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Encarni Pons Montañés
Sep 13, 2018

In the publisher Bubok

I have published my latest book entitled Verses in love, a book of poetry full of feelings,  which awakens the reader by looking at the beauty of nature, written verses of experiences in Barcelona, and poems with dedications. 

Published Madrid, Spain, México, Portugal, Argentina

Encarni Pons Montañés!

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What do you find most interesting in the poetry world today?
Sep 15, 1:54AM EDT1

International Book Day is already celebrated, and like the world of TV and Internet, they are good means of communication so that poetry is always in people's lives, having a good book of poetry is always something interesting, art is when the writers with their perseverance become evident anywhere in the world, and also so that they know my works, now I am thinking that when I spend some time writing my biography.

Sep 15, 5:18AM EDT0
How do you want readers to feel when they read your book?
Sep 14, 7:14PM EDT1

Really the feelings, son, children and someone awake, when someone knows how to read and transmit, the reader likes to arrive when he reads it, but there is a reaction in people when they like poetry, and can after being excited, surprised, as example, how well written this is, that reaction is, that is why it is said that it transmits.

Sep 14, 8:19PM EDT0

Really the feelings, they wake up when someone knows how to read and transmit, the reader likes to arrive when he reads it, but there is a reaction in people when they like poetry, and can after being excited, surprised, as an example, how well Written is this, that reaction is, that is why it is said that it transmits.

Sep 14, 8:25PM EDT0
Are you working on any other books now? What can readers expect from you in the future?
Sep 14, 9:59AM EDT1

Yes, I'm working I started writing a new book of poetry this summer and I have to finish one in Valencian that I started 3 years ago, and I really hope my readers enjoy my books and that someday when they look at their bookshelves, Remember my poetry and say, that poetry is good and I like it and it's from this writer.

Sep 14, 10:25AM EDT0
Could you tell a bit about your own editing process and do you have any advice?
Sep 14, 12:09AM EDT0

The truth is that my books are self-published, I'm not in a hurry to finish a book, nobody gives me a specific date to deliver a finished manuscript so I take the necessary time without stress or that nobody is telling me anything, it's simply a job that e fact it takes me years to write but it's perfect, I'm a writer. One piece of advice is that you never have to be in a hurry if the joy is good, to have discernment in order to choose and do the right thing.

Sep 14, 3:59AM EDT0
How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for your genre?
Sep 13, 10:12PM EDT1

It is clear that the internet is a good way for publishers to sell my books, and distribullen, not all publishers are the same, so the publisher takes care of everything, to get the bookstores, they are called bookshops bubok, but also distributed in many more as the house of the book and online sales, such as google books etc ... I decided at the time that this editorial is good and competent, for self-publishing, too and tell you never any editorial has contacted me to send me a money by mail, poetry is that it is a poetry that is not the son of novels, so it produces an expense always write, an expense that does not know how it will turn out in the market when it does market.

Sep 14, 3:47AM EDT0
In your own poetry, how do you go about ensuring your readers see and experience a color the way you want them to?
Sep 13, 3:48PM EDT1

At the time of writing and having the perfect words to write poetry, and be able to transmit to the reader, what is written. It is very important to interpret, feel and read the poems to know the author of the work.

Sep 13, 5:44PM EDT0
What motivated you to go on to focus on a career in poetry writing?
Sep 13, 10:46AM EDT1

Actually, I wrote since I was little, when I did not have Internet, but when I created it on the internet I started to publish poetry, I had poems in notebooks, folios, so I had them stored in my house but one day, they proposed me read my poetry on a radio website, and started everything, I invite you to write blogs from various authors, and that was it, until one day he sent me to participate in a Talen Sekers contest, where I was ranked 18, So one I take another, until one day I said it was my book and it was in 2009 when I published PR. Editions, entitled Words to the wind.

Sep 13, 11:10AM EDT0
How do you get in the mental place where you find this depth of emotion and write?
Sep 13, 1:04AM EDT1

When you write to reality you have to live it, and the feeling in the words is the truth, it is like when you touch the sea and the air and the things in your soul, and you are already the words alone. Sometimes there are poems that are written as if they were taken from an interview, and it is good to be written at the time of gender violence.

Sep 13, 5:14AM EDT0
When do you write? Do you have a regular schedule or routine for writing poetry?
Sep 13, 12:47AM EDT1

Years ago I wrote the nights, after dinner, and it is true that I write many times to the moon, to the night in the dew, that tells me, then wrote everything, the feelings I like, in short I myself I organize, and now I start writing in the afternoons.

Sep 13, 5:07AM EDT0
How has your work developed or changed since you first started writing poetry? Are there any mistakes you feel you made as a novice poet?
Sep 12, 10:42PM EDT0

My work, as a poet is good, I write for many years before anything, but if it is clear and successful, and they seek me to know my work, in fact, they send to a Burkina Faso NGO made copyrights, and if that He has seen and developed my work always well. There is nothing wrong with the time of writing, not even the time to write or the time to invite me to participate in a poetry recital, not even been among the best in the world, it is REMES the truth is that the surprises as a writer do not stop and they are all for the good.

Sep 13, 5:01AM EDT0
What are the other forces that inform the process of creating your work or the shape it takes?
Sep 12, 10:35PM EDT1

You have to write the correct words, you also have to look for them to find the technique in a poetry, in truth, and also for when it comes when you read and transmit a reality.

Sep 13, 4:50AM EDT0
How often do you write? People say poetry writing needs time; best words come out in leisure. How do you manage your time to write and work?
Sep 12, 7:34PM EDT1

It is true that time I organize it, because I work and I have my holidays, which is when I also write if I travel, this book is finished writing but it took me 6 years to write it, it is clear that I like to write, but it is truth that even sitting on the train I carry with me my blog of notes and a pen.

Sep 12, 8:03PM EDT0
What do you most appreciate about poetry as an art form?
Sep 12, 5:30PM EDT1

I appreciate writing poetry in the form of art, when I look at the world with beauty, and write every detail that I observe.

Sep 12, 6:07PM EDT0
What is the main difference between your modern poetry and that of the classics?
Sep 12, 7:38AM EDT1

When modern poetry is written is a direct poetry, and many comparisons are not used, and use common, common words, in classic poetry are used unusual words, there is more technique in classical poetry because you learn, and when you do not understand a word in these poems has to look in the dictionary, and as it is said that the sword does not take place, and that it is important for there to be respect for people.

Sep 12, 7:52AM EDT0
What attracted you to a small press, and Verse Press in particular?
Sep 12, 4:00AM EDT1

When a person makes the presentation of a book, it is normal that the press is present, and that the person responsible for the presentation of the book warns the press, on the other hand I have been interviewed on several occasions, by the radio of several countries, New York, Bogotá, on the radio web voice night of soul, and as I said in the messages of my books, if it is important for poetry to be always in the world, it can be of it, I remember that in a From the presentations of a story that I wrote Darí Dara, a high school teacher said that she had given my class my biography. It was fantastic, so he has always written in the world.

Sep 12, 4:19AM EDT0
What advice would you give to aspiring poets looking to progress their career internationally?
Sep 11, 10:57PM EDT1

Success is doing what you like, stand out and be consistent.

Sep 12, 3:14AM EDT0
How do you remain detached during the revising process of poetry? Why is revision so important?
Sep 11, 8:52PM EDT1

It is important for me that everything I write arrives and is understood by the reader, as I write it, that is why the reviews are very important, so that each word transmits a feeling, and wakes up.

Sep 12, 3:20AM EDT0
What other poets have been important to your work? Could you talk about what you have learned about writing poetry from each of them?
Sep 11, 7:36PM EDT1

I write poetry, because I like it, and one day I decided to get down to work and publish my first book, entitled Words to the Wind, a fantastic book where PR publishers. Ediciones published me offering a pak, it is clear that I read many poets, but when I started writing I realized that classical poetry was mine, the prose.

Sep 12, 3:32AM EDT0
What are some of your favourite poems that you’ve have written? Which mean the most to you?
Sep 11, 6:53PM EDT1

The poetry that I like most, is one that yes, for the victims of the attack of Barcelona, without a doubt it is a very important disease, so that there is awareness and awareness of the people, and they are responsible for what happens in the world .

Sep 12, 3:40AM EDT0

There is also a poetry that I wrote for a football club, football club of Benagever, some time ago he contacted me to write it is an honor when a famous call you to write, it is called Everyone has one.

Sep 12, 4:07AM EDT0
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