Ask Me Anything- Blinded By Beauty...fell victim to seduction, lies, and deceit...overcame through faith, love, and peace.

Joseph David Job
Jul 6, 2018


My name is Joseph. I served my country in the Marine Corps as a machine-gunner and in the Air Force as a firefighter. I received two honorable discharges for my exemplary service. After the military, I served as a police officer for 10 years. I saw both the good and bad sides of working for the government. I was committed to my self-imposed moral compass of honor, integrity, and faithful service.

During the time I was a police officer, I married and had a family. Unbeknownst to me, I found out my wife was a sociopath and used others for her benefit. My wife became involved with drugs (both illegal and prescription), alcohol, and prostitution. I found out these things after I was manipulated and led to believe that everyone else was against my wife. When I finally received proof of her double life, I tried to get full custody of our daughter. I did not know my wife had a county detective as one her clients while she prostituted. My life was turned upside down within a short time. One minute I had my daughter and raising her on my own while my wife was in rehab, and the next minute I found myself incarcerated in prison fighting for my freedom.

I wrote the book, Blinded By Beauty, to give my testimony of the corruption, lies, and deceit I endured. I was later informed that my wife had done this to other men in her life and she was a professional at lying to get what she wanted. I was faced with the devil’s choice of spending the rest of my life in prison based on lies or taking a plea and start my life over. I chose the latter and it has been the most difficult obstacle I have ever endured. Finding work has been almost impossible and I lived in my car for a while because of my new criminal background.

I continually have nightmares from this horrible life experience. I have not seen my daughter because my wife had informed me on the day she had me incarcerated that she would say I molest my daughter if I tried to seek custody of her. I have had a plethora of evidence to prove my innocence. Unfortunately, I fell victim to exchanges of lies, sex, and money on behest of my wife, her rich father, and the corrupt detective.

 As dire as my life has been, I want my story to inspire others to not give up hope and never lose faith over troubled times. The truth will one day be revealed and I know the day will come. I believe word-of-mouth from reading my book will help spread the news like New York gossip. I have sought out help from several lawyers, but I have been told to let it be. I was informed that the particular county involved is very deceitful and known for corruption. I can relate to this since I observed many different police reports made on me while I was incarcerated. The inconsistencies from these reports were stacked high and it was a terrible cover-up job, yet the judge still allowed it to occur after it was brought to his attention. 

My goal from this book is to one day clear my name and most importantly have my daughter back in my life. My daughter still lives with her maternal grandmother. Also, I found out from a mutual friend that my ex-wife has H.I.V. from her reckless lifestyle. I know that I will overcome these obstacles while I continue to promote love and peace through this negative ordeal.

 If you are interested in reading my story, my book can be found on my website (below) or on Amazon. I think you can help me or know someone who can help me, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you like my testimony please reach out to me. I would love to have any positive insight. I can be contacted by:


Twitter: @JosephDavidJob


Facebook: Joseph David Job

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Have you sought counselling to help you overcome the pain you hold inside?
Jul 13, 7:56PM EDT0

I have sought out counseling and I go regularly.  I think there were a lot of factors in play that led me down this path I experienced because I had no sense of self-awareness.  I feel that counseling and therapy has helped me cope with everything.  

Jul 14, 9:03AM EDT0
You seem to have given hope to recovering your daughter. Don't you think she will later appreciate that you made the effort but was denied than to think you chose to give up?
Jul 13, 7:37PM EDT0

In this circumstance, I believe that being patient and waiting on the right opportunity is my best option.  I don't want to jump into a legal battle in which I don't have the the financial means to get the outcome I am looking for.  I think during this time of waiting the truth will be revealed.  Experiencing corruption at the extent I did, I realize that I need to be strategic and patient.  I have faith and I know that all will fall into place at the right time.  I've relied on my faith all of this time and I haven't been let down yet.

Jul 14, 9:00AM EDT0
Do you think society is too hard on those who have been imprisoned? What changes would you like to see take place?
Jul 13, 6:58PM EDT0

Yes, society does not accept ex-convicts.  I was homeless and could not get a job for several months.  The things I would like to see changed is making it a law to discriminate based solely on one’s background.  Like me, there are many people that should have never been incarcerated.  That being said, if a person did time and was released from prison, he or she should not have a life sentence imposed upon them of being denied opportunities to progress in life.  If it wasn’t for God, I would have committed suicide and gave up on life.  It is very difficult and disheartening to constantly have to be punished for something I didn’t do just because I took a plea to get out of prison.  I am fully aware of “career offenders” and people who have no desire to better their lifestyle.  Unfortunately, it’s this type of ex-convict that is portrayed in the media the most and not the one who is trying to succeed after prison.  

Jul 13, 7:53PM EDT0
What emotion would you say drives your mission to write about your experiences, anger or regret?
Jul 13, 3:10PM EDT0

I needed to write this book as a means to heal and cope with what I went through.  At first learning of the betrayal I was angry, but my faith in God gave me the opportunity to forgive before I decided to write my book.  I don’t feel any regret because the one blessing I received from the marriage was my daughter.  Although I don’t have her now, I know one day we will be reunited.  The emotion that drove me to write my book was compassion for my daughter.  Both of us suffer because we are not a part of each other’s life.

Jul 13, 7:40PM EDT0

Can you reach out to the other men she has manipulated? Maybe you can team up and have a proof against her that way? 

Jul 10, 12:49PM EDT0

There are several reasons I don't reach out to the other men she manipulated.  One is still in prison.  Another one is still madly in love with her.  I don't have any desire to pursue these people because I don't think it will go anywhere.  I think the most important thing I can do is continue promoting my story.  I don't want to make it look like I'm trying to get back in her life.  I try to avoid this woman like the plague.

Jul 10, 3:50PM EDT0
What is your biggest worry when it comes to your daughter right now?
Jul 9, 12:56PM EDT0

I think my biggest worry is not being able to see her and have a relationship with her until she reaches adulthood.  I love my children and I think it's sickening that she is not a part of my life and her siblings because of police corruption and a mentally ill mother.  Currently my hands are tied behind my back.  I love my daughter with all of my heart and soul, but I'm not willing to go back to prison due to lies.  All I can do is pray and have faith that God will give me the path to be reunited with her sooner than later.

Jul 9, 7:35PM EDT0
You have discovered a new profession through writing. How would you describe this new path?
Jul 9, 6:05AM EDT0

It's never something I envisioned doing.  My only complaint about writing is the cost to get the book published, both financially and mentally.  I had other ambitions and desires that I wished I could have accomplished.  My whole take on life is that I want to help others.  I feel that if my book helps others through troubled times, or shows them not to make the same mistakes I did, then I'm glad I can help.  A much more rewarding concept is if someone finds spiritual enlightenment and becomes a believer in God after reading my book.  I was not a believer originally.  I believe this experience was something I needed to go through in order to have my eyes and ears truly opened.  I wish for nobody to go through what I went through, but I believe this experience made me a better person all around.  Some people have to endure heartache and tragedy in order to become successful and progress in life.

Jul 9, 8:57AM EDT0
Do you worry about how your daughter might react someday when she reads your book?
Jul 9, 6:03AM EDT0

My hope is my daughter will understand and see what I went through.  I can't see why my daughter would be upset because I've told the truth.  I have evidence to back this up, which was silenced during the entire ordeal.  I'm also a firm believer that people that wrong others will eventually have the truth exposed over time.

Jul 9, 8:48AM EDT0
How much time did you serve in prison and what charges were pressed against you?
Jul 9, 5:57AM EDT0

I spent two years in prison.  I was looking at 62 years and 3 months in prison (per the judge) if I went to trial and was found guilty.  I knew the odds were stacked against me because the judge would not allow any of my evidence in his courtroom, plus the reports had been significantly manipulated.  My charges included aggravated assault, aggravated battery, battery, and cruelty to children (because 2 of my stepdaughters observed the incident while I told my oldest to call the police).

Jul 9, 8:47AM EDT0
How did you get over the anger , betrayal and injustice you went through?
Jul 9, 12:19AM EDT0

I was able to get rid of all the hurt, betrayal and injustice by God alone and nothing else.  I became a firm believer in God and I am living proof that he has a plan for everything.  

Jul 9, 8:42AM EDT0
How long did you serve as a Marine? How was that experience like?
Jul 8, 10:50PM EDT0

I was a Marine and on active duty for four years.  I was a heavy machine-gunner.  I had good and bad experiences while serving my country.  I still have reoccurring nightmares from some of the negative things I encountered.  However, I can't thank enough the staff who work for the VA because I have received significant help from them.

Jul 9, 8:40AM EDT0
Do you think your book can get the authorities attention and help you get the justice you deserve?
Jul 8, 10:17PM EDT0

No.  I do not believe that I will receive any justice from the side of the authorities.  Having been on both sides of the fence, I have no faith in the police department to do the right thing.  

Jul 9, 8:38AM EDT0
When can readers expect your next book? What it is about?
Jul 8, 4:35AM EDT0

My next book will be at least a year away.  I am gathering information and researching certain things to add to my book.  One of them includes dealing with demonic forces.  This is something that I tread lightly and know that my faith will keep me from harm.  Plus, the financial aspect will also be a factor to consider.  I am writing it on the paranormal.  I had a lot of experiences while I was a Marine and when I was policing that were supernatural.  If you want, you can view my website and learn a little more about it.  The website is

Jul 8, 8:08AM EDT0
Have you tried to expose your wife’s crimes through other means, so people can learn more about your case and help you?
Jul 7, 11:37PM EDT0

I tried to expose her in court.  It was crazy and mind-boggling because I felt like all of my evidence fell on deaf ears.  Nobody wanted to listen or hear what I had to say.  One of the attorneys for the state told my lawyer, "I know a lot of good mom's who are prostitutes," after the court learned that my ex-wife was prostituting.  It was like I was in some sort of bizarre alternate universe where everything that was considered wrong both morally and criminally was accepted within that courtroom.

I believe my only option is by means of my book and I am trying to get it made into a screenplay.  I don't know many other options because in the end people will believe what they want to believe.  Plus, my ex was so good at manipulating people and making people believe that she was this perfect angel.  I have to give her credit because she was able to fool me.

Jul 8, 8:02AM EDT0
Do you know if your ex-wife is aware that you wrote a book where you tell the real story of what happened to you?
Jul 7, 7:19PM EDT0

I have no idea whether or not she knows.  I’m sure she will not be happy about her family’s dirty laundry being exposed.  However this is something that needed to be addressed.  She and members of her family conspired to ruin my life.  I don’t think I would be doing myself or my daughter any justice if I kept quiet for the rest of my life.  If my story could help someone who is going through the same thing, I would consider it a win against evil.

Jul 7, 10:11PM EDT0
Have you seen your daughter after separating from your ex-wife? Do you know how she is doing?
Jul 7, 9:07AM EDT0

I have not seen my daughter.  There is no restraining order or any legality keeping me from my daughter.  However, my ex-wife put me in prison for two years on lies.  Not only was I framed criminally, my ex and the detective wrongly took my daughter from me while I was raising her.  My ex was in rehab at the time and I served her with divorce papers through a private investigator.  My ex immediately called the detective she was intimate with and he came to my house with many police officers.  My ex claimed my daughter was in danger.  

After this ordeal, nothing ever came of this other than them getting my daughter away from me.  This was apparently their plan because I was seeking full custody of my daughter.  I found out many months later when a friend of ours recorded conversations of my ex and my ex's brother.  On these recordings, they bragged about how I was being framed, and another contributor was my father-in-law and his money.  It was revealed he was paying off the detective to keep me incarcerated so I couldn't have any chance of getting my daughter.

Now that I'm out, it pains me to not see my daughter.  There has not been a day that goes by without me thinking about her.  I've been fortunate to see pictures of her through mutual friends, but I have not had any contact with her.  I've had many dreams of her and us spending time together.  I almost feel like this is God's way of telling me that a reuniting will happen one day.  

I wrote this book specifically for her.  This is worse case scenario if I do not get to see her until she is an adult, I pray this is not the outcome.  Unfortunately, my ex-wife told me two revealing things the day she had me arrested.  I was with my ex and she said she loved me.  I told her that I didn't love her because of all the hurt and pain she caused in my life.  This made her upset and she said, "If I can't have you, I'm going to make it where nobody can have you."  I was scared to death from this because I just could not comprehend how dangerous she truly was at the time.  The last thing she said to me was, "If you ever try to see your daughter, I'll lie and say you molest her."  Since my ex has already put me in prison once, I don't want to go back.  Plus, a man that has even allegations of any type of sexual crime is pretty much treated guilty from the start.  I would stand no chance in court if I had these allegations pinned on me.  

This is my dilemma I am trying to figure out how to overcome it.  It's very troubling and heartbraking.  I have my two other children with me most of the time and my oldest always asks if we will ever see his little sister again.  I can only reply to keep faithful in God and one day it will happen.

Last edited @ Jul 7, 12:07PM EDT.
Jul 7, 11:51AM EDT0
What have you learned about yourself through this ordeal?
Jul 7, 8:07AM EDT0

I have learned how to be more compassionate and patient with everything in life.  You never know if you will have your everyday freedoms stripped away from you.  Another thing I learned is being open-minded and not judgmental towards others.  I don't judge anyone and I prefer to get to know someone first, rather than let someone else dictate what a person may be like.  I say this because many job interviews I have been on go great initially.  I have been offered jobs after the interview, just to be told several days later that I cannot work for the employer because my criminal charges are deemed an unwarranted risk for the company.  It's disheartening, but I continue to stay positive and determined to succeed.  Lastly, I've learned how to project positivity through the most negative things.  I feel that in a way positivity comes back to me when I maintain good spirits.  In the past, if something was negative in my life I would continue to have this doom and gloom feeling.  I don't have this negative mindset anymore.

Jul 7, 12:01PM EDT0
What were your goals and intentions with this book, and how well do you feel you achieved them?
Jul 6, 2:15PM EDT0

First and foremost, my goal was to publish this book.  Many times I wanted to give up and stop writing because it was truly painful reliving all of the horrid things I experienced.  I had a lot of doubt in myself and blamed myself because I could not get over how I let this happen to me.  I felt hopeless at times and such a failure.  I believed publishing the book was the main obstacle I needed to get over, but I was very wrong.  My naivety led me to believe my story and book would sell on its own.  However, I continually promote my book and story.  At times, it feels awkward and sleazy as if I'm trying to sell myself, but I know that I have to stay persistent in promoting my testimony.

My next set of goals are to get my daughter back in my life and get my name cleared.  These are more difficult to attain, but I pray that one day the right person will come to my need.  I think the journey has been slow, but I definitely feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I am passionate and strive for the truth, so I can't give up.  

Jul 6, 2:43PM EDT0
How long were you married and when did the problems start?
Jul 6, 11:26AM EDT0

I was married for two years.  The problem started within a month of knowing her.  I chose to ignore the warning sign (My fault).  It was New Year's Eve and we were hanging out at my place with our children.  She had been drinking heavily.  Her son spilled juice on my carpet.  It was not a big deal because I had a carpet cleaner.  However, my ex started spanking her son repeatedly and harshly.  I intervened and asked her to come into my bedroom so she could calm down.  After entering my room, she flipped out on me for asking her to stop hitting her child.  She told me I had no right to tell her how to parent her children.  I tried to ask her to calm down and she punched me in the face.  

She rushed out of my room and tried to gather her children to leave.  I told her she was not taking her children while she was intoxicated.  She then left her children with me and my place for several hours.  When she returned, she had sobered up and apologized.  Also, she had her mother call me to apologize.  Her mother said that my ex and her father had alcohol problems and that is why it was important for her to not consume alcohol.  My ex promised to never drink again and I forgave her.  This was the start of many problems that happened throughout the treacherous two years.

Jul 6, 1:22PM EDT0
Is everything written in your book true or did you use some fiction to give it a more dramatic style?
Jul 6, 6:46AM EDT0

Everything in my book is true.  I did not use any fiction to add any drama.  My testimony had more than enough drama for mulitple lifetimes and I did not embellish anything.  My side of the story was initially silenced and it was important for me to let it be heard.

Jul 6, 9:11AM EDT0
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