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Eman Salah
Apr 14, 2018

Creativity of writing has no place, no time and no condition. First, I thought that to be a creative writer I needed to be alone, surrounded by a beautiful view or listening to my favorite track but soon I realized that I was wrong, a good writer just needs to have a vast vision to see what others cannot see. To analyze situations in a different way. The inspiration comes without even knocking on your door. It comes whenever it can come: while sleeping, working or eating. The best time to be creative is when you're suffering. That feeling will become the reason for your superiority later. Creativity in writing is the outcome of your thoughts and daily experiences so, Always, do not put rules or instructions .. Just let your inside talent amaze the whole world ..


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What is your best tip for a new writer who feels their work might be boring or too simplistic to be interesting?

Apr 18, 1:52PM EDT0
Where do you go to learn more about the technique of your writing or do you find it out yourself?
Apr 16, 5:18PM EDT0
What are some difficulties in going to write without rules or instructions and does that feel freeing or restricting?
Apr 16, 5:25AM EDT0
How much of the creative writing process is the free-flowing thought and how much is spent on editing?
Apr 16, 12:43AM EDT0
Is there anything you do to try to urge inspiration to come when you feel like it won’t?
Apr 15, 6:36AM EDT0
What types of livings can be made off good writing and do you think this is achievable for everybody or just for the really talented?
Apr 15, 4:16AM EDT0
What are some ways that you can turn your daily experiences into creative writing and how often do you practice this?
Apr 15, 1:59AM EDT0

I love to write. recently i had a situation that caused me great suffering. I could not write. What would you suggest I do to open the flood gates.

Apr 14, 9:57PM EDT0
Do you have a specific audience in mind that you write to or do you usually write as if you were thinking on the page?
Apr 14, 9:00PM EDT0
What are you working on currently with your writing and do you have any projects you want to embark on soon?
Apr 14, 6:20PM EDT0
How many pieces of work have you written and what portion of those have been received well?
Apr 14, 3:54PM EDT0
How much of your day is spend practicing writing and do you have a process or setting or is it just when the moment hits you?
Apr 14, 1:47PM EDT0

Just when the moment hits me . I feel like there are a lot of words inside me and  they need to be free so i just bring my pen and a piece of paper.

Apr 14, 6:25PM EDT0
How long did you spend trying to be in solitude with a beautiful view before you realized it wasn’t right for you?
Apr 14, 12:14PM EDT0
Do you ever feel nervous releasing things you have written about since they can be personal and how do you get over that fear?
Apr 14, 10:56AM EDT0
How has your writing influenced others and how does it feel to have people listening to your words?
Apr 14, 5:50AM EDT0
Do you currently have a career that deals with creative writing or do you have a day job?
Apr 14, 1:54AM EDT0
What part of writing urges you to keep writing and do you think this is true for all writers?
Apr 13, 10:59PM EDT0
Do you have any writers who inspired you and how have they influenced your writing style over the years?
Apr 13, 10:38PM EDT0
What is one thing that has remained consistent through your works and what is the thing that has changed the most?
Apr 13, 9:11PM EDT0
What medium of writing do you like best and which type do you find the easiest to write in?
Apr 13, 8:48PM EDT0
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