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Nov 16, 2017

Hi there! I hope you are all well. My name is Mark Draycott and this is our opportunity to share our love of writing and reading. Have you ever wondered how an intriguing plot is conjured up or how a novel is pieced together step by step? I am all yours so go ahead and Ask Me Anything! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please be gentle. Mark


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What virtue should a successful writer bear in himself/herself?

Nov 18, 4:10PM EST0

Hello and thank you for your question! Patience! This is definitely something that an author has to have. Ignoring the temptation to rush to the finish line. Perfection takes time. And believe me, it' worth the wait! Take care, Mark.

Nov 19, 7:53AM EST0

How long does someone have to write the book?

Nov 18, 1:57PM EST0

Hi there! Thank you for your question! It can take as long as it needs to. My first book took me exactly a year from beginning to publication but that was alongside a full time job. I am hoping that one day, writing will become my full time job! Thanks again, Mark.

Nov 19, 7:51AM EST0

What gives you inspiration for your book(s)?

Nov 18, 5:12AM EST0

Hi Sonia! Thank you for the question! I take inspiration from many different avenues. For my first book, A Hole in Serenity, I visited an English village which was peaceul and serene and I was surrounded by noone. Just 2 feet of snow! So I thought it would be interesting to throw a spanner in the works so to speak and turn a perfect world upside down hence A Hole in Serenity was born. Thanks again! Mark 

Nov 18, 5:28AM EST1

What is your advice to Indie Authors on writing and on marketing?

Nov 17, 4:53PM EST0

Hi there! I would say my best advice would be for you to never forget that being an indie author is okay. It doesn't make you inferior to a traditionally published author so always remember that. As far as marketing is concerned, work effortlessly on social media to try to raise your profile. Keep going and thrive and seeing those numbers grow. Thanks! Mark

Nov 17, 5:07PM EST0

What made you want to become a writer?

Nov 17, 11:15AM EST0

Hi Paul, thanks for your question! I absolutely love films with twists and gripping crime dramas so i constantly find myself guessing the endings before they happen. I thought to myself, 'why not have a go myself' and so i did. I'm no film director so i had to settle for writing a book instead! Thanks again, Mark.

Nov 17, 12:17PM EST0

Who is your all time best author?

Nov 17, 9:17AM EST0

Wow! That's a very difficult one as i have a few. I must say that i am addicted to 'The Great Gatsby'. I am about to start reading the booking having watched the film more times than i can remember. The quotes and the way F Scott Fitzgerald writes is just incredible. He has a way with words thats for sure! Thanks for your question! Mark

Nov 17, 10:38AM EST0

Tell us a little about yourself, perhaps something not many people know?

Nov 17, 8:56AM EST0

Hi there! What a great idea. One of my many passions is travelling and in particular travlling to Italy. In fact, i have been 3 times this year and already have another trip booked for next May! I love all things Italy and plan to base a story there one day! Thanks, Mark.

Nov 17, 10:36AM EST0

From one writer to another... why do you write?

Nov 17, 5:17AM EST0

Hi Marilyn! Its great to hear from a fellow writer. To be honest, the real reason i began writing has only really become clear to me quite recently. Looking back, i began writing at a time where i was obviously looking for an escape. I craved private time and found that escaping to my fictional world, all be it for a short period of time per session, helped me to recharge. Its funny, i think a lot of people think writing can be quite lonely. It's quite the opposite as i get to share my story with all of my characters! Thanks for the question! Mark

Nov 17, 8:54AM EST1

Do you have a specific genre of your creation?

Nov 17, 5:01AM EST0

Hi James, my work to date would fall into the 'psychological thriller/crime' genre. This is a genre that i enjoy reading and one that i appreciate watching on TV. I am a lover of crime dramas and films with a good twist. I have just started work on my next book which is another psychological thriller. Thanks! Mark

Nov 17, 8:49AM EST0
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Do we need to be alone all the time when writing?

Nov 17, 12:18AM EST0

Hi Tony, I dont believe so, no. I believe it helps though. Even when i am surrounded by people, i find that plugging my headphones in and turning on my jazz music helps me to escape to my private world. A great question, thanks!

Nov 17, 8:46AM EST0

If you could spend time a character from your book whom would it be?

Nov 16, 8:05PM EST0

Hi there! Another great question, thank you! I would have to say Alice from my first novel, A Hole in Serenity.  Without giving too much away if you havent read it yet, Alice is one of the main characters who's innocense is forced to take a turn towards the dark side. I wish i could have helped her through the troubles that she faced. Thanks again! Mark

Nov 17, 8:44AM EST0

What is the most important advice you want to impart on a budding writer?

Nov 16, 5:42PM EST0

Hi Jesa! The best advice i can give is to keep going. If you have a story inside of you that has to come out, go for it! Let your heart pour out onto that paper and always remember that the first draft is purely that, just a draft! Thanks for the question! Mark

Nov 17, 5:24AM EST0

Do you base your writing on personal experience or from others?

Nov 16, 1:45PM EST0

Hi there! Thank you for the question! I try not to base my writing on personal experience but they do say that your first novel is semi-biographical so maybe there is a certain element of myself in one or more of the characters i dont know. It is hard sometimes to jump outside of your comfort zone as a writer and write about something that you do not know about instead of sticking within your safety zone! Thanks again! Mark

Nov 17, 5:22AM EST0

What would the main character in your book have to say about you?

Nov 16, 1:34PM EST0

What a great question! The main character in my latest book is DCI Morgan. I'd like to think that he would thank me for bringing him to life as him. I believe he would say that i am dedicated and passionate about what i do. Thanks!

Nov 17, 5:19AM EST0

What has your experience been like as an new Indie Author?

Nov 16, 10:48AM EST0

Hi Maureen, Its great to hear from you! My experience so far has been a great one! I was told when i first started out to gather a following well before the release of your first book which i did. Everything has grown from strength to strength and i have never looked back. It is a tough game believe me when you are competing with published authors who are frequently hitting the Amazon top ten but i love the challenge of growing my readership using social media and other platforms. I need to stop comparing myself with authors that have been writing 10 years! I'll get there one day! Thanks for the question! Mark

Nov 16, 12:13PM EST0

Pen or typewriter or computer?

Nov 16, 10:43AM EST0

Hi there, Ivy! Thank you for the question. I hand write all of my work and then type it up chapter by chapter as i go. This means that by the time i have my manuscript on my PC, i also have my first edit! I love the feeling of picking up a pen and connecting with the paper. Plus taking my laptop everywhere would just not be practical. I also use my phone to add notes and have been known to wake in the middle of the night and be forced to reach for my phone to add notes on a new idea! Thanks! Mark

Nov 16, 12:09PM EST0

Do you still write? If so, what does your typical day look like?

Nov 16, 8:54AM EST0

Hi there! I certainly do and do not plan to stop anytime soon. It's all i think about half the time but sometimes find it difficult to fit around my day job. The majority of my first novel was written on the train to work! So for anyone who i thinking about writing who believes they do not have the time, think again! If you want it you'll make time. Thanks for the question! Mark

Nov 16, 12:07PM EST0

What book that you have read has most influenced your life?

Nov 16, 6:59AM EST0

Hi Faye, thank you for your question! I would say the book that has most influenced my 'writing life' is 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini. If you havent read it then it is a MUST. It is very hard hitting with a powerful storyline. Khaled is a fantastic writer and pulls on the heart strings very subtly. His other books have been just as good! Thanks again, Mark.

Nov 16, 12:05PM EST0

What has been the best compliment?

Nov 16, 2:23AM EST0

Hi there, thank you for the question! It has to have been a review left on A Hole in Serenity, my first novel, by a great crime author. Even getting another author to read your work is not easy these days but to receive such a great review, made my day. My year in fact! Compliments keep you going and what a lot of readers do not understand is quite how important reviews are. Without them, an author stands still and has no chance of moving forward. We appreciate reviews more than anything in the world! Thanks again.

Nov 16, 3:58AM EST0

What is the timeline for publication?

Nov 16, 12:39AM EST0

Hi Liudmyla,

Based on my first stand alone thriller, it took me exactly 1 year to write including the editing process. You can now self-publish very easily indeed once your manuscript has been edited and proofread so that process can take a matter of weeks. Online platforms make it all a very straight forward process which is great! Thank you for the question!

Nov 16, 3:55AM EST0

Who is your favourite author?

Nov 15, 5:03AM EST0

Another great question and i could list many. I am a big fan of Mark Edwards and also Khaled Hosseini. They are both great writers in different genres. My favourite femal author at present has to be C L Taylor. She is doing extremely well at the moment and has a truly impressive imagination. Thank you! Mark.

Nov 15, 7:07AM EST0

What was one of your biggest setbacks as an author, and how did you overcome it?

Nov 14, 1:56PM EST0

Hi there and thank you for a great question!

As a self-published author, i think the greatest set back is having your manuscript rejected by publishers. This business is extremly competetive and many publishers receive hundreds of manuscripts on a weekly basis. I think i learned quite quickly to not take it to heart and understand that self-publishing is okay and having spoken with a number of well known authors re the subject, more and more are in fact now choosing to self-publish. It is not a bad thing by any means. Social media allows an author to reach a huge amount of people and self publishing allows the author to retain control of their work. I LOVE writing and that is the reason i do it. One day it would be great to have my name up in lights reaching millions but that is not the reason i do it. Thanks again, Mark.

Nov 15, 7:05AM EST0

What was the first story you read that left a lasting impact on your thinking?

Nov 14, 10:30AM EST0

Hi Shilpa,

Now this may be cliche but i must say, the moment i picked up the first Harry Potter, i was hooked. It created this world in my head that no one else could replicate. Thats the magic of reading. As soon as the film came out, that all dissappeared which i find a great shame. Another great read for me was Mark Edwards 'Follow You Home'. If you enjoy a gripping psychological thriller, this one reels you in and leaves you wanting more from the author. Both of these books left me thinking, 'Hang on, i want to have a go at this!' Thanks, Shilpa.

Last edited @ Nov 14, 11:19AM EST.
Nov 14, 11:19AM EST0
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