Ask me anything about Spoken Word Society

Millie Hiatt
Apr 13, 2018

Do you have a story to tell? 

Join us we have Poetry,  Stories and so much more.

We help with understanding where your writing voice comes from. How to get your words off the page and onto the stage.  How to bring the audience into your safe space and share openly and freely about the space you are moving in. For entertainment or therapy purposes.


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Are there a lot of similar ideas like spoken word society out there?
Apr 19, 10:56PM EDT1
Have their been any famous authors come and participate in the society?
Apr 19, 10:37PM EDT1
Does the society give feedback to members and offers help on how to improve their writing?
Apr 19, 2:58PM EDT1
What is the biggest mistake writers usually make when trying to turn their stories into plays?
Apr 16, 8:23AM EDT0

To many words. 

Apr 18, 10:52PM EDT0
Do you create speciffic programs for learning how to write?
Apr 15, 11:02AM EDT0

Programming is one of my strong events.  It look for fun ways to turn daunting tasks into fabulous ideas. Fill in the blanks and open ended prompts are my go too programs. 

Apr 18, 10:53PM EDT0
What do you think is harder to create, a play or a novel?
Apr 14, 12:56PM EDT0

With spoken word we perform in a monologue style. For me a novel would be a lengthy commitment and I prefer shorter pieces.

Apr 18, 10:54PM EDT0
What is your biggest advice on overcoming a lack of inspiration?
Apr 14, 6:05AM EDT0

Location! Change your location and get inspiration from your surroundings. 

Apr 18, 10:55PM EDT0
Do you write poetry or stories and do you perform them?
Apr 13, 5:49PM EDT0

Yes! I write both stories and poems for performance. 

Apr 18, 10:55PM EDT0
What differences are there between performing poems and performing stories?
Apr 13, 12:59PM EDT0

The differences between poems & stories often ride neck in neck.  Poetry of often shorter and more abstract, allowing the audience to take away from a performance what their own mind saw.  Stories do have a life of their own, they usually take you on a journey with the teller.

Apr 13, 1:51PM EDT0
What experience do you have that helps people find their writing voice and perform to an audience?
Apr 13, 12:17PM EDT0

I have been writing and performing since the early 90’s. In the last 4 years I have been working very hard to hone my skills to help others.

Apr 18, 10:57PM EDT0
What benefits do people get from letting the audience in their safe space?
Apr 13, 11:22AM EDT0

Benefits often come in the form of self help.  Allowing others to tell you they agree or feel the same as you do, about a particular subject.  Sharing let’s it out into the universe so that healing can find its way in.  

Apr 13, 1:53PM EDT0
Do most of your clients have lots of experience before coming to you, or is it mostly people who are new to it?
Apr 13, 7:56AM EDT0

We typically have both. We welcome all levels to work on their art in a safe space that is judgement free.

Apr 18, 10:58PM EDT0
What is the part you like the best about being a part of spoken word societies?
Apr 13, 5:53AM EDT0

The part I like the best would be when a new person attends an event and tells me they will write for next time and they do it !!!

Apr 18, 10:58PM EDT0
How long have you been a part of spoken word society and where did you start?
Apr 13, 5:18AM EDT0

I founded our Spoken Word Society 4 years ago in Mount Airy at a local coffee shop.

Apr 18, 10:59PM EDT0
What complications come from a spoken performance versus a written performance?
Apr 13, 3:42AM EDT0

One complication can be getting it off the page. Finding just the right words to make your message orally communicated to your audience. 

Apr 18, 11:01PM EDT0
What practices do you encourage for finding your writing voice?
Apr 13, 2:04AM EDT0

I encourage an app of some type that will allow you to record and play back your stories.  Practice and timing come with time. Listening to yourself will help you improve.

Apr 18, 11:02PM EDT0

It it a proper aproach to expriopiet

Apr 13, 1:31AM EDT1

Is it a right aproach to take public isues without proper written plans for administration  (eg) the land exprioprietion without a written administration plan for redistribution?

Apr 13, 1:30AM EDT0

Not sure what this has to do with Spoken Word...

I would not recommend that aproach.

Apr 18, 11:05PM EDT0
Where do you get the audience from and how do they respond to the poems and stories?
Apr 12, 6:01PM EDT0

Our audiences come from a variety of places. Family, fans and friends attend and support. The reactions vary, depending on the topics. If the topics are sad, we cry together. If the topics are happy, we laugh together. We also celebrate each other every chance we get.

Apr 18, 11:08PM EDT0
How long do people usually come to spoken word society and how many stay after they feel confident in their craft?
Apr 12, 2:03PM EDT0

Some of our writers attend for a few events, but most stay and become part of the family. We also host annual events for presentations, so many stay connected for opportunities to present their work.

Apr 12, 3:30PM EDT0
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