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Pierce Smith
Feb 8, 2018

I've written stories from dark paranormal to bittersweet romance and I'm writing around many lusty tropes in the genre. I've never minded experimenting with the stories as I did with Bait, my most recent release. It's one of my sweetest writeups wrapped around a bittersweet romance and a curvy emotional rollercoaster which goes higher than New York's skyscraper and on the low ride, it touches Hell's darkness. My first series is Enrapture which walks touching the boundaries of the Young adult Genre, paranormal and high fantasy.

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Do you let your friends and family read your books? What’s their usual reaction?

Feb 14, 6:30AM EST0

Yes, I do and they Flove it. 

Feb 14, 9:38AM EST0

Have your books had a good reception so far?

Feb 12, 8:29PM EST0

So far yes. I've very good fan following and people are loving my stories. 

Feb 13, 3:53AM EST0

What have been your personal paranormal experiences, and how have those influenced your work?

Feb 12, 11:55AM EST0

I've vivid and altogether different paranormal experience but I don't write about them. I write about monsters and wicked fallen angles haunting humans to get their job served. So far, I'm not lucky enough to meet an angel! *shrugging and pouting*

Feb 13, 3:54AM EST0

What are your passions apart from writing?

Feb 11, 4:09PM EST0

Photography, traveling, eating and sleeping.

Feb 13, 3:55AM EST0

What was the most challenging experience you had while writing Bait?

Feb 10, 6:39AM EST0

Fighting with a depressed character. Real me is full of joy and mojo. I've never met such person in life but in my own story. It was a lifetime experience. Writing another way around, I fell hidden thoughts and personalities come out thru these characters. 

Feb 10, 9:45AM EST0

Are you a self-published author or do you work with publishing companies?

Feb 9, 1:58PM EST0

100% indie but I'm open for other opportunities too. 

Feb 10, 9:41AM EST0

How long does it usually take before you can finish writing an entire book?

Feb 9, 12:43PM EST0

Depends on many things, including length, availability of time and how much characters speak to me. I've done my book in 2 weeks - 1 year. But its always worth! 

Feb 10, 9:41AM EST0

What keeps you inspired to continue writing until you finish your book?

Feb 9, 12:31PM EST0

My characters do and when they don't inspire me then the story ends. LOL. but true. Second, if the flow is smooth then ending goes well too. I never force myself to end! 

Feb 10, 9:40AM EST0

Why did you choose writing about gay romance?

Feb 9, 8:57AM EST0

I felt more and loud voice was needed for this genre. Moreover, there's so much to speak out in this field rather then writing real-life stories written in a fantasy style.  

Feb 10, 9:39AM EST0

What’s the best feedback you have received so far from one of your readers?

Feb 9, 5:54AM EST0

Feedback. "I can feel them (characters) thru your words."

Feb 10, 9:34AM EST0

Among all the characters you have created for your books, who is your favorite? Who is the one you can relate to the most?

Feb 9, 3:36AM EST0

As of today, my fav is Cody earlier I was a fan of Noah and Ethan.  I can relate to Cody's uneasiness and his struggle to come outside. Noah his machoness and Ethan's fear to lose Noah. 

Feb 10, 9:29AM EST0

Are your books available exclusively online? Have you ever considered publishing your books on print?

Feb 9, 2:56AM EST0

My books are available on print but exclusively thru Amazon. Here is a link https://www.amazon.com/Bait-Pierce-Smith/dp/1976786630/ 

Feb 10, 9:24AM EST0

Do you write your books entirely on your own? Do you hire editors afterwards to proofread and finalize your book?

Feb 8, 8:22PM EST0

I do write my stories and create my world. But I also take help freely where I need or I want to bring perfection in my writing. I've writing partners, a wonderful editor, killer gang of betas and ARC readers. there's a pack of supporters behind me. 

Feb 9, 1:03AM EST0

What is the worst criticism you’ve heard about your writings? How did you deal with it?

Feb 8, 11:51AM EST0

Rarely, I do face them. and it's not tough now. I've developed a tough skin. Earlier I struggled to understand and assimilate them. One of them was, being verbose but you have to put words where you're a character is rambling ;). 

Feb 9, 1:06AM EST0

Bait was a very emotional tragic story. What do you do to cleanse your mind after writing a heartbreaking story?

Feb 8, 10:37AM EST0

So true. Not only tragic but few chapters were very depressing too. I faced and was sobbed in depression while writing this story *and perhaps that helped me bringing perfection to this project*. After completing Bait. I didn't do anything for weeks except recovering from Cody's life. Watched movies, played with kids, ate stuffing stomach and read die-heart romance stories too. 

Feb 9, 1:09AM EST0

If given the chance to have film or TV adaptation for one of your books, would you do it?

Feb 8, 9:31AM EST0

Of course! I'd grab it like nothing. 

Feb 9, 1:12AM EST0

Do you think an authour who is homosexually would be able to write better homosexual charaters than an authour who is straight? 

Feb 8, 9:28AM EST0

I do believe this because he's writing himself or his circle of friends, his fantasies and more. But there are few exceptional too - writing stories which are palatable to readers but they are not real life gay stories. Like a fantasy and readers loving them?

Feb 9, 1:16AM EST0

How long have you been writing? Does an author need formal education to learn how to write?

Feb 8, 4:48AM EST0

I'm writing from my childhood, publishing from 5 years. No, they don't need any formal education. I don't have any degree in that. I am an engineer! So if you want to write go ahead. 

Feb 9, 1:18AM EST0

What’s the market like for gay romance books? Are there many readers interested in this genre?

Feb 7, 9:16PM EST0

If you get clicked in the market it's a rewarding field. The matter is you need to find your niche everywhere. Even you're writing in the most read genre, still, a question will be are you most read there? 

Feb 9, 1:20AM EST0

Who are some authors you look up to and admire?

Feb 7, 7:03PM EST0

The question is tough! J K Rowling, E L James, and the list is long... 

Feb 9, 1:18AM EST0

Are your book purely works of fiction or are some stories based on real life experience?

Feb 7, 5:36AM EST0

Bait is partially experienced one. I'd love to sprinkle real-life experiences in my books though not saying its of whom! I've few but that will take time to come on the market :) 

Paranormal ones are purely fictional! 

Feb 7, 9:18AM EST0

If you weren’t an author, what do you think your job would be right now?

Feb 7, 4:40AM EST0

I was Scientist. I am still thru my heart and mind. then, I maybe writing part time? 

Feb 7, 9:19AM EST0

What are some of the best tips you can share with other aspiring authors?

Feb 7, 3:26AM EST0

Write. Read (me too LOL) and then write. rewrite. read aloud your own drafts. If you didn't like your writing remove it because readers would also not like it. It's simple. Write what your heart says. :) 

Feb 7, 9:20AM EST0

Other than your own, what are some other books you would consider your favorites?

Feb 7, 3:10AM EST0

I'm a sucker for fantasy and high fantasy stories. Lord of the Rings, Narina, Harry Potter. then I also like dark (erotica) too ;) the list is endless then 3:) 

Feb 7, 9:22AM EST0

Where do you get your inspiration when writing your books?

Feb 6, 4:21PM EST0

The primary source of inspiration is, of course, my mind which works day and night and gets some good story plots for my followers. My heart also guides me to the stories which should be narrated. My characters are so real and they truly live with me, like Cody from Bait!  Said this, I also do extensive research, read other books to know what is written and not written yet, discuss a lot with readers in events and in chats, do brainstorming with my team and then if necessary rewrite with my covert writing partners. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and time. 

Feb 7, 12:03AM EST0

Do you have a particular special place where you go to just to write?

Feb 6, 3:04PM EST1

I mostly write in my room only. But, I'm equally comfortable at other places in my house. though, I don't write out of my house probably because what genre what I write ;) 

Feb 7, 12:10AM EST0

Do you ever experience writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

Feb 6, 2:58PM EST0

Yep, if I won't I would have 100s of books finished by now and not waiting my laptop for my attention. I tried many things and have jotted down them on my blog too, https://authorpiercesmith.blogspot.in/2017/07/30-ways-to-deal-with-writers-block.html 

I think Writer's Block comes when you over exhaust your brain. LOL. so read more and write less. 

Last edited @ Feb 7, 12:17AM EST.
Feb 7, 12:14AM EST0

Do you believe in ghosts? Are your paranormal books based on personal experience?

Feb 6, 1:28PM EST0

I do. I haven't got a chance to meet them personally but I have read a lot of stories (real ones) from around. My paranormal stories, Enrapture series, is definitely a paranormal story but its far more towards young adult when monsters start visiting a couple and attempts to take one of them to Haven *the reason will'be disclosed in upcoming books* 

The story is full of creatures from hell and heaven including fallen angels, devils, tricksters, and then we have magicians to deal them, Native Americans and more. The story time travels too and goes with dramatic ups and downs with a lot of sizzling hotness ;) It's-should-not-skip-series! 

Feb 7, 12:22AM EST0

Hi if any your books were going be turned into a movie which u like it to be

Feb 6, 1:25PM EST0

Loretta, a kiss first, Yep I'd definitely love to see myself on the big screen. Why not all the books? said this, I've only two books published yet and both fall on the two opposite corners of the world. Hell yeah, I want Bait and Enrapture(s) on the screen. I've few more coming soon which I want them on screens. 

Feb 7, 12:27AM EST0

Aside from being an author, do you have another day job?

Feb 6, 12:18PM EST0

Nope. I'm a full-time author and that's the biggest struggle of my life. So read me to support me. 

Feb 7, 12:27AM EST0

How do you come up with fictional names for your characters? Do real-life friends and acquaintances get to have “special appearances” in your books?

Feb 6, 10:39AM EST0

First,  fictional names. Seriously, I'm very poor in this. Most of the times I write A, B, P, X or so and then ask my team to suggest me a name according to the traits explained. Or, I use online sites to generate me names. this I mainly do for fantasy characters. 

Second, special appearances. Umm. Hmm. LOL. so far none. though I have used some of my friend's name in my books, but I have not portrayed them. I feel it's taking friendship to the other level and disclosing their secrets to the outer world. they may and may not feel comfortable with it. I'm writing few real-life stories, as Bait was one among them, and I'm in touch with few friends whose real-life plots I'm using. 

Although, so far, not yet. But I won't mind giving them a celebrity touch ;) 

Feb 7, 12:34AM EST0

Did you ever feel pressured when you’re close to the ending but can’t seem finish writing your book?

Feb 6, 9:24AM EST0

Yes. A BIG YES. I have an entire story in mind but when it comes to words they are finger counted and they don't make a book, right? When I was writing bait I made 3 endings but Cody chose one which I was avoiding most. with the Enrapture series too, I have an ending in mind and books prior to it but they don't want to be written now. IDK why! but it happens. 

Feb 7, 12:36AM EST0

Is book writing a financially rewarding career?

Feb 6, 8:04AM EST0

For me NO. But, I want it a BIG financially rewarding career too. Because I write as a full-time author and money is tooooo necessary to survive. Soon I will reach the point where it'll be rewarding for me. I'm new to the market and people are exploring me slowly. But liking my stories too. 

Feb 7, 12:39AM EST0

What made you want to start writing?

Feb 6, 7:42AM EST0

A FAB question. thank you for asking this. I feel it's me. Writing is for me. I always wrote something until I landed on framing full stories, fantasy worlds, fictional characters who are far far away from real ones. and the bed scenes and the near to the real life happenings. there's so much which real world lacks and I fills that space with my writing. I love writing and most I love when readers love the stories. I've so much to share with my fictional world which I don't want with the real one. 

Feb 7, 12:45AM EST0

How hard is it to keep your motivation going?

Being a self-published is it a difficult process?

Feb 6, 6:37AM EST0

First, Motivation. It's tough and seriously some days it is very tough. I stop writing and forgets I even write. there are few who kick my ass and I get back on the job.  If the sales are good and the reviews are awesome then the spirit remains high! 

Second, Indie path. It's mixed I'll say. you learn so much that you become  Jack of all trades. Nowadays, I'm doing almost everything of mine. Some days it gets tough to handle but my team and PA helps me a lot. Few hands are always good. 

Feb 7, 8:52AM EST0

How did you start writing any kind of books? I want to write the srory that is in my head so where do I start?

Feb 6, 6:22AM EST1

I just type whatever it comes into my mind. Not necessary in the format what you get in your hand. Some stories I write end first and in few middle part. it's all how characters speak to you and they walk you through their life. It's always good to follow them then forcing oneself. 

Just write. it will come automatically to you. This will be my only suggestion to you. You can get back to me anytime and we can discuss more! ;) 

Feb 7, 8:54AM EST0

You have written some contemporary and also a brilliant Paranormal series, what is going to be next?

Feb 6, 6:09AM EST0

Next is BDSM. A hardcore Maser-Sub story where a naive guy is taken away. I will not give so much out now. LOL wait for few days and it will be out in the market. 

In the ongoing projects, I've again few contemporary, paranormal and more BDSM. I feel I'm liking my subs. wait for them. 

Feb 7, 9:01AM EST0
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