelight to Homeless & Hopeless Living in a San Diego Bush. Ask me ANYTHING! I practice honesty.

Warner Bailey
May 15, 2018

I'm an Alcoholic who isn't always sober. I have a name but no face. I write the things you may be afraid to say. I speak about what may embarrass you. My speech is about me but it may also be about you. Warner Bailey is an Artist, Addict, Revolutionary project, soon to be a movement! Ask me Anything.

Life Sucks and is so Beautiful.

-Warner Bailey

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How is an average good day for you? What do you do?
May 17, 2:05AM EDT0
Is honesty the best policy? Why?
May 16, 5:15PM EDT0
There is a poem on your blog titled "A Secret Only I Can Keep". Have you written that? What's the motivation behind the words?
May 16, 5:51AM EDT0
Where do you find inspiration and motivation to write? How do you come up with your themes and ideas?
May 16, 5:04AM EDT0
Would you say that your friends and close ones perceive and treat you differently because of your alcohol addiction? How do you feel about that?
May 16, 3:44AM EDT0
What have you discovered from yourself through your writing?
May 16, 1:33AM EDT0

I made it back with you guys safely!!! I'm parked and ready to answer ANYTHING!!! WooHoo!

May 16, 12:13AM EDT0

Is it difficult for you to write things that other people might be afraid to speak about?

May 15, 11:04PM EDT0

I like this question because it leads us to what the Warner Bailey Project is all about and how Warner Bailey became a Blogger/Podcaster.

I can be a very raunchy individual. I cuss like a sailor and I don't get squeamish at what many do. I'm gross. I like big boogers, I send pics of my poop to my friends, I've never been much of a sexual person but when I see vulgar, explicit sexual material, I rarely blink an eye.

I was raised by activists. I am very good with communication. I'm a certified mediator. I'm bold and I love language. I use my voice often to protest, argue, fight, challenge, etc.

I have always been proud to be the voice for others.

When my life began to change drastically a few years ago, finding out "God" is real and discovering what Alcoholism is and beginning to learn myself either for the first time or all over again, I was able to see that all of the years of anger and fight I had in me and expressed derived from fear. I had never paid attention to the fear because I went so quickly into anger and fighting. Discovering my fears opened me up to the realization that there are so many things I am afraid to speak about, so many opinions of my own that I dared not bring up. I could easily hide behind someone else's issue and speak on their behalf all day but when the same issue involved me I would ignore or dismiss it. I would avoid speaking up for myself. I was killing myself with so many secrets, lies, and painful memories.

I am still uncomfortable being open, honest, and vulnerable. I live in fear most of every day. I tried therapy but had some bad experiences with that and other times couldn't keep my appointments. So when I started blogging I pretended to be doing something constructive but really all I planned to do was complain about people, places, and things. I never really believed anyone would read or hear me.

One day a woman nearby said she stumbled on to my blog and felt my words. We chatted back and forth a bit for a few days. It was then that I decided to take my project of honesty seriously and so begins the tale of The Project of Me, Warner Bailey, the voice of honesty for me and anyone who relates but doesn't have the nerve to say.

It isn't easy yet for me to face fears. I do my best so I can Live a bit better and if I can be of service for other fearful souls than even better.

May 16, 1:38AM EDT0

I'm so excited to host my 1st AMA. I'm here with you guys even as I deal with pushing my van (I've been living in for the past few days) about 5 blocks. Let's do this!

"Life sucks and is so Beautiful."

May 15, 11:03PM EDT0
What were you doing in NYC? Were you working or studying?
May 15, 11:01PM EDT0

I was born and raised in NYC. I Studied there and lived a very adventurous life there filled with learning, both book wise and street wise. I dipped my foot in about every aspect of the city I love. As I began to hone a craft or career I would constantly drop it and move on to another. I've mastered things and other ventures I learned just enough to say "I can do that!".

The beauty of being alive is that I can still build on those foundations.

May 15, 11:08PM EDT0
What revolutionary project are you currently working on? Can you share some insight to what's going on? Why did you think it will become a movement?
May 15, 6:24PM EDT0
When did you realize you could write and express yourself through blogs?
May 15, 5:24PM EDT0
What type of art did you practice? Where can people find it now?
May 15, 12:22PM EDT0
Are you still using Wordpress or have you switched to Blogspot?
May 15, 6:23AM EDT0
Who are your favorite artists of all time?
May 15, 6:09AM EDT0
Where are you currently located? Are you in San Diego? How's the living in San Diego different from NYC?
May 15, 2:07AM EDT0
What led you to alcohol addiction? Was it the move from NYC to San Diego or something else?
May 14, 10:05PM EDT0

I believe I have a genetic predisposition. I have an allergy. My mind functions in a way that creates lies and upon those lies I take action. I see it like "body dysmorphia". My perception of things can often be warped. The drugs and the alcohol make me feel like I'm okay most of the time and that's my reason for drinking. I can be sick in any city, on any day, with or without people. I can be sick with or without being intoxicated.

Sobriety is a part of my life's journey. I may never stay sober again. I am still exploring, still experiencing, still learning, still growing.

I do not believe Alcoholics Anonymous is the only way to a happier healthier life but I wholeheartedly believe that the program outlined in the AA literature is the truth and it works. 

Here's the sad part, My illness isn't only of the body. My illness is also of the mind, and I believe the soul. I can explain alcoholism and solutions to get and possibly remain sober until I'm blue in the face but if I'm not firstly, spiritually fit (however I interpret that) and I'm not working my mental muscles to continue living a sober life then I can perish due to this disease. And the saddest part for me is that even when I truly believe something is correct or wrong, I just might be seeing my diseased mind's warped perception. I may never know.

I was an alcoholic way before I ended up living in a bush. I will always be an Alcoholic but I don't always have to be an alcoholic who drinks. I don't always have to be a drug addict on drugs.

May 16, 2:11AM EDT0
Do you ever see yourself publishing a poetry book?
May 14, 4:57PM EDT0

That's exactly what I want to do first! I was raised by a beautiful community of people consisting of well known activists, poets, actors, politicians, and artists of all sorts. My mother is an actress and reads other people's poetry beautifully. Growing up in poetry readings intreagued me as a child. I was praised for my writing skills early on. I was turned off regarding poetry when the next generation of poets started the "Spoken Word" movement. I felt it was a watered down, lame version of what I grew up with, almost like mocking. I was working on a rap career and got writers block for many years.

Around 2012 I  learned about National Poetry Month and attempted the 30 poems in 30 day challenge. I attempted this challenge for 2 years. I realized If I could take the best of the poems I wrote, I could publish a poetry book! I could also stop complaining about what I saw poetry becoming and I could have an actual voice. I'd like to publish my 1st book by next year. I hope you'll read it.

May 14, 6:01PM EDT0
Have you ever considered going to alcohol rehabs? Yes or No and why?
May 14, 3:30PM EDT0

Yes. I have been to rehab. I completed a 60 day stay at a county rehabilitation facility in 2015 which helped my 2 year journey in sobriety. There were many wonderful lessons and experiences during those years. As I'm typing this in the van I live in, which is immobile, I received a call from a member of Alcoholics Annonymous who asked if I'd be a speaker at a nearby meeting. I declined, reporting that I am no longer a member of AA because the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. I believe in The program of Alcoholics Anonymous and I know what awesome things happen with it, I just no longer have a desire for abstinence. Maybe I have more harsh lessons to learn, maybe I'll just put the bottle down forever on my own accord, maybe I'll die from this disease, a bunch of maybes, and I look forward to sharing my life's journey with you. There's a happy ending however. I hope this answered your question.

I'd also like to add that my journey into rehabilitation began with me as an atheist finding what many people call God one night while taking a long walk before attempting suicide.

May 14, 9:51PM EDT0
You have mentioned "NYC 's Limelight to Homeless & Hopeless Living in a San Diego Bush". Can you take us back to this transition?
May 14, 3:24PM EDT0
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