ASK ME ANYTHING: AUTHOR Paigham Mustafa has been researching and studying the Quran since 1988 and spent over 2 years writing his exposition producing a well annotated text that genuinely makes it a practical book of reference. With added clarity and accuracy of an improved translation, it is far easier to understand. This is an authoritative and accessible exposition in a way that others are not.
Mar 7, 2018

The Quran: God’s message to Mankind, Paigham Mustafa’s exposition was reviewed in the Sunday Times Scotland by Gillian Bowditch who said “He is is the kind of liberal, moderate Muslim voice politicians and faith leaders want to hear more of…” . Paigham Mustafa was also interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland by John Beattie on his news programme, on the Kaye Adams programme and has also contributed to the National and The Sunday Herald.

My aim is to show that people even from diverse cultures and beliefs are not that different - we all need the same things to live in peace and security, and that means the same core values and moral standards.

When religion, any religion, is stripped of its dress codes, rites and rituals, it must rely on universal Permanent Values – as are found in the Quran – and I want to bring communities together through these enduring principles of life.I want to show that what people see in the media or on the streets is not Islam. I want to show that the Quran defines people only by their conduct and not by their dress, rituals, customs or traditions.

Common values remove barriers and bring people together whatever their background; if people are good then society will also be good. I believe that to overcome fear and suspicion, we have to expose misconceptions prevalent in society in such a way that people don’t feel threatened, and that they will see Islam, not as a religion, but as the socio-economic system that it really is.

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Please, i would like to  know the 5 best islamic institutions in the world.

Apr 18, 12:58PM EDT0
How would you like to briefly sum up Quran's guidance for the next generation?
Mar 26, 11:07AM EDT0
What is your vision – or definition – of an ideal educational institution dedicated to Islamic Studies?
Mar 26, 1:24AM EDT0
What does the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad mean to you?
Mar 26, 12:17AM EDT0
What's one form of teaching that you want every person from every religion to take away and why?
Mar 25, 11:05PM EDT0
If you could give one piece of advice to Christians and Muslims worldwide, what would that be?
Mar 25, 3:51PM EDT0
Muslims believe the Qur’an is uncreated and eternal. What does that mean and why is it problematic for the Muslim?
Mar 23, 7:40AM EDT0
Is there anything called progressive Muslims? If so, who exactly are the progressive Muslims?
Mar 23, 12:34AM EDT0
What do you think about technology affecting the way in which the Qur'an is taught in the coming years?
Mar 22, 11:24PM EDT0
Which verse's meaning do you really like telling others about, something that's close to your heart?
Mar 21, 6:16AM EDT0
How does your audience perceive your way of looking at the Quran?
Mar 21, 1:37AM EDT0
Do you have any upcoming books and where are they available?
Mar 20, 2:32PM EDT1
Do you see Islamic reform as the basis or do you think it should start with political and economical reform?
Mar 20, 1:04PM EDT0
Whom do Muslims actually consider to be “infidels” and why is this term so heavily misinterpreted?
Mar 7, 6:14PM EST0
What is the difference between “Islam,” “Islamic,” “Muslim,” and “Arab” and which, if any, do you prefer to be referred to as and why?
Mar 7, 5:05PM EST1

Islam means to harmonise, by following the guidance in the Quran - just as you can have harmony in an office by following health and safety guidelines or harmony in a country by following its laws. The word 'muslim' is not a label or a title but means one who harmonises. It's from the same root as Islam. Islamic is a term coined to define something as compliant with fiqh rules based on hadith. However, there is no basis for this. Islamic finance is no more Islamic than western finance. they are in practice both the same. Lastly, all Arabs are not believers and all believers are not Arabs.

Mar 26, 3:00PM EDT1
What are some of your suggestions on how to educate non-Muslims that believe in unfounded stereotypes regarding Islam’s link to terrorism?
Mar 7, 2:48PM EST1

The Quran forbids aggression. Nowhere does the Quran decree gratuitous violence. When the Quran's message is properly understood  it is easy to see that terrorism and Islam are opposite ends of the spectrum.

Mar 26, 2:53PM EDT0
Why do you think there is so much conflict between Sunnis and Shi’as today and how does the conflict impact American Muslims?
Mar 7, 10:20AM EST1

The Quran explicitly forbids divisions as noted in verse 6:159. The Quran decrees common values so that diverse people may become one community. People who really believe in the Quran will not be separate groups but one set of believers.

Mar 26, 2:52PM EDT0

If you want to introduce Islam to a person who believes in God only but not religion in general, what would your first step be and how likely is it for the person to be convinced that the Quraan does exist and is not just a man's creation? 

Mar 7, 8:23AM EST0

Believing in God but not religion is an excellent starting point. I would ask this person to read my exposition first then I can try and answer any question that he or she may have. Anyone who understands the Quran will find that it is easy to accept that it has an external author and its content is outside any human scope. Whether a person professes this belief or not is another matter.

Mar 26, 2:35PM EDT0

Why are men and women always seperated when it comes to prayers, weddings, funerals, etc ...?

Last edited @ Mar 7, 8:22AM EST.
Mar 7, 8:22AM EST0

These are cultural traditions and not decreed in the Quran.

Mar 7, 9:55AM EST0
What are the foundational sources of Islamic beliefs and practices?
Mar 7, 6:49AM EST0

Muslims accept the Quran as the word of God, verbatim. The Quran says that it is complete and detailed. With this in mind we know that for Islamic beliefs it is the Quran and Quran alone that is the sole foundation. Some people erroneously believe that the hadith, a corpus of traditions complied some 200 years after the Quran are a secondary source. To accept the hadith as a secondary source is to deny that the Quran is complete. While we can accept many things outside the Quran without any problem, but if anything conflicts with it  needs to be rejected.

Mar 7, 9:53AM EST0
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