ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT the ever-changing road to becoming a published Author, my Independent work, and Motherhood.

Theresa Johnson
Aug 11, 2018

Let me ease on down the road with you .... 

MY day Job is Virtual assisting!

 But in my spare time, I run the........

Workplace Improvement Network is a startup I founded in 2015. It is a space features a portfolio of my published work as an Author and a virtual assistant. We provide writing critiques and editing services.  My team also offers appointment setting services 


We accept large or small projects. I am very flexible and honest in my dealings. We will review each project and give you clear and objective advice. My job is to make sure your project is doable and we set realistic expectations to get the job done!


Independent Work 

I also work on Independent book projects such as my first published Novel due for release at the beginning of next Year.  I deal in fiction (historical, romance, and mystery).  Although you will find that my work is based on facts and in the case of my first Novel years of verified research.


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Super Mom.....

I am the Mother of an amazing 5-year-old boy.  He is my light and my drive. I get to spend every day with the most creative, energetic, well behaved (most of the time) boy in the world. 

 However, I wish to expand my family. I long for more children. So I decided to become a foster parent.  It has been hard trying to juggle the business, getting published, certification to become a foster parent and my son but, I make it work every day. 




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What are some of the mental health issues that you have chosen to include in your book A Dream Before Sacrifice and why did you feel that it was important to include such struggles in the characters you developed for the book?
Aug 13, 4:02PM EDT0
The team working with you, are they sourced remotely or are they people well known to you? What is the prerequisite for someone interested in working with your team?
Aug 12, 8:49PM EDT0
What are the pitfalls in being a virtual assistant? What are the good things?
Aug 12, 6:02PM EDT0
How hands on are you when it comes to reviewing projects especially since client satisfaction means more business for you?
Aug 12, 2:57PM EDT0
How did having your son inspire you to be more driven in your life goals?
Aug 12, 1:45PM EDT0
What offers or ideas do you use to get new clients for your business?
Aug 11, 10:00PM EDT0

Did you hire a copy editor before self publishing? and How did you handle all the promotional needs.?

Aug 11, 1:11PM EDT0
What are some of the effective tools that you use for managing your virtual assistant?
Aug 11, 7:11AM EDT0
How much time did the research and fact-checking process take you in the case of your first book and what was the hardest aspect about it?
Aug 11, 6:26AM EDT0
What were the reasons for being your decision to foster in order to have more children?
Aug 11, 5:55AM EDT0
What is your company's mission?
Aug 11, 5:33AM EDT0
What would you like people to know about your work ethic?
Aug 11, 3:37AM EDT0
What kind of writing critiques services do you offer at Workplace Improvement Network?
Aug 11, 12:49AM EDT0
What are 3 things you would advice any indie author to do to position their work for success?
Aug 10, 7:58PM EDT0
What are the challenges of running your own business? What do you find is the hardest responsibility as owner of Workplace Improvement Network?
Aug 10, 7:05PM EDT0
In your opinion, what are the top qualities and skills a good VA should have?
Aug 10, 12:39PM EDT0
What other authors or books influenced your writing style?
Aug 10, 12:43AM EDT0
What are the most challenging aspects of being a self-published author?
Aug 9, 8:36PM EDT0
What channels are you using to promote your book?
Aug 9, 9:20AM EDT0
You have a lot to do between business and being a mother. What do you like to do in your freetime?
Aug 8, 8:19PM EDT0
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