Author of ‘The Macabre Masterpiece’ horror poetry books. Yes, I write horror poetry, A popular genre mixed with a less appreciated one, AMA

Justin Bienvenue
May 11, 2018

Horror is one of the most popular genres in society today. It’s in entertainment such as shows and movies or in literature in books and magazines, people just can’t seem to get enough of it. Horror continues to become more popular by the day and is more socially accepted whereas years ago it was seen as an oddity for a person to enjoy.

Poetry is a way of expression, a feeling, an art form, a uniquely beautiful language but most of all it is whatever you want it to be. For many years people enjoyed writing and reading poetry and looked up to and enjoyed the famous writers of it.

Horror poetry is unique in its own right. It combines the top genre with the one that isn’t. It combines a top-selling genre with a less fortunate one. Does that mean horror poetry is popular? Hardly but it doesn’t stop people such as myself from writing it.

I’m a horror author and poet and while I sometimes and mostly keep the two separate I decided to start off my writing career by writing and publishing a book of horror poetry.


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What advice on the craft of writing do you like to pass on to those students who want to concentrate on speculative poetry?
May 18, 8:53PM EDT0
Has your view of poetry matured in either your approach to writing or your sense that it may be a lost or forgotten art in search of an audience?
May 18, 5:25PM EDT0

I would say my view of poetry has definitely matured and progressed as I've written more and more. As much as it pains me, yes I know poetry is a forgotten art and not as big as other genres but that only drives me more to write it and hope to make more fans of the poetry world.

May 18, 8:22PM EDT0
What can new works from you we look forward to in the future?
May 17, 9:44PM EDT0

I'm currently working on my first series called The Wax Factory, the first book is of the same name. I also plan on another poetry book and then a crime series that spans five decades. 

May 18, 8:25PM EDT0
Do you think women in horror face more difficulties than their male peers?
May 17, 7:04PM EDT0

I don't think so but I don't think they get the credit they deserve. There are many great female horror writers that simply go unnoticed and get no recognition, at least not as much as their male counterparts. 

May 17, 7:12PM EDT0
Is there a subject you refuse to touch? If so, why?
May 17, 11:48AM EDT0

Erotica, Rape and extreme horror to a point because erotica isn't my thing at all and the other two are controversial and I don't feel comfortable writing about them.

May 17, 3:27PM EDT0
What scares you? How do these fears inspire your writing?
May 17, 9:22AM EDT0

Ventriloquist dummies scare me but they don't inspire my writing and if they do I'm not aware of it. Any small fears I have I try to incorporate into my work. 

May 17, 3:28PM EDT0
What is one stereotype about horror writers is absolutely wrong? What one stereotype is dead on?
May 14, 7:21PM EDT0

One stereotype that I would say is totally wrong is that it has to have tons of scary scenes and be really gory. The Shining is a perfect example of just the right amount of horror works. A stereotype that's dead on is a killer is never truly dead but can come back from anything.

May 14, 11:10PM EDT0
Where do you as an author draw the line on gory descriptions and/or erotic content?
May 14, 5:06PM EDT0

Great question. I'm against anything erotic in horror, just something I myself wouldn't attempt so rape in my writing is out of the question. As for gore, I won't describe detail bluntly and if I can write it by concealing the obvious then I will but I have a line for extreme gore.

May 14, 11:27PM EDT0
Why should fans of horror movies read horror books?
May 14, 12:16PM EDT0

Good question. For one, there's a good chance that a movie was originally a book and chances are the book is better or has even more detail and entertainment in it then the movie. Also, horror books can be just as scary, gory and frightening as horror movies only you get to do your own visualization. 

May 14, 3:23PM EDT0
Do you feel any competitive pressure from horror films? If not, why not?
May 14, 11:35AM EDT0

To be honest I've never considered it. I have a hard enough time making it on my own, pushing myself and feeling pressure from my fellow horror authors so I've never considered pressure from horror films but I do embrace them and welcome any more push I can get.

May 14, 3:25PM EDT0
The perception of the horror writer is that he/she is just a little bit weirder than most. Do you find yourself — and other horror writers — to be more idiosyncratic than the average person?
May 14, 6:32AM EDT0

I'd like to think I'm a bit out there and bizarre but just because that's how I am and not because I write horror. I say yes though, I believe horror writers are at a certain mind set, act a certain way in order to write horror and present it but it just comes with the territory. 

May 14, 3:27PM EDT0
What are your influences for A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West? Do you ever see your books making it to horror movies?
May 14, 2:07AM EDT0

After watching the spaghetti western Dollars Trilogy starring Clint Eastwood I immediately had the urge to write a western but with more gore and twice the grit. Yes, in fact back when I first published A Bloody Bloody Mess I was interviewed by Black Petals magazine and the woman actually thought the book was a manuscript for a film. I took it as a compliment and have since envisioned my books as movies or even adaptations for television series. 

May 14, 3:31PM EDT0
What's the difference between regular poetry and horror poetry beside the horror factor?
May 13, 11:32PM EDT0

Excellent question! I would say not much although there is the intent of the poem and the feelings it give a reader. Also perhaps the structure to which the poem is written depending on if the poet wishes to convey it in a certain way to appeal more to a horror reader.

May 14, 3:32PM EDT0
If you could ever have super powers what would they be and why?
May 13, 11:08PM EDT0

ah, yes the ole superpower question! I would have two, the ability to teleport anywhere I wanted and I'd have plasma blasts shoot from my hands. I know odd powers but I've thought about this before lol.

May 14, 3:34PM EDT0
How much control do you feel you have on the outcome of your story? Do you have complete control or are you along for the ride?
May 13, 8:17PM EDT0

I have 100% control. I don't take orders from any publishing companies and I know some people say their characters control them and the writers just along for the ride but I feel it's all me that writes the story. If any of my story comes from someplace else then I give the person or brand their due but when it comes to me writing I'm in control. 

May 14, 3:35PM EDT0
What's more important to you, to be happy, healthy, productive or successful and why?
May 13, 11:39AM EDT0

All of the above. Healthy first because if I'm not healthy then the others simply cannot happen. Happy because I'm mostly a happy joyful person and if I can be the first two then there's no reason why I can't be productive and successful.

May 14, 3:37PM EDT0
Did you study writing or poetry?
May 13, 1:40AM EDT0

I wouldn't say I studied it but I did pay close attention to them in high school during my four years of English that I had to take. I also took a Creative Writing elective that allowed me to expand on my writing and show my love for poetry. I did study Shakespeare a little more than the average person would admit but then again who better to learn from then one of the best?

May 14, 3:38PM EDT0
Who are you favorite horror writers and why?
May 12, 11:23AM EDT0

Edgar Allan Poe, he's one of my biggest inspirations, David Haynes an indie UK author, friends with him and he writes some really great books, Stephen King, he's the king(no pun intended) of horror, Anne Rice, her vampire chronicles are riveting, and Jonathan Maberry has some really great books. 

May 12, 3:58PM EDT0
What is your favorite horror movie?
May 12, 10:44AM EDT0

The Shining. I've seen it so many times and there's just something about it I enjoy. It's simplicity and themes just an overall great movie.

May 12, 3:59PM EDT0
When your love for horror began? What drew you to it?
May 12, 6:18AM EDT0

Great question. To be honest I'm not sure when my love or interest in horror began, I want to say when I was I school and when I started writing it began to take form and pick up. The fact that it's a popular genre and the scare factor drew me to it, I like getting scared apparently lol. 

May 12, 4:01PM EDT0
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