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Arica Quinn
Dec 1, 2017

I am Arica Quinn (Pen Name AriQui) a published Author with Snow Publishing. I currently have 3 works available in Kindle and print format. My fourth book is due to release in the next week. I am currently working on my first Urban Fiction Story.  Here is a brief synopsis of my first book Just Talk To Me.

Just Talk To Me Synopsis

Four couples take us on the beginning of their journey of emotional toil, self-discovery and an educational lesson on the impact of communication.

Myra and Maxwell desire the same in a companion. However, past relationships filled with near death, abuse, and complications of unresolved attachments to an ex-lover chisel away at the foundation they are trying to build.

Kiki is so damaged by the love of her life Cameron, that she throws herself into a whirlwind of sexual destruction and greed. Until she meets Thomas, a gentle, kind, supportive and loyal man. But the struggle to get to her heart is real and complex. Her clouded judgment and pain may be the catalyst that stops a budding friendship before it even starts.

Angelina and Jonathan are on their third try at a failed relationship. The attraction between them was so strong but the communication is severely lacking. This time Angelina finds herself completely fed up with his bull shit stories and disappearing acts. In a last-ditch effort, Jonathan decides to come clean, but will the truth destroy all hopes of a right relationship with her.

Monique was so in love with Keith. It was love at first sight. That was until she got the tragic news and abruptly ended their relationship. Her silent killer and emotional unrest cause a rip in what seemed to be the perfect couple. When Keith receives the urgent call, he rushes to her side but will Monique ever get the chance to tell him she's sorry.

Amazon Page http://amzn.to/2xspiNr

LinkedIn Page http://bit.ly/2vMFJG4

Facebook Page http://bit.ly/2kfxnTv

Facebook Page http://bit.ly/2wBS0L0

Twitter Page http://www.@authorariqui

(Ask Me Anything)

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Which age group does your book targets?

Dec 2, 9:01PM EST0

My current book just talk to me Target 18 and older

Dec 6, 3:24AM EST0

Do you think religion is part of the problems in relationship or the solution?

Dec 2, 6:03PM EST0

That's a good question and not a very easy one to answer. I have seen religion both edify and enhance a relationship yet I've also seen it destroy your relationship. For me personally it's important that if I'm in a relationship to be with someone who is equally yoked who believe like I believe in striving for the same and that area as I am who is good to connected as I am. However I can I have seen where there's been more than one religion and a relationship and at least on the outside it seems to work and he knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Dec 6, 3:23AM EST0

Who is your favorite author on relationships?

Dec 2, 3:54PM EST0

A few of my favorites are Bishop TD Jakes, John Gray, F Fitzgerald, and Eric Jerome Dickey, and Zane.

Dec 6, 3:21AM EST0

What do you have to tell upcoming authors?

Dec 2, 2:50PM EST0

Probably one of the most important things I would tell upcoming authors is stay true to yourself even if you find that you may have to write outside of your John ra stay true to who you are don't let what others right predict or Thrive for stop you from putting forth what's in you to write.

Dec 6, 2:51AM EST0

What is the title of your next book?

Dec 2, 12:20AM EST0

In this series the next book is Just Talk To Me 2 Left Uncovered. I also have 2 other books currently published they are Love Evolves, which is a poetry book and Speak To The King In Me, which is a book of Afrimational qutoes to men. I am currently working on my first Urban Fiction project entitled Beauty and The Streets a Twisted Sisters Tale.

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Dec 2, 12:25AM EST0

How long did it take you to write the 'just talk to me' book?

Dec 1, 11:53PM EST0

It took me 3 years to write the first version of just talk to me it was a long journey and I take that back it actually took me 6 years to write the book because for the first three years I've pedaled around I kind of was refusing to write it because I felt at that time that I really didn't have a voice or that people would not get the message or wood not gain anything from what I had to say that what I had to say wasn't of great importance and after fighting with myself for the first three years of writing the book I finally begin to write the book and it took a total of 3 years to actually complete the book even though it's not a novel or very long with all of the things in life that were transpiring in my life during the time of writing the book is pretty much the main reason why it took so long to write I was not able to just sit and just write on a daily basis I had moments where I have to put the book down for two or three months at a time and then pick it back up and continue to write and depending on what was going on in my life at that time so it took awhile for me to write this first version then I did a Reata taed version and I actually did that version this year in 2017 and it took me about 30 days or so to actually do the edited or the reacted and updated version so there's version 1 and now there's version 2 of just talk to me

Dec 2, 12:00AM EST0

What were you trying to tell your readers through this book?

Dec 1, 11:50PM EST0

The underlining theme in this book is communication I stated this in another question this is the first book in a series there will be six books to the series but it's four different couples dealing with this thing we call communication on different levels in different ways there's a couple where one part of the person in the relationship is able to display great communication but his counterpart or their counterpart is not and so how do you build a relationship when you have that type of struggle there's another couple that absolutely sucks at verbal communication so they communicate and unhealthy ways whether it's through sex or it's through an addiction to a substance or it's through always seeming to put each other up to a challenge who could do it better kind of situation there are couples who are dealing with issues in their past that they either can't let go of or don't know how to let go of and how those Spyro and impact the new relationship that they're in so again the underlining Focus or the underlying message in this book and the ones to follow is how do we become better at this thing we call communication especially when it comes to relationships

Dec 2, 12:06AM EST0

Are you a freelance writer?

Dec 1, 11:09PM EST0

No I am.not at this time but it something I would love to do.

Dec 1, 11:24PM EST0

Which of your characters reminds you of a real life experience?

Dec 1, 10:52PM EST0

All of the women in this book are in some way apart of me because I created them.out of my own experiences. The men represent men I have been in relationships with weather friends or intamelty.

Dec 1, 11:26PM EST0

Why are there so much divorce and unfaithfulness in marriages today?

Dec 1, 10:43PM EST0

My honest opinion unhealthy people coming together to use marriage as the fix it potion. When you need to be healed before you become one. People don't take premarital counseling serious anymore. Nor the institution of marriage it's become a fad not a lifestyle.

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Dec 1, 11:29PM EST0

How would you consider self publishing your books? Do you have any plans for that?

Dec 1, 10:28PM EST0

Currently I am signed with Snow Publishing group they handle my editing, covers and distribution on the ebook side. I currently self publish the print versions of my book through create a space. However I am.looming at other avenues for the print versions.

Dec 1, 11:31PM EST0

Was there any challenges while writing the 'just talk to me' book?

Dec 1, 9:20PM EST0

Oh my goodness yes there were challenges everywhere. From life interrupting, to finances, to writer's block, to health issues and being homeless. It literally took 3 years to write this book just because of all the impact that life had on me. I think sometimes people think as authors we just sit and write all day everyday and that's not the case. Like I said in my opening we have real issues in real life that we deal with. So yes I had a lot of challenges while writing but those challenges also kind of were my motivation at the same time because they pushed me not to give up and to get it done no matter what it took

Dec 1, 10:02PM EST0

Hello everyone how are you this evening

Dec 1, 8:11PM EST0

Great, love your AMA, tnx for that !

Dec 1, 11:39PM EST0

You are welcome I am really enjoying the interaction.

Dec 2, 12:02AM EST0

How do you suggest couples handle their relationship problems instead of divorce?

Dec 1, 4:50PM EST1

Now let me start by saying that I am not an expert and I am still learning this relationship thing myself. What I have discovered is communication is key not conversation. See communication requires one to speak the other to listen then respond,  then the opposite occurs. It's an even exchanges of thought, process and response.  Conversation is it's all about me what I say, what I think, what I feel and no regard for the other person. All to many times in relationships we try to converse our way through  rather than to comune with one another. The other key is that communication has to begin from the start and continue it is not a born trait but a learned trait and as with anything learned it is a process and a daily practice. To couples on the the brink or contemplating divorce I say shut up. Stop trying to get your point across and Just Talk To one another you may discover that you both feel the same way about the same things. Oh and there is nothing wrong with seeking counseling to help you but search together and go outside of people you know and their suggestions you both need an equal non bias outlet. 

Dec 1, 5:02PM EST0

How did your friends and family react to your first book?

Dec 1, 12:48PM EST0

Actually it was my best(male) friend who pushed me to write my first book. He walked through the process with me for 3 yrs. That's how long it took to write it. My mother continued to encourage me throughout the process and never let me don't myself. When the book released  friends and family were shocked even though I had been talking about it they didn't truly believe it till they saw it.

Dec 1, 12:54PM EST0

How do you balance between domestic chores and the writing career?

Dec 1, 11:37AM EST0

It is not an easy task. However I have made a strict schedule for myself and everyone in the house hold knows to adhere to it. I set aside at least 2 hours each night once my domestic duties are complete for writing and then on Sat. I go to the library and write for however long I feel. It works becasue my family can go with and enjoy the lbrary as well.

Dec 1, 12:57PM EST0

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Dec 1, 8:26AM EST0

I believe that true love is something you grow into. However two people can definitely have a strong overwhelming attraction to, or lust for one another that can be misinterpreted as love. It's what you do with that rush of emotions that sets the foundation for a going or a commitment.

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Dec 1, 1:00PM EST0

'Just talk to me' is a beguiling title. Why did you give it that title?

Dec 1, 6:31AM EST0

Intresting question. The title to this book didnt even come until I had finished writing. I was sitting and reading the last portion to my best friend and in the middle of reading to him he said "Just Talk To Me" The sound of what he said penetrated my soul and it was like an ah ha moment. That simple phrase resented with me for about a week and final it became the title of the book. I believe it embodies the message this story is trying to convey.

Dec 1, 1:06PM EST0
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