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Feb 12, 2018

When we founded Creative Edge Publicity back in 2016, we immediately showed we weren’t the same as other publicity firms. We worked closely with our individual clients’ needs and goals, and pushed harder to get them noticed, and we listened. We believe that communication is an important part of the partnership that makes each individual client successful.

We work one on one with specific goals for the authors' needs. We don’t fit into a box of specific menu items, they are all tailored to fit each project's goals. By focusing on your overall goals instead of a particular production or type of media we get your name out there the way you want it presented!

We start by building a 365 plan for our authors. They pay for what they want, individual pricing is based on a full year. They are not charged for things that are not initially discussed first. This includes planning for a current release and anything coming up within the year. Invoicing allows for ebbs and flows throughout the year. With one on one specific goals and needs, our authors get the benefit of publicity as unique as they are.

We also coach them for things they don't feel comfortable with. Not sure how to get people interested in your book at a signing? We can help with that. Not sure where to start your publicity? We have suggestions for that too. We even keep you in mind should there be a group client activity like a podcast or radio interview, maybe even a group signing.

Ask anything you want to know about how to get the publicity your book deserves, arranging events such as book signings, library or school presentations, or any event related to the arts in general. We represent many book events including When Words Collide and have a strong belief and advocate for the independent and traditional artist.

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Do you work with authors from all around the world or are you limited to certain locations?

Feb 19, 4:50AM EST0

What is the most unusual or strange publicity request you have received from an author?

Feb 18, 10:09AM EST0

What are the some unusual or unpredictable (out of the box) advantages of running Creative Edge?

Feb 17, 11:58PM EST0

I don't know if there are clear cut advantages for running it, I get amazing satisfaction and pride in representing the well rounded client list that I do.  I get to work daily with some of the finest literary minds in their genres.  The one thing I do like is that I have autonomy and that allows me to brainstorm with authors to find and select the best idea for marketing platforms.  Plus,  it is a huge advantage and creates instant credibility when a publicist called a media organization for interview and review possibilities.  In addition to that, because I have no fear and am sole owner I can negotiate with any podcaster, interviewer, or reviewer about scheduled opportunities for all clients.  It is a huge advantage and alllows me to leverage traditional media and on line focus combined,  which again creates a multi layered approach to promotion.

Feb 18, 12:15AM EST0

According to you what sort of social elements should be fully integrated into e-books?

Feb 17, 9:59PM EST0

E-books require special levels of marketing.  With my clients, we tend to focus on a large number of online strategic marketing platforms such as author takeovers on Facebook, leveraging all levels of social media (instagram for young adult is mandatory), specialized youtube panel shows, and obviously mentioning the e-books when authors are at signings for their other works.   In addition to that, blog tours are effective and if an author can get in leveraging other promotional avenues like BookBub, Readers Favorite for awards, and all traditional media such as genred magazines for reviews and Publishers Weekly.  These are all key to success, especially because some small press publishers will only issue e-books first before making a decision to print based on sales.    

Feb 17, 10:14PM EST0

What are your long-term goals for "Creative Edge Publicity"? Anything from collaboration and expansion?

Feb 16, 5:26PM EST0

Long term goals is to ensure the Creative Edge is profitable but at the same time helping authors acheive their goals without having to spend a fortune to do it.  As for collaboration, we are already doing a large part of that working with a substantial number of bloggers, reviewers, and media.   We have also started working with a large number of mainstream publishers, and we are also now issuing joint press releases with both Creative Edge's name and the publishers name on the release.  This is typically unheard of in the industry as usually both avenues are independent.  Expansion will come at some point I am sure,  if anything I will be looking for strong partner with networking and contact possibilities with the option to maybe incorporate.  But that is way down the road and has to be with the right individual.

Feb 16, 8:51PM EST0

Have you seen a shift in creativity, marketing and writing aspect of new books and approach by authors in last 10 years?

Feb 14, 11:17AM EST0

The shift in creativity is definitely in multi-channeled marketing aspects.  Authors who are serious about their careers are investing funds in elaborate book covers, key signage for signings and such, and are taking more time by getting beta readers and high quality editors to read their works.  The other difference there is that authors are now thinking more outside the box with the media as well,  putting more influence on online focus and taking some time away from traditional streams.   Both ways are effective, but it is becoming a digital world and authors realize they have to modify their tactics.

Feb 14, 10:15PM EST0

Is there a shorter term than 365 days perhaps like 3 or 6 months?

Feb 13, 8:50AM EST0

Hi Brandon, 

Thanks for the question!  Unfortunately,  I only set up contracts on a yearly basis.  Creative Edge is about building long term relationships and want to represent authors on more than one project.  A three or Six month timeline is geared more towards pricing by commodity and its not a business we are interested in.  I have many authors under my brand, and it simply wouldn't be fair to them to focus attentions on a client who is not going to be part of the brand over a long term focus.

Feb 13, 1:32PM EST0

Is there a shorter term than 365 days perhaps like 3 or 6 months?

Feb 13, 8:40AM EST0

Hi Caitlyn,

Same answer as above.

Unfortunately, I only set up contracts on a yearly basis. Creative Edge is about building long term relationships and want to represent authors on more than one project. A three or Six month timeline is geared more towards pricing by commodity and its not a business we are interested in. I have many authors under my brand, and it simply wouldn't be fair to them to focus attentions on a client who is not going to be part of the brand over a long term focus.

Feb 13, 1:33PM EST0

Do you also sponsor some authors especially those who have very little or no budget at all?

Feb 13, 7:23AM EST0

My pricing is set up in order to help the author overall.   Do I work for free?   No I do not, but in terms of pricing there is always opportunity to have a discussion about affordability and what makes sense for both Creative Edge and the author.  

Feb 13, 1:35PM EST0

What types of publicity can you get for the authors who sign up with you?

Feb 13, 6:14AM EST0

Essentially, you name the medium and I have likely gotten it for authors.  I have set relationships with a number of podcasters, reviewers, bloggers and I also have some strong relationships with TV media, Print, and radio.  One University station in Canada has agreed to interview an Creative Edge author every week for the entire year.  I also have a set number of podcasters and bloggers who have agreed to full interview and guest post schedules for the entire year.  Please note that I never guarantee results, but then the author doesnt pay me in those instances as well and so there is no risk financially on their part.

Feb 13, 1:38PM EST0

Aside from authors, what are the usual kinds of artists who work with you for publicity?

Feb 13, 5:47AM EST0

It  has mostly been authors overall.  Creative Edge's process is geared towards them and that is where most of my media and marketing contacts are.  I am open to other areas of course, but it has been authors that have been my clientele thus far.

Feb 13, 1:42PM EST0

Do you provide assistance in getting published, too, or is your service simply about promotion?

Feb 13, 4:48AM EST0

It is based on promotion only although I do have substantial contacts in the publishing world as well, through my relationships with clients who publish with mainstream publishers like Penguin and Quercus.

Feb 13, 1:43PM EST0

Based on experience, what are some of the most popular story genres that have strong selling power?

Feb 13, 2:16AM EST0

25%  or more of my authors publish science fiction and another 25% are in the thriller vein.  These two areas, we have seen strong opportunity and targeted influence within genre - related media outlets.  I am told that Romance is a huge genre but I only represent two romantic related authors so it is a small scale to work with.  Young Adult is also an area that is of huge influence, and I have found from the radio perspective that YA is extremely popular.    In fact I have had one local YA author to Western Canada get interviews in LA, Boston, Greece, as well as locally.

Feb 13, 1:48PM EST0

Do you have to meet your clients in person or can you work with them online?

Feb 12, 11:26PM EST0

I can work with them online and via email.  There are many clients that I have never yet met.

Feb 12, 11:29PM EST0

What is the most challenging thing about promoting an independent writer or artist’s work?

Feb 12, 8:12PM EST0

In my opinion the most difficult thing is convincing media over the stigma of being a self published author.  There is a bias in the literary world that a self-published authors works are not as high in quality as someone who is traditionally published.  That aspect is simplly not true, but at times it requires the pitch to media to be extremely innovative and somewhat thinking outside the box.   As well as that,  coaching and teaching an independent author in how to work with a publicist can also be challenging. With traditional authors, they know that they have to communicate with their in house publicists and work with them,  it is likely written in their contracts.  However, with an Indie,  they are used to being independent and so working with someone else (an publicist), communication gaps can happen unless both parties are 100% devoted to the project.

Feb 12, 10:09PM EST0

Do you currently work with a team or is Creative Edge a one-man job?

Feb 12, 6:30PM EST0

Creative Edge at this point is solely with myself,  I ultimately make all decisions in the direction that the organization goes in and there are times when I leverage my team of authors for advice and insights.  Just to keep in context, we formed in March of 2016 and since that time, Creative Edge has signed Award Winning and Best -selling authors including some internationally known ones. Along with this fact, we have also established media connections with mainstream connections internationally.   At some point,  I will likely bring on an assistant but we are not there yet.

Feb 12, 6:50PM EST0

Do you believe that there’s no longer a need to publish books in print and e-books should be enough to reach a large audience?

Feb 12, 4:12PM EST0

I think to be successful, an individual needs to publish both to ensure that they are reaching all the core areas of a target market.  Some publishers will only initially release a book in e-format to see how it does, but the problem with that is that it is extremely difficult to sell something that is not tangible at a book store or convention.  Yes,  e-books are definitely the happening trend and the wave of the future however in some cases specifically at a book signing event or a library reading that is where an author can engage with its readership and create a  relationship in an important face to face marketing objective.  You can't do that as well with a blog tour or an facebook takeover.   For true success, an author needs to have both mediums.

Feb 12, 6:56PM EST0

Do you currently have a book about your story of starting up Creative Edge? Do you plan on writing one?

Feb 12, 3:56PM EST0

That has never been on my radar, I'm not an author and never indicated to be one.  Having said that, if someone wanted to interview me and write a book about it - well that could be a possibility but the story itself would not come from me.

Feb 12, 6:58PM EST1

How did you get involved in working with independent authors?

Feb 12, 3:56PM EST0

This role really just fell into my lap,  I used to work as a book event co-ordinator in Canada and kept in touch with contacts after I left that role.  A friend of mine that I work with wrote a book and I helped her promote it by getting her some signings.  Those signings went well and I started going to other local events,  and at the same time was able to get interest from other local authors who are still clients today.  Word got out and a year and a half later, Creative Edge now has over 40 clients represented North America and U.K. wide using a pricing model that I believe helps independent authors overall.

Feb 12, 7:02PM EST1
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What do you believe is the best platform for publicity - social media, websites or traditional media (TV, print and radio)?

Feb 12, 3:52PM EST0

I don't believe that any one platform is better than another.   It is ultimately the most effective to leverage all means of marketing and promotion.   The key is to find what works the most for specific authors, recognize their strengths and find ways to maximize them.  For example, some authors are horrible at book signings. They can't talk to people or sell their books,  but those same people are excellent in interviews and author takeovers - that is their strength so play to that.

It is true that in some aspects, Traditional media is digressing especially for independent authors. Many lay-offs in TV, newspapers going out of business have all created urgency to focus more online.  This is reality,  however there is still a demand for traditional marketing.  If not, why does everyone still want to be on a show like Ellen!  Multi-platformed marketing is key and even small opportunities where the reach is minimal is essential to success because small opportunities lead to larger ones. 

Feb 12, 7:15PM EST0

What inspired you to start Creative Edge to help authors and artists?

Feb 12, 1:29PM EST0

It really was a willingness to help talented literary minds to get their work out.  I wanted to be a voice for  individuals who didn't know how to market their books or who knew how to do it but didn't have time.   The first opportunities we got for individuals was so gratifying and rewarding,  I just wanted to keep the momentum going with each opportunity,  beyond business I have developed great relationships with most if not all of my clients.   I wouldn't change anything as the friendships and connections developed by everyone who has been a part of Creative Edge is has just been phenomenal.

Feb 12, 7:23PM EST0

Do authors have to come to you with a completely finished and published book or can they request for your assistance even if the book they’re writing isn’t finished yet?

Feb 12, 11:37AM EST0

Yes, I need a completely finished book in order to work my process.  

Feb 12, 7:23PM EST0
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What are the usual client requests like from a publicity company like yours?

Feb 12, 10:34AM EST0

There are a lot of Indie authors who don't where to start yet believe that hiring a publicity company such as myself is going to get them famous.  That just is not the case,  I am not going to be able to get everyone on the Ellen show or have a film made out of their book.  Once that reality for them hits,  majority of client requests revolve around discussing a sound marketing plan and how it is executed.   There are normally never any generic requests and so authors are doing different things,  the key for success is to be able to identify those attributes and execute on them whether it be a BookBub deal, setting up a local or national book tour, or sending out a properly worded press release to media to get attention.

Feb 12, 10:40AM EST0

What do you do when despite all publicity efforts, your client’s work still won’t sell?

Feb 12, 12:15AM EST0

That ultimately hasn't happened.  Our process is built on collaboration with each other,  we represent over 40 authors who are able to bounce ideas off of each other and talk about what works and what doesnt work.  In addition to that, they share each others events, support each other in social media, and spread each other's works.  Because of our collaborative process, we have relationships with media and reviewers that have agreed to provide focus to clients around specific key events like book launches, book anniversaries and such.  In addition to all of this, we also have a closed facebook client group page that allows us to share and bounce ideas off of each other.  It's almost like an internal community built with Creative Edge that everyone plays a huge part in.   In aspects like this,  the sales will come but I just can't guarantee it.

Last edited @ Feb 12, 10:29AM EST.
Feb 12, 12:23AM EST0

What are some worst artist/author habits that cause them to fail in completing or promoting their work?

Feb 11, 4:58PM EST0

Please see below as will list what I see are roadblocks in bullet form:

  • Having no vision or plan about what they want to do
  • Being timid at book signings and not being engaged with people
  • Sounding unprofessional in interviews and not proofreading written interviews to bloggers
  • Not understanding that having a multi-faceted promotional stream in the most effective.  Meaning that online only or traditional routes only will not be effective
  • Creating a great book but then not having a nice appealing cover to market it with

These are just some things that I have witnessed,  ultimately the biggest downfall I have seen is not developing a sound plan of action.  Or developing one but not executing on it.

Feb 11, 5:21PM EST0

Do you only help out with group interviews or group signing or can you arrange for individual events like these as well?

Feb 11, 4:36PM EST0

It is a combination of both actually.  I help each signed client with their publicity needs on an individual basis. That includes book signings, media interviews, podcaster and blog interviews, book reviews and such.  There are times within my relationships that I have managed to schedule group interviews (meaning every client gets an individual interview based on a detailed schedule).  That schedule is typically drafted up and booked on a yearly basis.  

Feb 11, 4:42PM EST0

What is the ultimate goal or the vision of Creative Edge?

Feb 11, 12:33PM EST0

The pure vision and goal for Creative Edge is to help authors Indie and Traditional to have a forum and an advocate on their side for marketing without having to spend an incredible amount of money each month doing it. Essentially, we are looking to build an literary empire of authors whose core beliefs involve collaboration, co-operation and belief in each other. We have been in this business since March of 2016 and each and every represented author plays a part in the success of Creative Edge. We have been able to create partnerships with media, podcasters, book reviewers on an international scale through this business model and with that, we have also attracted a substantial number of great talents in the literary field.

Feb 11, 3:06PM EST0

Are the publicity services you provide just online or does this involve traditional media too like radio, TV and print?

Feb 11, 9:02AM EST0

We use all available mediums including traditional, and in fact we have been able to get interviews in a number of international aspects including U.S., Canada, U.K., Greece, and other aspects.

Feb 11, 3:08PM EST0

Do you screen the stories or authors that you help promote? Do you make sure first that the material is high quality?

Feb 11, 8:20AM EST0

I don't screen them and that is done on purpose.  My preference is to work with authors who have a clear vision of what they want to do from a marketability standpoint.  Initially, the one true test is how they conduct themselves in interviews and whether or not the media and such in interested in their story. Beyond that, there has to be a strong working relationship between myself and the author and a connection has to be met.  If there are any questions either from their side or mine in terms of collaboration, then we simply do not work together.  As for the quality,  I represent several authors who are Award-Winning and best selling authors and many influential media people have complimented me on the wide variety of talent and genres that Creative Edge represents.

Feb 11, 3:13PM EST0

What’s your success rate like as a company?

Feb 11, 8:15AM EST0

Can you please define success rate?  Below is a partial list of some of the interviews my clients have received:

  • CTV
  • Global TV
  • LA Talk Radio (multiple times)
  • CJRU Radio Toronto ( one author interviewed every week)
  • CJOB Talk Radio Winnipeg
  • WTBU Radio Boston
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Network (U.K.)
  • Sirius XM Radio
  • Author Assist Radio
  • Top Shelf Magazine
  • Indie Authors Monthly
Feb 11, 3:17PM EST0

What do you think is the most difficult step an author has to take to ensure success in his work?

Feb 11, 7:26AM EST0

I believe the biggest obstacle is determining what their vision is for marketing, and then having the belief in execution on what they want to do.  Writing a novel is difficult but then having the strength to get out there and promote it is even harder.  It takes time, key execution in the interview process, and recognizing different personality types and how to sell those personalities the book when at events like stores, libraries, and conventions.

Feb 11, 3:21PM EST0

What is the most memorable case you’ve handled, perhaps one that most challenging or easiest for you?

Feb 11, 6:11AM EST0

There have been so many challenges both good ones and bad ones.  I am not going to get into specifics with names as I want to respect my clients privacies,  but my first signing of an Award Winning author was gratifying and challenging.  It forced me to learn on a fast track basis what avenues and processes to match when getting opportunities for someone who deserves to be noticed. It was a  great learning experience and through that, I was able to learn more about them but also work with their publisher which is very mainstream.

Feb 11, 3:24PM EST0

Do you offer guarantees of sales after you have handled your client’s publicity needs?

Feb 11, 4:39AM EST0


Unfortunately, I dont offer guarantee of sales.  Publicity is a tricky business and there is no way to track the effectiveness of whatever the medium that is covering the author will do.   Truth be told, publicity is meant to create awareness for a specific book or author over a long term period.  There is no way to gauge the effectiveness of that tv or radio interview and see if it equates to book sales. 

Even with a booked signing,  the event can be booked but the author still has to go through key selling steps to ensure success for that specific day. The books will simply not sell themselves unless of course you are someone like Stephen King, who also had to have media to build his name up.

Beyond that, Creative Edge also does not guarantee publicity.  We will issue press releases and pitch the authors story,  but I simply cannot force the media to pick up the story.  In a lot of cases, it really depends on ther interest of that media vehicle and in some cases how it is pitched.  I will say this though,  based on my pricing model the author doesn't pay me if nothing is booked for the author. It really is a win - win for both parties.

Feb 11, 3:33PM EST1
What is the market looking for right now in terms of art - paintings, drawings, etc.?
Feb 10, 9:03PM EST0


That I can't answer,  my organization is geared towards promotion of Indie and Traditionally published authors in all genres.  Having said that, there are a substantial number that are looking to branch out into other mediums such as graphic novels and other aspects of artwork.  I also believe that for a talented artist, there is going to be a market for book cover design because an eye-catching cover is key for success.



Feb 10, 9:44PM EST0
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