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Madhumita Thakur
Mar 7, 2018

When things didn't look bright I found solace in words!

What began as a sojourn during school break slowly culminated into a passion which fully engulfed my analytical engineering brain. I quit my cushy job in India and pursued my writing passion in Australia with full fervour and zest. From fighting writers block to getting projects and then to getting my book published all of it has enriched my experience bank.

Whilst still pursuing my passion I decided to pay it forward to my fellow writers by sharing a word or two on what helped me chart my course! So go ahead and Ask Me Anything!

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Did the admin, bosses and colleagues at your workplace take it well when you told them you are quitting to pursue writing?

Mar 9, 4:52PM EST0
Do you have any advice for young Indians who are planning to move to Australia?
Mar 9, 9:10AM EST0

Well not sure what I can advice them about. However what really worked well for me was getting clairty around Why did I want to move to Australia rather than focussing on Whats and Hows of the decision making process.

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Mar 13, 1:50AM EDT0
You mentioned quitting your job. What was that experience like?
Mar 9, 3:45AM EST0
What is your book called and what is it about?
Mar 9, 3:37AM EST0
Apart from writing, do you have other passions, interests and hobbies?
Mar 8, 2:19PM EST0

Writing in one part of my life. Apart from that my husband and I run a private mentorship group where we mentor a select few people to work towards financial independence. Besides these in my leisure time I love to read, paint, listen to music and of course play with my son.

Mar 8, 11:44PM EST0
How do you market and promote your books?
Mar 8, 7:14AM EST0

The marketing and promotion of the books depends upon your pblishing house and the terms of the contract you have entered in with them.

Nonethless in this digital era, we can always leverage the social media tools to create all the right kind of noise around our books.

Mar 8, 11:27PM EST0
What words of wisdom do you have for other aspiring writers who are thinking about quitting their day jobs?
Mar 8, 4:41AM EST0

Be logical about the process and emotional about your dreams!

Do not take any decision in haste as sometimes it can jeopardise the long term goals we have. 

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Mar 8, 11:42PM EST0

Do you ever regret quitting your cushy job?

Mar 8, 1:40AM EST0

In one word No! I was looking towards bigger better things in life so leaving that job indeed felt relieved.

Mar 8, 10:22PM EST0

What job were you doing when you quit?

Mar 7, 9:35PM EST0

I was working as a Business Analyst with a US based IT Consultancy firm in India.

Mar 7, 9:57PM EST0
How do you get inspiration for your creative writing?
Mar 7, 8:49PM EST0

Inspiration lies all around us. I believe we just need to be in the zone and have our antennas up so we can capture what passes us.

Mar 7, 11:21PM EST0
Why did you choose Australia as a place to move to?
Mar 7, 8:49PM EST0

I moved to Australia primarily because my husband (then my partner) was living here and he spoke very highly of the work -life balance in Australia and how I would love it and we can start a great life together after we get married. I was sold on his suggestions and needless to say I did not regret my decision ever :)

Mar 8, 12:15AM EST0
How was the experience of getting published?
Mar 7, 7:25PM EST0

It was a surreal moment for me. I had to pinch myself ahrd to believe that finally I have arrived in the writing world. The best way to describe that feeling is when you have a baby - and now that I do have a baby I know that feeling is real.

Mar 8, 11:45PM EST0
How exactly did you pursue writing in Australia? Did you join a course for writing?
Mar 7, 6:14PM EST0
How did you overcome writers block when you experienced it?
Mar 7, 5:06PM EST0
How did friends and family react when you told them you are quitting your job to become a writer?
Mar 7, 10:21AM EST0

I heard lots of voices around me. Some were concerned, some shocked and others truly believed that I was on a wrong path. But none of it mattered to me. What really mattered was my closest people's support and above my personal conviction in what I wanted to do.

Mar 8, 11:53PM EST0
Do you have a website with samples of your writing or links to your articles?
Mar 6, 8:16PM EST0

I used to have in the past but not anymore. Just been a bit slack on that front. I do have a blog page which is really archived now. The last I wrote a blog was in year 2013. Nonethless you can access it as The AttitudeSpeaks

You can also read some of my feature articles on Time of India website, one of the most prestigious media houses from India.

In addition to these most of my column and feature articles have got published in the print media in Australia.

Last edited @ Mar 6, 10:05PM EST.
Mar 6, 10:03PM EST0
What was it like to move from India to Australia? Did you experience culture shock?
Mar 6, 5:28PM EST0

The move wasn't much difficult as it was well thought out. Infact there was a lot of excitement about starting life in a new place and exploring an entirely new country. Having said that once I landed in  Australia, things were quite different right from the way people talked to to the way they dressed up, the kind of food they ate and so much more. It was a whole new world waiting for me to be unravelled.

I had to relearn many aspects of life down under. It was mostly fun barring a few moments of exasperation.

Last edited @ Mar 6, 8:02PM EST.
Mar 6, 7:50PM EST0
Why did you study engineering? Was it also one of your passions?
Mar 6, 5:08PM EST0

Engineering was never my passion! It was my dad's :)

It is the second best course one can study in India when Medicine doesnt work out. I hadn't scored well enought to qualify for medical college but had good enought grades to get into one of the premier engineering institutes. So I took my dad's advice and enrolled into whats perceived as one of the bankable and stable degrees to get to earn a good life after that.

Mar 6, 7:53PM EST0
Was it difficult to quit? Did you contemplate the decision of quitting for a long time or was it an easy decision to make/
Mar 6, 3:36PM EST0

Quitting my job wasnt difficult back then as I was moving towards something more fulfilling in life. Having said that it did help that my husband was working so I never had to worry about paying the bills and doing somethign which my heart didnt like! What really strengthened my decision was the immense support and help I received from my husband who stood beside me like a rock :)

Mar 8, 11:56PM EST0
What was the very first project that you got?
Mar 6, 1:03PM EST0

My first project was from a cllient based in United States of America. I had to write some articles on different brands of watches. I was thrilled not just to get my foot into the writing industry but for also getting a client from overseas :)

Mar 6, 7:55PM EST0
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