Ask me anything about writing! I'm the author of a Science Fiction novel entitled "Sois Sage." It details the importance of human connection in vastly changing times. We're witnessing a large shift in the evolution of humankind, a shift that I proudly document. The future is the​ present. AMA!

Rais Tuluka
Sep 16, 2018

Ask me anything about the future of our species! Technology isn't going to damn us-how we choose to use it will. We're currently hovering around the greatest epoch of human evolution. In our age, individuals once believed that spirituality would be the sole avenue to deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us. Today we see that technology has the possibility to fill in the gaps. 

In this, it is best that we emphasize human connection! We must realize how important we are to each other or we will allow technology to separate us when in truth it has the ability to connect us. The battle before us to realize that technology will indeed change us, but it could be either for the better OR for the worst... The future has yet to be decided. We have time.

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What’s your favorite Science Fiction Story (of all time)? What authors/creators do you look up too?

Sep 17, 10:29AM EDT0

How many drafts did you go through until you reached your most polished and final draft?

Sep 15, 6:55AM EDT0

This novel was one that was in constant revision. So much so that it's hard for me to consider that there ever were any drafts (in the traditional sense). Every time I began to write the novel on a new day, I would read it over from the beginning and make edits along the way until I arrived at the portion of the work where the novel had to continue. I would do that process endlessly--everyday. It was really rigid, yet fluid in its creation. 

Sep 16, 12:03PM EDT1
What inspired you to write on this specific issue?
Sep 15, 4:22AM EDT0

Quite frankly, it was the concept of time itself and time's relationship to humanity. We won't be here forever. Since our limited time here is self-evident, what matters most? Love, family, friendship, connection. How would those afraid of that self-evident truth, our temporary existence, react when faced with it? Seek to live forever by any means necessary. Those questions were the ones I used as initial inspiration. I sought to explore and deconstruct time and our purpose here. 

Sep 16, 12:09PM EDT0

The road to Hell in Science Fiction is often paved with good intentions. In what ways has technology made life easier for those in the setting of your book? How has that ultimately harmed the world you've built?

Sep 14, 9:46PM EDT0

Good point! And in my novel, I play with that concept itself. The technology introduced is what is known as a "Brain Companion," a small device with an AI interface programmed inside if it. This little piece of technology acts as a friend, a therapist, and most importantly allows the host to have full access to his or her body's potential, while also connecting all Brain Companions to a larger network. It connected humanity with themselves and others. This transforms humanity, as a connected larger network, into acting like white blood cells: protectors from viruses and foreign threats. Trouble arises as the individuals in the world aren't aware enough to distinguish what is brought about by the Brain Companion or their own free will. 

Sep 16, 12:22PM EDT1
How long do you think it will take humanity to develop scifi based technology or do you think it is already happening?
Sep 14, 8:00PM EDT0

I think it is already happening! We're just unimpressed and desensitized to the grandeur of what is in wait before us. For example, the concept of Wi-Fi would have been something so impossible to fathom 60 years ago. Internet in a box that sends signals to allow all devices the ability to connect to it? The Internet is in the air, merged seamlessly with our oxygen. By deconstructing what we think is normal in our time, we'll get closer to innovating more technology. Scifi based tech is all around us, my friend. And we can go further.

Sep 16, 12:31PM EDT0
What are some of the lessons you expect your readers to take when they finish reading "Sois Sage"?
Sep 14, 2:28PM EDT0

Selfishly, there is a bevy of lessons that I think are important to be extracted.  If I can widdle it down to one, the overarching main lesson I intend to be taken from the work is how important human connection is to our species. We are first and foremost a symbiotic creature. Meaning we need each other to survive. Life isn't about fighting that need to be connected, it is about doubling down and radically embracing that reality. Our connections to each other, negative or positive shape our reality.  We matter to each other and our decisions, even when we think they are isolated to our own lives, ripple throughout time and have endless effects on people we see and will never see. Realizing the importance of our connection while here is our sole responsibility as a species.

Sep 16, 12:43PM EDT0
Without giving too much away, what is the storyline of Sois Sage?
Sep 14, 11:02AM EDT0

No problem! '=

"Sois Sage" is about 4 principal characters: Harrison Dominic, Sage, Lolassa, and Mister Bustine.

There are two planets in focus: Alton IV and Earth.

The Supreme Chancellor of Earth suddenly decides to sever a century-old onesided deal that stated he must send the citizens of Earth to Alton IV to populate their planet.  As a result of his decision, war is on the horizon for the two planets.

The leadership of Alton IV decides to send Mister Bustine from among them to Earth in order to find the Supreme Chancellor's replacement. Meanwhile, they orchestrate the rebellious leader's assassination. 

On a micro level, Sage, a young 12-year-old girl just wants to keep her brother safe amidst the building turmoil.

That's all I can say!

Sep 16, 1:00PM EDT0
Do you spend a lot of time watching science fiction movies? Which movie would you say played a critical role in the creation process of your book?
Sep 14, 9:11AM EDT0

I digest Science Fiction content for breakfast. Science Fiction is my favorite genre, especially in dissecting reoccurring narrative tropes. In that, it wasn't really Science Fiction movies that shaped my approach to this book outside of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. My main inspiration was Japanese anime. Shows like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Gurren Lagann helped me craft my approach to space and the lively futurism which I wanted to capture.

Sep 16, 1:16PM EDT0
What formats can your readers find your book, Sois Sage, available in?
Sep 14, 4:46AM EDT0

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and kindle on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Sep 16, 1:18PM EDT0
What is the one technology you have refused or possibly, failed to indulge in because you consider its impact negative?
Sep 14, 3:31AM EDT0

The main technology that I've avoided, or at least have policed my overall engagement with are the many incarnations of social media. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of these avenues have to be limited because they are the definition of a double-edged sword. The internet possesses vast opportunities and connectable networks built for positive gain. However, our seeking of approval is amplified as well as our need validation via external means. That is the primary negative of a highly connected society. Making sure I don't get too lost in the seeking of the external validation that the internet natural imposes onto us is important as a creator. 

Sep 16, 1:35PM EDT0
In your opinion, what are some of the dangerous traits of technology mankind should keep away from?
Sep 14, 1:58AM EDT0

The MOST dangerous trait that mankind has to be wary of in lew of technology is the intention of the Self whilst utilizing it. Technology only amplifies our proclivities, whether they are positive or negative. Technology is defined as any scientific knowledge used for practical purposes. Falling in line with that definition are innovations ranging from fire itself to the nuclear bomb. Fire can either be used to keep a person's family warm or burn down an innocent village. Humankind has to remain in check as advancements occur. WE have to be READY.

Sep 16, 1:47PM EDT0
Do you think humanbeings are becoming too fascinated by technology to consider the impact it will have on humanity, positive or negative?
Sep 13, 6:39PM EDT0

I think our fascination with technology and advancement is a part of who we are as a species. Where this ends, I don't know, but I do echo your sentiments in a way. In that, at this point, human beings now innovate and technologically advance on cruise control, without weighing the impact at all. When Karl Benz invented our incarnation of a car in 1886, he couldn't have even begun to imagine the negative environmental repercussions that his invention would have on our kind nearly two centuries later. His mind surely wouldn't even be able to stretch centuries down the line. We create for TODAY, unfortunately, not the future. Which I can honestly say is our greatest strength and greatest weakness.

Sep 16, 1:59PM EDT0
How easy or difficult was it to incorporate science in your novel?
Sep 13, 6:38PM EDT0

It was relatively easy. When an idea came to my mind, I just did the research on what modern science had to say about it and I thought of how I could stretch that science into fitting an innovative framework. For example, a large portion of what my novel experiments with is the brain. I had to do extensive research on how the brain works; where does which emotions take place in our brain, what nodes light up, etc. Then in the fiction portion of Science Fiction, I never felt I needed to adhere too closely to the science that I researched if that makes sense. As the creator of the science of this world, I can take some liberties with the science portion, so long as it makes sense to the reader and doesn't contradict the science of the world itself. A large part of creating science fiction is about playing God, in a sense. Establishing the rules which your characters must operate within. They, the characters in the novel, have to view the scientifically absurd in the novel as such before the reader has a chance to. 

Sep 16, 2:11PM EDT0
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