Yet to be published writer, and blogger, who enjoys the art. Ask me anything #AMA

Apr 14, 2018

Are you a creative writer! Ask Me Anything.

AMA - writer, Nigerian music critic, educationist and an entrepreneur! Akan Justus

AMA: How do you become a professional writer?

Ask me anything about Spoken Word Society

Pro Screenwriter can clue you in to the realities of writing for film, so Ask Me Anything about what it takes and what to expect.

As a copywriter, it's my job to know what makes *YOUR* customers tick. Ask me anything!

Life is beautiful... Live it large and live it fully... Think right and all will fall in place... Ask me anything and I will answer... Life is a party and you all are welcome...

Writer, comedian and filmmaker behind “The Care and Feeding of Sex Symbols.” Ask me anything!

Hello! I’m a NY metro area based journalist and communications strategist. I also enjoy volunteering, travel, pop culture, crafts, and the special art of finding or making great gifts for people. Ask me anything about one of these topics and I’m happy to answer.

Technical Author by day, blogger by night and Storyteller in between - Ask Me Anything!

Apr 8, 2018

There are authors called lottery winners. These are the authors that seem to write a book and in a short while, their book is a best seller and a movie. How does this happen? So ask me anything about it.

AMA-Ask Me Anything#Romanti and Fictitious and Non-fiction Novels

Apr 11, 2018

I started – a book promotion site determined to keep authors from getting ripped-off! (Aided by my unique background as a WSJ/USA Today best-selling author, former East Coast Editor of Surfer Magazine, serial entrepreneur, web development firm owner and marketer. Whew!) Ask Me Anything!

Hi, my attribute is Jaylon O'Neal and I am the author of "Autism: In My Own Words", a book that I wrote when I was only sixteen years old. It details my life, the struggle that I encountered and how the result of that struggle allowed my character to manifest into that of the pinnacle of prosperity and carefree serenity. Ask me anything that your heart desires!

My name is Samah Hesham I'm a 21-years-old author of 2 books (Biography & Novel), I push people to catch their dream, I'm a screenwriter too, Ask Me Anything!

Ask me anything about love I will help you the best way

Wendy Sue Ruggiero-Storms Ask Me Anything While my novels Twisted Love and Angela ever after are Sizzling and racy my real life is quite opposite, the creative mind is a blank page waiting to be created, where it leads depends on me.

Find self and life will become secondary. - Kurt Bekker Ask Me Anything.

#RitaKrugerWrite - Therapist at day, Horror and Fantasy Writer in between. Ask Me Anything about your character's issues, and how those issues can be exploited in full in your writing. #AMA Authors

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