Ask Me Anything on how to write a book on English Spanish Poetry

Jerry Sanchez
Jan 11, 2018

I discovered how to write a book on poetry, originally in English then translated to Spanish. So both languages appear for most of my work in the same book. I found a publisher that worked with me to get started every step of the way. Of course I had to pay for the printing costs due to getting it published now. I learned a lot about getting a book published, designing the format and cover. It took approximately 6 months to finish, of course my works had been written many years ago, so I had about 690 poems already written. I chose 105 of my works for this book, trying to keep the theme on romantic poetry. 



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What efforts do you intend to make to help promote your book?

Jan 17, 9:13PM EST0

My publisher is having a book fair in Guadalajara México where they will push my book. I was offered a table at the local Coffee Beanery to talk directly with customers to offer a discount if they purchase it directly from me,  I have some left from the first print.  Not very good at this but I'm trying

Jan 17, 10:55PM EST0

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Jan 16, 5:20PM EST0

I place God above everything else. I'm a lover not a fighter but threaten my family and watch me fight. I finished 20 years in the US Army and proud to have served. Many yearsvin the electronics field,  happily married to my wife for 13 years,  she is my muse and inspiration to write romantic poetry. Proud father of three boys and even prouder grandfather. Glad to be alive after my stroke that paralyzed my left side, still healing with prayers

Jan 17, 10:26AM EST0

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Jan 16, 5:18PM EST0

Do you have any other writing projects being completed at the moment?

Jan 16, 5:41AM EST0

No not just yet but I do write something new almost everyd

Jan 16, 8:52AM EST0

How did you find the publisher who helped you out with your work?

Jan 13, 2:34PM EST0

I searched Google for Spanish publishers and wrote to each.  I then researched each of them and made my deci

Jan 13, 11:36PM EST0

Do you plan to do more works in another language in the future?

Jan 13, 1:22PM EST0

I was hoping to use my wife's watercolor paintings to help support my writings and give them more substance, a more attractive book.

Jan 13, 11:45PM EST0

Can you describe your writing style?

Jan 12, 3:41PM EST0

Slow, sensual, direct and positively romantic, obviously with intent

Jan 12, 9:59PM EST0

What inspired you to do translation work?

Jan 12, 8:54AM EST0

I didn't want to limit my works to just one language since I can read and write both. To inspire others to see what I wrote in either langu

Jan 12, 1:26PM EST0

Are you looking forward to publishing more of your works?

Jan 12, 6:25AM EST0

Yes as soon as I could afford to publish it.

Jan 12, 8:15AM EST0

Are you a native Spanish speaker?

Jan 12, 5:16AM EST0

English is my first language of instruction, Spanish is my second. But my parents being from Puerto Rico having met in New York, always spoke Spanish at home. I was born in New

Jan 12, 8:25AM EST0

Did you have formal studies in the Spanish language?

Jan 11, 6:00PM EST0

Well aside from being raised in the culture, listening to my parents and family speak it all the time helped. I lived in Puerto Rico several years in my youth and studied it there.  I continued with Google translator and researched everything through the internet

Jan 12, 3:04AM EST0

What do you think is the beauty of the Spanish language?

Jan 11, 2:47PM EST0

First it comes from the original latin that some religious cultures used many years ago. second it is very romantic because it is a passionate language, most latin cultures are extremely passionate in all they do, their conversation, the way they cook, 

Jan 12, 3:09AM EST0

And mostly the way they are passionate when making love, even when they hate,  they hate passionately

Jan 12, 3:12AM EST0

How long have you been working on this project?

Jan 11, 12:53PM EST0

Since 1995, the year my father pass

Jan 11, 1:31PM EST0

Can you tell us why you decided to do a Spanish translation for the literary work?

Jan 11, 11:20AM EST0

I actually wrote some in Spanish and translated them to English. I am hispanic and my publishing company is based in Spain. I was also trying to capture both cultures. I thought it might be interesting to see the translation for those that don't know both langu

Jan 11, 1:36PM EST0

Are there any other works you would like to do in the future?

Jan 11, 11:04AM EST0

Yes a romantic situation comedy,  perhaps one day a nve

Jan 11, 1:38PM EST0

A nov

Jan 11, 1:57PM EST0

What challenges did you experience while doing the translation?

Jan 11, 10:43AM EST0

Grammer was my hardest chall

Jan 11, 1:38PM EST0

Have you considered crowdfunding to help you in publishing your work?

Jan 11, 9:29AM EST0

I don't know what that is and I wouldn't know how to do

Jan 11, 1:42PM EST0

How would you like to promote your book?

Jan 11, 8:34AM EST0

As a romantic poetry perhaps "teach your husband how to be romantic" bo

Jan 11, 1:45PM EST0

What made you decide to finally publish your translated writing works?

Jan 11, 4:54AM EST0

At first to increase my income,  someone told me that some of them were really good. Then I thought, some people might like them, so for fame and fortune.  That did not happen.

Jan 11, 1:48PM EST0

What inspirational quote do you live by?

Jan 10, 9:20PM EST0

Love someone every day as hard as you can, live everyday as if it were your last, spread love among your family, friends and people every day. 

Jan 11, 4:32AM EST0
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