Ask me anything you want to know about the Jesuits, occupying the Vatican.

Ben Midland
Feb 13, 2018

As a writer and researcher (whistle blower), it came to me to know there are many facts which are still hidden about the real target of the Society of Jesus Christ. Facts which I expose in my book. This goes from ritual rape, pedophilia, infiltration in global and leading organizations such as the VN, mind control, elimination of their enemies,

I feel honored and pleased to inform you about these practices. without spoiling of course. If it occurs, I place a (spoiler alert) on that mark.

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Do you use social media to promote your book? If yes, what platforms? If not, why not?

Feb 19, 4:48AM EST0 Reply

Who are your favourite authors? Do they also write controversial books like this?

Feb 19, 12:37AM EST0 Reply

Don't you think this is such a sensitive topic to research and write about? Have you ever felt like it's time to stop because you fear for your life? Or your family's life?

Feb 18, 10:11AM EST0 Reply

Do you believe there are still good Jesuits out there?

Feb 17, 11:57PM EST0 Reply

Yes. All Jesuits who do not take the 4th vowel. They are mostly missionaries, caretakers and such. 

Feb 18, 12:01AM EST0 Reply

What made you interested in learning more about the Jesuits? Where and when did you first find out about the lies in their system?

Feb 17, 9:53PM EST0 Reply

Hi Maria,

This started with my study about the process of expelling the Jesuits from European countries starting in the 1700's when it became clear to the governments the Jesuits were manipulating them by spreading the papal influence to bring these nations under papal control. That was the start of of period wherein the Jesuits were chased and followed to the corners of the world with the purpose of expelling them. This never happened, as some went to Africa where they could not be found and because of Tsarina Katarina the Great of Russia who offered them protection. 

200 years later it all started again when the Jesuits started manipulating the Pope, infiltrating themselves into the Vatican.


Feb 18, 12:13AM EST0 Reply

Do you feel that the government should protect whistleblowers?

Feb 16, 5:25PM EST0 Reply

Hi David, My answer is yes. But this will never happen as long as governments have  been infiltrated with Jesuits on high positions.


Feb 17, 11:59PM EST0 Reply

Your biography says your first book was "THE SACRED MIRROR" which you wrote after a burn-out. Could you tell a little about this burnout? What exactly was the reason behind writing this book?

Feb 16, 4:55AM EST0 Reply

Hi Stella,

At that time I worked in the IT. An accumulation of several things that occured to me (3 members of my family died, 2 haulages) in combination with my work, forcing me to work overtime caused a severe burn-out resulting in heart-rithm irregularities and a pols rate of 130 in rest. My doctor said it was time to do something else, something I really liked and can relax with. Up to that time I only worked my ass off. So I remembered some unanswered stories from the past during my study Japanese languages and other subjects. Based on that, I wrote this book. 

Thank you for asking me!


Feb 16, 12:01PM EST0 Reply

Would you consider your job as important for society, in terms of what people should and should not be aware of? Are you an agent of freedom?

Feb 14, 12:48AM EST0 Reply

Hi Mari.

No, I only spend time to investigate others do not have the time for. Important: yes. In the days we are living, too many things happen that can barely stand the daylight. But who has the time for them to investigate, busy and occupied as we all are.  Thank God I am not the only one. This society we live in needs to be awakened and I am just one of those. Cheers. :-)

Feb 16, 12:06PM EST0 Reply

Does the Society of Jesus Christ still rely on good beliefs and manners? Could you save anything from it?

Feb 13, 7:09PM EST0 Reply

Hi Patrick, 

Good question! The answer is: unfortunately not. But be aware: there's a big gap between each layer of the Order. All Jesuits who does not live according the 4th vow (total obedience to the Pope) and has not undergo the Extreme Oath of Induction (as officially recorded in the National Congress Library) is per definition harmless and no danger. They are the missionaries, the teachers, the caregivers among the Order, perfectly creating the cover-up necessary for the top of the Order to continue their malicious practices. This is an extremely dangerous development because they are already in control of almost everything around us.

Hope this satisfies your question. :-) 

Feb 16, 12:17PM EST0 Reply

Having published a book on the whole theme, what would you say is your next big step in order to continue revealing Vatican’s mysteries?

Feb 13, 3:54PM EST0 Reply

Hi Hinagy,

I would say: continue writing another novel, exposing some of the projects the Jesuit Order is involved with. This book will be released in 2020. 


Feb 16, 12:20PM EST0 Reply

This particular subject seems very difficult to manage, and ever harder to get into. How exactly did you become a whistle blower, and where did you get all of these facts from?

Feb 13, 2:05PM EST0 Reply

Dear Caitlyn, I became whistleblower by doing research for my books. which are all fact-based. It takes years before I come to a conclusion, many, many interviews and go 'undercover', using the same methods as they do. Some are described in the Library of the National Congress and interviewing some Protestant leaders which the Jesuits consider to be their enemies. Hope this satisfies your question. :-)

Feb 13, 2:47PM EST0 Reply

With the media approach upon the situation in the Vatican, what are your personal thoughts regarding the whole subject?

Feb 13, 1:40PM EST0 Reply

Hi Gregory,

The entire global media is under the control of the Jesuits. This forces me to be a self-publisher since the regular, traditional publishers deny my queries and book proposals. It is very difficult to make people believe what is actually going on, knowing its the mainstream media which decides what can be publshed and what not. On the other hand this gives me the freedom to write what I want, uncensored.  The prologue starts with a ritual rape. Several publishers suggested me to delete it. :-)

Feb 13, 2:55PM EST0 Reply

Did Bed Midland changed in any way after discovering all of those secrets about ritual rape and pedophilia?

Feb 13, 12:07PM EST0 Reply


Actually: no. I became more determined to bring this to the surface. The more I discovered,  the more determined I became, even I knew the danger of it. Cheers. :-)

Feb 13, 2:59PM EST0 Reply

As you were growing up and being more conscious of what was going on inside the Jesuits, did you always deliberate on the idea of showing those secrets to the world?

Feb 13, 10:38AM EST0 Reply


No, not in the beginning.  I was raised in a Roman-catholic environment by nuns, away from my (Roman-catholic) family since I was 3 yrs old. Imagine the shock I experienced discovering the awful reality! Since I started doing my research I became even more shocked, discovering this sick world, dominated my fake Christians. Hope this satisfies your question. Thank you!

Feb 13, 3:05PM EST0 Reply

Would you consider this genre of books as an industry people should be more interested in?

Feb 13, 10:10AM EST0 Reply

Yes of course, MARIJA. Unfortunately no traditional publshers buys this kind of books. All publishers are under the control of 6 major publishing houses, all under control by the Jesuits.


Feb 13, 3:08PM EST0 Reply

In regards of your family, what do they think about the things you are now writing about, and your whistle blower career?

Feb 12, 8:21PM EST0 Reply

Dear Edith,

My family is behind me. They fully understand why and what I am talking about. It is my duty to inform them because they have the right to know who's really in charge in this world. And believe me, I took measurements in case some of these elements will try to locate and eliminate me. Offending me equals being a subject in the media. Thank you for your question. I hope this was the answer you were looking for.

Feb 12, 11:53PM EST0 Reply

Does the impact that Jesuits are making in the Vatican affects the world in any way?

Feb 12, 8:16PM EST0 Reply


The impact of the Jesuits in the Vatican is the greatest and at the same time most unknown fact. This is because for every action they take gaining more control in this world over us, they use cover-ups. In other words: there is nothing they undertake direct, always indirect, staying out of the scene. On my website under 'other words' - Research, you will learn what they achieved already. I hope this satisfies your question. :-)

Feb 12, 11:59PM EST0 Reply

In what respects to the beginning of your career: How did you start in this business, and what specific secret was the first you discovered?

Feb 12, 6:45PM EST0 Reply

Hi! OK, well, first of all I am an author, writing short stories, humoristic books and such. At a certain moment I came to know about a Japanese myth about a relic about which scholars disagree if it is native or of foreign origin. About this, I performed 3 years of research after which I decided to write a thriller about it, with the purpose to make it known with the public. I also discovered this genre of fact-fiction suspense novels suits me best, as it fits into my character: investigating and processing the results into a book. So it happened. The book is called 'The Hata Enigma'. Thank you for your question!

Feb 13, 12:06AM EST0 Reply

Could you simply describe for someone who may not be aware, what is the meaning of being a ‘whistle blower’ and how one can obtain that particular job?

Feb 12, 4:13PM EST0 Reply

Dear RASHMOSH, this world is under control by those who do not care for personal freedom, people's health, freedom of speech and other human values. To stop this process, some people sacrifice themselves and their lives to bring these malicious practices to the surface. It's not a job. Consider it to be a call.

Hope this satisfies your question. Have a great day!

Feb 12, 4:18PM EST0 Reply

What is your next big step? Are they still remaining enigmas you’d like to enclose in the near future?

Feb 12, 2:30PM EST0 Reply


My next big step is another book in a trilogy of three in total to be released in 2020, but honestly spoken I expect more books to come. The world is full of enigma's. It's my challenge to discover them. Thank you for your interest!

Feb 12, 4:20PM EST0 Reply

Have you or your family even been threatened by Jesuits or even the Vatican? Did they try to stop you from enlightening those matters?

Feb 12, 11:50AM EST0 Reply

Hi Monalisa,

No, not yet.  Three things can happen: they threaten me, in which case I go to the media; the second is an attempt to silence me with the same result, or they'll try to eliminate me. In the latter they have to find me first (I live in a remote area somewhere in Portugal).

Hope this answers your question. :-)

Feb 12, 4:25PM EST1 Reply

Having knowledge of those horrific practices made by Jesuits, what would you say has been the worst unknown one?

Feb 12, 11:44AM EST0 Reply

Good question, DIAZGA. I consider their embracement of another god than the Christian God to be the worst. Both are named God by them, but they do not open up who they actually mean to be the Almighty. The Jesuits (those who have taken the fourth vow and obey the extreme Oath of Induction) are Satanists, worshiping Lucifer instead.

Thank you for your question! 

Feb 12, 4:30PM EST0 Reply

Are you looking forward to obtain any economic benefits from these revelations as part of the whole purpose of your book?

Feb 12, 4:36AM EST0 Reply

Dear Katie,

Some income would come handy, but what counts for me is to reveal what has been going on in the Vatican for ages. Luckily I am not the only investigator. I write in more genres at the same time. Regards, Ben

Feb 12, 4:41AM EST0 Reply

Writing and researching have been your passions, but at what point in your life you realized that they were going to turn out to be your job?

Feb 12, 3:45AM EST0 Reply

Dear P.

I write already since I was ten years old. The research part came when I decided to write in the genre of fact-fiction, meaning, writing books in which the subject is half fact, half fiction, for the reader to find out which is which. I hope this satisfies your question. :-)

Feb 12, 4:38AM EST0 Reply

Is Italy one of your focus when thinking of releasing books like this, or are you more worldwide-oriented?

Feb 12, 12:17AM EST0 Reply

Dear Megan,

My book 'The Devil's Society' is released worldwide in US-English. Next to this it is subject of being translated into Italian, since the book plays in Italy, Rome and Ostea Antica in particular. Another book is situated in Japan and a third which is to be released in 2020 is situated in Alaska. I hope this satisfies your question. :-)

Feb 12, 4:46AM EST0 Reply

What makes your book unique among many other authors that have, as well, revealed some of the biggest secrets of the Church?

Feb 11, 6:31PM EST0 Reply

Dear BMANN, many books are written about this subject, and even so many are well documented, non-fiction works. To make these scandals known to a wide audience, I have made it my specialty to write in the genre of fact-fiction, as a thriller more precisely. Most non-fiction books about it are hard to read. In this way I connect both ends. Besides this I have my own style of writing, going in-deep when it comes to details and facts of which I must be fo 100% sure they are true, in respect of the reader. I hope this is the answer you expected. :-)

Feb 12, 4:52AM EST0 Reply
How does law works in this whole process? What can public security organisms do when it comes to the mentioned atrocities?
Feb 11, 4:40PM EST0 Reply

Dear Marieg, to answer your question clearly, I am afraid not much. The members of the group of people consider themselves above each law and do not fear to use malicious practices to eliminate politicions, writers and journalist making them stop what they're doing: reporting these practices. I have to be very careful myself to protect my family. Still, when it comes to unveil this remarkable and powerful organization, truth prevails, in my opinion. Hope this is the answer you were looking for. :-)

Feb 12, 4:59AM EST0 Reply
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