Author of Elixir of Magic Flame Spell is at your service! Get your questions ready because I am going to answer everything about anything. Ever wondered what it's like to become an author? Ever thought about how a vampire and human could fall in love and make it work during an apocalypse? Want to know how I developed my skill and passion for writing? ASK ME ANYTHING!

Keegan Baxley
Nov 30, 2017

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read my new novel, please go grab a copy and share your  perspective as the reader. I took several popular topics and weaved them together to create a mainstream, modern twist on a tale of love, magic, immortality and the apocalypse. I want my readers to be swept away into a magical, yet relatable world and I feel ELIXIR OF MAGIC: FLAME SPELL, does exactly that.




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Do you have any upcoming projects?

Dec 2, 9:42PM EST0

I am so glad you asked!

I have plans to continue the Elixir of Magic storyline into at least three more books. I have completed the first draft of the sequel to Elixir of Magic: Flame Spell, which has already received excellent reviews. I am also working on a Young Adult adventure series and a collection of steamy romance novels.

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Dec 3, 1:13AM EST0

How did you get the idea?

Dec 1, 12:33PM EST0

Great Question!

The idea for the story, as cheesy at it sounds, was actually a dream I had. The rest of it fell into place after some real life events. I had originally planned to submit my work to a particular publisher so I tailored the first few chapters to fit their submissions guidelines. After editing and revising those chapters, I concluded that I wanted to go a different route, so I pulled two chapters of work from the story and tailored it so that it fit better with my new plans and here we have the novel you see now.  

Dec 1, 1:37PM EST0

Who/What was the inspiration for you to publish a novel like this?

Dec 1, 1:04AM EST0

Great Question!

Many things inspired a novel like this. I was going through a rough patch with the death of my father and I feel as though I incorporated much of my grief in the story as a way to deal with what I was feeling. In fact, some of the more emotional scenes were written at the height of my grieving process. I had planned a very different novel when I started this dream, one of which I am still writing on, but Elixir of Magic called to me and I answered that call.

Dec 1, 4:31AM EST0

What were your works before you got involved in writing novels?

Nov 30, 8:42PM EST0

Thank you for the question!

My earlier years were when I did a lot of work with developmentally disabled and people with brain and spinal injuries. After a few years of that I went on to work in accounting, accounting actually helped to pay my way through college while earning my degree in psychology. I was a single parent for many years and I had to hold down two and three jobs at times. Those jobs included, customer service rep, professional driver, bank teller, personal assistant, waitress and house cleaner, just to name a few.

Nov 30, 9:04PM EST0

Do you think an "emo" person always succumbs to black art and gothic as an expression of their hypersensitive emotions?

Nov 30, 8:34PM EST0

Thank you for the question!

I feel as though gothic themes represent depth and complexity. Quite possibly those who classify themselves or are classified by others as “emo” may feel as though they are misunderstood, thus they are able to better connect with something complex versus something less faceted.

Nov 30, 8:56PM EST0

Love story and fantasy. Should they always go together to complete a fantastic story?

Nov 30, 8:33PM EST0

Thank you for the question!

The short answer is…Not always. Sometimes I think you can have a fantastic tale of adventure that doesn’t have any romantic overtones or even undertones for that matter. I think love is used in most fantasy themes to allow the reader to connect on a deeper more personal level, because love is at the core of who we are as humans. However, I personally enjoy reading stories with or without love as long as the writer was able to make me feel connected in some other way.

Nov 30, 8:45PM EST0

What was your very first literary work, published or not?

Nov 30, 8:32PM EST0

Great Question!

My very first was actually a story about an imaginary stork. Mr. Stork had magical powers and could turn vegetables into chocolate and he always knew the best hiding places when it came time to take a nap. I was very young.

Nov 30, 8:39PM EST0

If you will find an irresistible vampire, looking so handsomely human, would you fall in love with him, even if it means your eternal suffering?

Nov 30, 8:24PM EST0

Great Question!

The imaginary me? Yep, I would be a sucker for it every time. The real me? Nope, because the second he told me he had to drink blood to survive, I’d run as fast as humanly possible in the opposite direction.

Nov 30, 8:35PM EST0
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I love the "Twilight" saga and I even watched all of the movie series. Can I sense similarity when I'll dive into the book?

Nov 30, 7:32PM EST0

Thank you for the question!

I also love the twilight saga; however, I can’t say there are many similarities between that saga and my series. What I set out to do was create a book with vampires that dance on the line between insane and downright evil. The first book does have romantic overtones, I wanted that air of love built into the foundation, but there are some surprises coming.

Nov 30, 8:18PM EST0

How do you plan to pursue your passion in writing, now that this first one is out on the market?

Nov 30, 6:59PM EST0

Excellent question!

I have more works that I am in the process of polishing for final review then onto publishing. I don’t plan to limit myself to one specific genre, which will allow for a broader market and in turn help me to grow a vast and diverse fan base. I want Keegan Baxley to become a household name.

Nov 30, 8:00PM EST0

Have you thought of any other marketing strategy to spread the word about your book?

Nov 30, 5:06PM EST0

Thank you for the question!

I currently utilize Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and word of mouth. Unfortunately, I live in a small town with no bookstores, but I am currently networking with different businesses to spread the word about Elixir of Magic: Flame Spell, as well as other exciting things soon to be released.

Nov 30, 5:30PM EST0

How long have you been writing before you start publishing?

Nov 30, 11:26AM EST0

Thank you for your question!

I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t writing. Even before I could form a legible word, I would scribble in children’s books, making up my own endings to the stories I read. When I finally learned how to form a legible word and discovered “blank” paper, the sky was the limit for me, not that I was skilled per say, just that I loved the craft. The actual writing skill came later in life.

Nov 30, 12:43PM EST0

Are you also a believer in black magic, witchcraft, spells and the like?

Nov 30, 10:09AM EST0

Thank you for the question!

Black magic? I am not a practitioner so I cannot say whether it is real or not and my answer would be the same for witchcraft. Spells? To me, they are poems with intent. I write poetry intended to provoke emotion. Though let me conclude with this. I believe there are many things that we experience that can’t easily be explained, the feeling of déjà vu is a prime example and something I am certain most all of us have experienced at one time or another.

Nov 30, 1:26PM EST0

Can you read an unforgettable line from the pages of the novel?

Nov 29, 9:19AM EST0

Great question! As the author, it is hard to choose which one I like best because they are all so special to me. Therefore, in light of that, I wanted to give you a couple that really stood out as I was writing them:

“Do not let the darkness destroy the gift your mother gave you. If there is no hope left in you, then there is no hope for this world.”

“Ezra, when I think of you I always smile, my heart was blessed to have loved you and my life will never be the same. If you are listening, I want to thank you, for the love you showed me and the love we shared—you will always hold the key to a part of me no one else will ever touch.”

Nov 29, 2:31PM EST0

How did you get started on your journey as a writer?

Nov 29, 4:50AM EST0

Great question! I have to credit my parents with this one. They were very artistic people. My dad could engage you in a story like nobody’s business, I loved listening to him tell stories. To make my long story shorter (because believe me, the long version is very long) we’ll skip ahead a few years. I was approached by English teachers, college professors and state publications to submit my assignment work for publishing in school newspapers, university magazines and online creative writing websites. One professor told me I have a beautiful way of painting a picture with words, which is a talent she has rarely seen. So we have my imagination, probably inherited from my dad, and the artistic side encouraged by both of my parents and lastly, we have mentors that I looked up to, actually requesting my work be published. The last thing I needed was the motivation. Sadly, that motivation came when my father passed. Writing became my outlet, sort of like my therapy. The more I grieved the more I wrote and before long, my novel was born. And I have yet to stop writing, I have more work coming very soon!

Nov 29, 1:33PM EST0

Writers develop their plot from movies or life experiences. Which of these are your sources of inspiration for the book?

Nov 28, 4:00PM EST0

Great question! Here is where I tattle on myself (mom don’t look). I snuck out to see the movie “Lost Boys” at a younger age than I should have and… that was all she wrote, I was hooked on vampires from that point on.  Many of the characters you read about in my books are based off the personalities of my family and friends and all of the scenes are pulled from things I have experienced.

Nov 28, 4:26PM EST0

Do you believe in vampires and how immortal they are, existing from generations to generations, living a life so ordinary as if they are also mortals?

Nov 28, 2:50PM EST0

Great question! Choosing to call them vampires is a widely accepted term, thus universally understood. In pop fiction, a vampire is described as an immortal creature, demonized by the need for blood to survive. The world is dominated by humans, so for a supernatural being, such as a vampire to exist and thrive, it would need to blend in with society. This blending would create the façade of an ordinary life existence.  In the worlds I create, my vampires are as immortal as any god or demon like creature; they just lack a soul that will carry on after their bodies perish. A vampire is given one life after its human death, and when that second life ends, the vampire ceases to exist--there is no afterlife. I believe the world holds secrets that we either don’t understand or can’t see, mysteries if you will.

Nov 28, 4:14PM EST0
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