Jun 18, 2018

AMA about Indie Book Publishing and Marketing with Best-selling Children's Author Sheri Fink

Jun 13, 2018

I'm Jack Huber, author, blogger, and photographer... I'd like to become your favorite mystery writer! Ask me anything!

Jun 13, 2018

Do authors, in general, suffer emotional issues and writing becomes a form of expression? So ask me anything about it.

Jun 13, 2018

I write and illustrate a middle grade children's book series called FRAZZLED. Basically, I doodle my feelings into books. Ask me anything!

Jun 13, 2018

Indie Authors can AMA about Book Marketing and Distribution.

AMA - Author - Poet & Artist

I'm Aspen Bassett, author and meditation expert. I write about characters with extraordinary powers because I believe we are all capable of much more than we accept. Have any questions about the writing process or meditation techniques? Ask me anything!

I've been quoted in Forbes, Ozy, Bustle, Huffington Post and other media outlets around the world. I am the author of Rules of Engagement: Making Connections Last. Relationships are the fabric of our lives. Ask me anything about the power of connections and how your story impacts your relationships.

Let's Connect! I want to earn your votes and get to know you! Let me be your new favorite Author! #AMA #AskMeAnything

Jun 11, 2018

#AMA for aspiring novelists with a writer's coach! I'm an award-winning YA fantasy and paranormal romance novelist helping writers bring their books to life as a writer's coach and teacher. I help writers get their books written, polished, and published to the delight of their readers. Let's chat about how. It's not one-size fits all. :) I'm here to answer any questions you have!

Jun 8, 2018

I’m CEO of a publishing house for thought leaders and experts. AMA about publishing options, building your author platform and monetizing your content.

Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact!! AMA about my upcoming book or about way that your life can make a lasting Impact.

Hi, I'm Corinne Casazza. I'm a best-selling author who helps people get their books written -- whether they choose to write them themselves or not... Ask Me Anything.

I'm Sharon Marchisello, author of Going Home, a murder mystery inspired by my mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease.  Ask me anything about the process of writing a mystery, as well as dealing with a memory-impaired loved one.

Why is #news so often indistinguishable from #satire these days? Author W. T. Fallon Answers Questions About #Politics as a #RealityShow, both in fiction and reality. #AMA

Ex-entertainment industry maven now writes! So, ask me anything! #AuthorsAMA.

The right Expressions in the Life moments that matters most! Shoot our shot! Ask me anything!

I'm a writer who prefers to socialize and abhors routine, yet I still (have/want to) deliver. Ask Me Anything

#AMA I wrote a coming-of-age novel about a young man in the 70’s called WILD WORLD! The main character Steve Logan faces coming-of-age decisions that would affect him forever.

"You Ain't Hungry Until I'm Starving" so here are​ some of "Vid's Viddles" for you. Ask Me Anything.

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