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Akan Justus Udoh
Apr 14, 2018

Have a question about any general casual discourse? I am a freelance writer. I started writing in 2015 and although there have been a few life breaks, I’m happy to report that my works are still helping readers everywhere with content ranging from relationship to behavioural to religion. Got a question on music, education or anything bookish? Send your questions my way.

About me

Currently, I write for two blogs and a magazine in my school and am enrolled in an online microsoft program. I also dabble in freelance writing and editing and have much experience in music and knowledge aquisition.

Ask me anything!

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People has been saying that this is the worst time to start a business in Nigeria. Do you agree?
Apr 19, 7:49AM EDT0
How much have you grown from where you initially started?
Apr 18, 9:18PM EDT0
What advice do you have for young unemployed people in Nigeria?
Apr 18, 5:24AM EDT0
What are the three books you read that influenced your life and business the most?
Apr 17, 9:42AM EDT0
What are some of the ways in which you promote your creative abilities through your non-fiction writing?
Apr 16, 10:20PM EDT0
What do you want the world to know about you and how do you hope to impart this information through your blog?
Apr 16, 11:26AM EDT0
What is one of your most memorable experiences with regards to music and why did this event have such an impact on you?
Apr 15, 6:38AM EDT0
What in your opinion, some of the negative things artists are exposed to that causes them to become uninspired?
Apr 15, 3:04AM EDT0
What are some of the copyright laws that pertain to bloggers?
Apr 15, 1:43AM EDT0
What advice could you offer about finding the right resources and relationships, and how important is establishing these aspects for a writer?
Apr 14, 11:22PM EDT0
If you could teach everyone in the world one concept, what concept, do you think, would have the biggest positive impact on humanity?
Apr 14, 4:24PM EDT0
What do you believe to be the harshest reality for new writers and why?
Apr 14, 2:14PM EDT0
How should a person integrate search engine optimization and in what ways is it valuable to online writers?
Apr 14, 12:55PM EDT0
What are some ways in which a person can promote their blog and which of these do you prefer, and why?
Apr 14, 12:49PM EDT0
Who or what is your writing mostly dedicated to and why has this person been a vital part of your writing journey?
Apr 14, 11:37AM EDT0
In what ways is social imperative to the success of a blog, which social media sites do you choose and why have you chosen these specific sites?
Apr 14, 5:48AM EDT0
What is the specific way in which you layout and format your blog in order to ensure its success?
Apr 14, 12:29AM EDT0
What has been the most creative work you have witnessed and which do you prefer: your written or entrepreneurial work and why?
Apr 13, 9:43PM EDT0
What is the reason you hear most often from students, or any aspiring artist that is stopping them from creating?
Apr 13, 12:58PM EDT0
What safety measures do you use to secure your blog from hackers?
Apr 13, 12:09PM EDT0
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