Ask Me Anything about Renting Your C-Suite (freelance executive talent)

Kristen McAlister
Aug 16, 2017

Co-owner of Cerius Executives and Cerius Advisors and author of, "How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money." Cerius Executives provides contract executive talent allowing companies to rent their C-suite as needed. Cerius Advisors provides virtual ad-hoc business advise as needed. My passion is accountability and productivity for organizations and executives. Finding the shortest path possible to success leveraging other's experiences.  Personally I am a mother, Ironman, and Marine wife.

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Do you have a blog?

Aug 16, 10:10AM EDT0

Yes. Our company blog is:

Aug 16, 3:23PM EDT0

Thank you!

Aug 16, 7:33PM EDT0

What inspired you to write about this?

Aug 16, 10:00AM EDT0

We were receiving too many questions from executives who were just starting their independent career and realized how much of this information was not readily available.

Aug 16, 3:24PM EDT0
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How many copies of your book have you sold?

Aug 16, 9:54AM EDT0

I don't know the exact number. Though I am hearing a lot of great feedback and that it is being recommended quite a bit, I don't think that equates to copies sold.

Aug 16, 3:25PM EDT0
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What inspired you to rent out company's C-suite in the first place?

Aug 16, 9:19AM EDT0

My business partner looked at the European model of interim executives and decided to apply it to US companies. I helped grow a company from $5 million to $45 million in less than two years and am disappointed I didn't know about the model then.  It is needed!

Aug 16, 3:26PM EDT1

I agree, great idea, shame I didn't come up with it

Aug 16, 6:13PM EDT0

Who did you work for and what was your job? I'm also interested in finding out what triggered the idea in leaving your job and starting out on your own.

Aug 16, 7:59AM EDT0

I was laid off close to ten years ago as a result of an acquisition. I wasn't ready to go get a corporate job and kept looking until I found another option. My background is retail and service operations. I wanted more diversity.

Aug 16, 3:27PM EDT0
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Do you do anything else for work?

Aug 16, 6:10AM EDT0

I co-own Cerius Executives. My full-time job is matching companies with independent executives.

Aug 16, 3:29PM EDT0
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How successful has your idea been so far in coming to fruition?

Aug 16, 5:40AM EDT0

Good question. Given what we have accomplished the last couple of years and the newest service we have launched, I'm very happy how it is all unfolding.

Aug 16, 3:31PM EDT0
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What would success mean for you in relation to your works?

Aug 16, 4:51AM EDT0

Our mission has always been to grow the independent executive marketplace. Success will be once it is a common business term.

Aug 16, 3:33PM EDT0

Thank you for the answer.

Aug 16, 8:14PM EDT0

Where are you from?

Aug 16, 4:50AM EDT0

Southern California

Aug 16, 3:33PM EDT0

Being a Marine, would you say that your husband and the military life style had anything to do with your career?  

Aug 16, 4:46AM EDT0

A lot. When I married a Marine I knew how much I would be moving and needed to find a career that could move with me.

Aug 16, 3:34PM EDT0
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What inspired you to get into this industry?

Aug 16, 4:19AM EDT0

I was laid off about ten years ago due to an acquisition. I consulted for awhile and was frustrated by it since the companies didn't have enough internal bandwidth to move the needle. Being a hands-on executive inside a company only for the period of time they needed one made a lot more sense to me.

Aug 16, 3:35PM EDT0

Do you have Facebook?

Aug 16, 3:58AM EDT0
Aug 16, 3:36PM EDT0


Aug 16, 7:49PM EDT0

Do you mostly work within a team, or alone?

Aug 16, 3:40AM EDT0

I get to work with a great team both the employees we have and the independent resources we use. Most independent executives tend to work alone to get their business then as a team once they are on assignment. We are seeing a trend for independents to partner since it doesn't seem to be human nature to want to work alone.

Aug 16, 3:37PM EDT0
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How much is your book to buy?  It looks very interesting! 

Aug 16, 2:41AM EDT0

Thank you. It is $9.99 Kindle ebook, $20 soft cover.

Aug 16, 3:38PM EDT0


Aug 16, 10:46PM EDT0

Do you sell hard-copies of your book or is it only available in digital form?

Aug 16, 2:31AM EDT0


Aug 16, 3:38PM EDT0
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Is it difficult to find a good publisher?

Aug 16, 2:25AM EDT0

I do not know. We happen to know a great independent publisher and decided to take that route.

Aug 16, 3:39PM EDT0
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Does your job afford you the ability to travel and work remotely?

Aug 16, 2:04AM EDT0

Yes. I can be virtual as needed. For the executives who work inside the companies, it all depends on the assignment whether they are needed onsite or if it can be virtual.

Aug 16, 3:40PM EDT0

It's very great I think!

Aug 16, 8:06PM EDT0

Did you write your book before or after you set up your company?

Aug 16, 2:02AM EDT0

After. My business partner and I bought the company in 2011. We didn't write the book until 2016. For most, I would recommend writing a book sooner than later since it can help greatly as you grow your business.

Aug 16, 3:41PM EDT0
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If you could change one thing what would it be?

Aug 16, 1:53AM EDT0

In regards to the book, I would focus a lot more on pre-sell and PR at least 6 months prior to it being available. We didn't do anything until it actually launched. Rookie mistake.

Aug 16, 3:43PM EDT0
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Being an Ironman, doing you believe your determination, stamina and willpower have benefitted your success in becoming self-employed?

Aug 16, 1:39AM EDT0

Probably a combination. It is most likely my those traits that drive me to endurance sports like Ironmans and growing my business.

Aug 16, 3:44PM EDT0

Thank you for the answer!

Aug 16, 7:54PM EDT0
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