AMA to Author Irene Jane Holmes New Children-Juvinelle Book in Full-color Illustrations. Inspire Fun Imagination in Reading Books can Increase Joy in Learning any Adventure for all Ages 0-99.

Irene Jane Holmes
Aug 31, 2018

Explore in any adventure can help your imagination in reading books can inspire fun reading for all ages in children, Juvinelle, and adults in multi-adventure genres.

Books in short story and short novel all on E-Book and Paperback Book.

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What is the toughest question you have faced from your readers?
Sep 2, 7:06AM EDT0
What had originally been your intentions for your illustrations?
Sep 1, 10:09PM EDT0
Do you read reviews of your work? How useful are they for your literary growth?
Sep 1, 5:14PM EDT0
Do you get feedback from other children's book authors or artists as well?
Sep 1, 1:14PM EDT0

Yes I have gotten feedback from other authors and artist.

Sep 1, 4:28PM EDT0
Do you typically go through a lot of revisions, or does your writing stick more now that you've had some experience?
Sep 1, 12:45AM EDT0

Yes I still have to go through a lot of revisions. But not, as much with my newest illustrations book.

Sep 1, 4:32PM EDT0
Do you have any “top tips” for parents and carers who want to help children develop a love of reading?
Aug 31, 8:25AM EDT0

Parents and carers can take any book that is the child favorite topic can help to first start out. Make an adventure out of it., Like in my beach book. the child reads the book with the parents or carers and looks at the illustrations and can imagine there on the beach with the characters family experience the same thing as you do when you're at the movies, or watching TV. Even if your child cannot read all the words yet in any book. It is okay, I learn from teachers that kids look at the images in the books and look at the words. The images tell the story in the eyes of a child. Trying to get them interested in what they see and here can help them be interested in reading. When I write or read a book to my son It is like another adventure like in the movies to explore from the beginning to the end. Once the child gets into the storybook, he or she will want to find out what happens in the end. Even if they heard or saw the images many times because it's their favorite story. Finding the topic like going to the beach on a family vacation can help draw interest to any child. Books are fun imagination like films we can help anybody learn any skills like the safety of water animals and ourselves and learning to share your treasures. Making a game or show out of reading can help any child want to keep reading. We just have to remember to try to find the right time like in the morning after you get up on a sat morning or late at night before you go to bed. During any part of the day where a child is looking for another adventure to explore during part of his or her day or night. Hope this helps. Thanks for the question.


Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 8:44PM EDT0
Why do you think it is important to encourage children to read and have fun with books?
Aug 31, 1:05AM EDT0

Children need to encourage the have fun reading because it is the main source of learning books. Books help us to read and try to understand everyday learning strategies that will help kids when they grow up. More the kids read and have fun the more they learn different skills like their alphabet phonics with words helps them in an everyday life. Learning while your young can help the kids when they become a grown up. Just tell your kids to keep their chin up and look for the bright fun day of reading a book is like watching a movie or a TV show, but with words. Have the kids help you read can be fun too. Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 4:01AM EDT0

How long does it take you to finish one book? 

Aug 30, 11:07PM EDT0

If I can write and not be interrupt and able to write six days a week it could take 3-4 months depending on what I am writing. I am busy with school, and my son, add promotions, working on my website, and the house, which makes it hard to find time to write a new story. If I was to write 3 days a week for 3 to 4 hrs a day, it could take me 4-6 months to a year to write a story. It depends on what I am writing. children's books our short story, that would take me 4 months or maybe more if I have to do research like I do with my ABC 123 Animal Kid story. I do research to find the different types of animals from a-z. Then I just write the story about the different animals from a-z. Farm book is going to have farm object with the animals can make it fun. There is review and editing after I write a book. If I transfer it in the script it takes longer. Once I keep writing a story I find it hard to stop and find a resting place to take care of the everyday task. 

I wrote an 8-page story for my fiction writing workshop class I had the last term and it took me about a week and a half to write the story. there is review and editing of the story takes another 4-5 weeks with the class is 8 weeks. It can vary on different days,, weeks, months or even years depending on how much time I can squeeze in to write more stories.

Aug 31, 4:12AM EDT0

In your opinion which is better... An ebook or a hardbound one? 

Aug 30, 11:06PM EDT0

Both are good. hardbound is good to have if you have time to wait for it to arrive at your house. An e-book is handy because you can take it with you on your android and read your e-book in a spare time light waiting at the Doctors office would be a good time to read your e-book, or even at home laying in bed. Having a hardbound is better than a paperback because it is more sturdy and can last longer. It is a hard choice to make between e-book and hardbound. I would say an e-book is better because it is easier to take with you. Hardbound is harder to take with you because you have to carry a bag with you to put your books in. E-book you only have it on your android. An e-book would be the better choice if the formatting is easy to read with the book you selected. Some e-books are so small that hardbound or paperback would be easier to read, but harder to transport in public. E-book still would be the better choice. Thanks for the question.


Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 4:19AM EDT0
How does the entire process of illustration go from an idea in your head to a finished work of art on sale in bookstores?
Aug 30, 6:07PM EDT0

I think of an image from the creation of my story. You take the certain background for the topic of your story, or for each page. I have to read every page and stop to think about what type of background I need. What do I need to add to the background like the characters and what they are doing? Like a beach background scene with the boys riding horses. or the character looking at an ape swinging in the trees. The ghost town story an image of a ghost because the ghost in a hotel room making noises at night. The main plot of the story for novels to make the image or the main part of what the character our doing. burry mom and dad in the sand. You have an image of mom and dad with sand on top of them in the illustration. It is hard work to come up with images to create illustrations. Working with the illustrators to give them a copy of your image plan for the book. The front cover of the book is the main part of the story. Like a beach background with the family at the beach is like they arrived at the beach makes a create illustration to start the book. Authors image to the illustrator to create an excellent piece of art helps draw sales in the bookstore. It is when the art stands out like it is looking you in the eyes like your watching a movie. Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 6:11AM EDT0
What do the words ‘creativity’, ‘success’ and ‘freedom’ mean to you?
Aug 30, 3:49PM EDT0

Creativity means to think and brain story ideas for a great story. Even if I get stump with a topic. I can do research on the internet and learn more about it can help create more images in my mind to create stories for all ages. That is what I think of creativity means to work hard on what you want to write about and create the character with the setting of the background. Success is when you have your story all thought out and all finish. Then after you do your review and editing and working with the publishers. When all the teams have done their creativity for my story. It is created into a book. After my book gets sent to the printer and created into a book. That is a success after it is on the web worldwide. Success is a complete and hard word task like writing and creating a book. Freedom is like I have the freedom to write on any topic for any age group I want. Since I am a multi-writer. I might publish a children book one year. Published another book for all ages from 8 to 99 like my Ghost town book. Freedom is having the agency to do anything you want in life.  Children have the freedom to play with any toy they want in the backyard or the freedom to read any book in their children bookshelf. Children do not have all the freedom that adults have. Parents do not have all the freedom like singles have. All together we have the freedom to choose what we want went to read. Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 5:59AM EDT0
What advice do you have for children who dream of becoming an author or illustrator?
Aug 30, 11:20AM EDT0

When a child wants to write a story. Tell them to think of a favorite topic they like that they are good at or even working on. Then think of a topic that their family or friends like that they are good at or even working on. Do some research on a google search or youtube and learn about the topic they want to write about. Then think like your in the movies and their story is writing itself, as they write. When your child can feel like they're walking with there character like there is a movie or like a dream. Then your child is ready to put his or her mind to write anything. Just have your child write her or his memo about his day is a start to writing. Your child can write about one of his favorite vacations with the family. He can write up fiction objects or other things that he or she wishes they would saw or imagine what they could see. There are movies of the character being a writer in the movies. That is good movies that can help your child. Any child can write and is ready to write any time he or she puts their mind to it. When they get a good story in their mind like it feels like a dream or a movie. It's time to write. Even if it is only a few words or a few sentences at a time is okay. Writing every day about something can help. watching different topics on youtube, movies, films, even tv shows and books can help a writer get ideas on how to write. There are great books and shows out there can help anyone with any skill. Good luck to any child who wants to write and become an author or an illustrator. \

It is the same for your child who wants to become an illustrator. Have your child draw or paint the house, objects in the house or outdoors, while you're on vacation. Even practice drawing some of the things he saw on his favorite tv show. Your child just thinks like your in the movies, and you have a good idea for a topic for the movie. Start drawing the background for your movie, or even the characters and your dog and cat. Children have good imaginations and can come up with an idea to pretend to play. The child could take that pretend playtime and create an image out of it and draw and paint it, and write a story about it. Parents see the work and ready to published and illustrate anything. It is excellent works that children do nowadays. Children work as hard as adults and come up with some great ideas for stories and images to illustrate for another great movie. Good luck to all you kids who want to become an author or an illustrator. You just have to believe in your work and keep trying your best in whatever you want to do in your life, even after you grow up. Good luck to all of you. Just remember one thing, when you write and your stump and not sure what to write about in a certain topic. go on the internet and do research on it. It can help you come up with ideas to keep your story flowing. It is okay to ask for help from other people even your parents and teachers about the topic in your story. If you're writing a story about robots and space. Ask for help on the internet, or find a science teacher to help you. YouTube is a great resource to find many topics to learn about on video. I enjoyed writing this up for the kids and the parents and everyone. I'm glad to help. . Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 5:48AM EDT0
What were the challenges you had to encounter to complete Magical Ocean Adventures?
Aug 30, 9:56AM EDT0

Writing the magical ocean was easy because I thought of my family at the beach and what they would do at the beach. The challenges are when I work with the illustrator and the team to make sure the illustrations match the storyline. Some of it did not. I had to have the illustrators change the illustration to make it correct. Ounce the finalize on the illustrations. I had to rephrase some of the stories to match the illustrations. That is a challenge to work with to complete the Magical Ocean Adventures. Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 5:24AM EDT0

How easy or difficult has it been for you to write from a child's perspective?

Aug 30, 9:23AM EDT0

It is easy for me because I put my imagination as a child would be. To write children stories you have to think like a child like your an actor and acting apart like a child character,. Being a parent makes it easier because I have a child at home and I learn from him and the other children I see in public and watching children on TV. Just think of a place you would like to take your child on vacation. You think about your character is like your child on how he would respond throughout the story. Trying to put your mind at ease and think about children playing or what they like to do at the beach. I think like I am writing a movie when I write stories. It makes it easier to write that way. Thanks for your questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 5:20AM EDT0
Do you use a publisher or have you opted for the self-publishing route? Why did you choose this publishing method?
Aug 30, 5:40AM EDT0

I choose to use a publisher that is self-publishing where I have to pay to publish, I might not have made a wise choice in publishing., I choose this route because I wanted my book to be published so all my kids can read my books and all the kids around the world to feel like they're on an adventure with the character or the family in the story. The third book I created it for my late father because he loves ghost towns. I thought I would publish it to honor my father. The two children books I published them to honor my children and the kids around the world. I wanted to create fun entertainment for everyone to enjoy for all ages.

I would like to republish my books to another publisher. Traditional publisher, I might think about in the future.. Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes 

Aug 31, 5:15AM EDT0
What are some of the books you have read that have been disguised to be for children yet it is enjoyed by adults?
Aug 30, 4:09AM EDT0

The Little House on the Prairie is one book that is written for children like the older children and adults enjoy reading it. I have not read any books that I can think of that was disguised for children and enjoyed b adults. I find something in any book that can be brought out for children, juvenile and adults can learn anything from a book even a children book that adults like reading. Some books could say their for children but could be for all ages too. Publishers do not put it is for all ages to enjoy. They only put a certain age range. Like my beach book, the publisher puts ages 2-14. When adults and juveniles would enjoy reading the beach book to. Their our books like that. Some books that have no pictures in them and only words could be for adults but yet children and juveniles could enjoy reading them to. I have not found any book that I was disgusted by. Thanks for the question.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 5:07AM EDT0

What inspired you to write books for children? How would you describe the creative process?

Aug 30, 3:00AM EDT0

Thinking about my kids and how I would like to get closer to them inspires me to write children books. I find inspiration in watching my kids and other people's kids help me to find a way to be able to help my kids, and other kids around the world. God wants us to help service his people. The one gift I can give to my own kids is writing adventures is like being with the family while reading, and I can help other kids feel like their family is in the book on a vacation at the beach or the child in a forest learning about animals and their phonics. I hope writing children books can help inspire the parents to have a fun adventure in reading is like going on an adventure with your kids.

To create a children book you watch your own child and other peoples child and watching children on TV helps inspire me to draw ideas for a story. I think about what adventure my own son would like to go. He wants to go to the ocean. I created a beach, an ocean adventure that is fun with treasure hunting. The next creativity is finding something for the kids to learn like crab sticking his claw through the sandcastle submarine is a safety issue for parents and kids to be aware of the water animals could hurt us. Finding creativity through treasure hunting is finding a way for a child to learn to share his treasures. When I write a children's book, I think of a topic I need to write about, I think of my own kids of what place they have been and what entertainment would they love to explore. Sometimes I have to do research like in my ABC 123 Animal Kid. I did research to learn about animals from a-z. I have to pick the animals that kids would love to explore within a reading. My topic is the forest look up animals in the forest. I find some letters do not have very many animals that start with a certain letter. Like "p" does not have very many animals with "p." I choose a penguin even though it is not a forest animal. In these cases, I have to explore with the story of walking up a steep hill to get high in the forest where the snow and ice is. That makes it tough sometimes. Once the research was done with each letter, then I make up a story about that letter.  After the story is created, then there is lots of reviewing, editing. Finding a publisher and working with them. Hunting for pictures that best fits each page. The new book I thought of a design of what I would want for my beach book. Working with Illustrators to get the design to write. Other publishers working with the team to make sure they get the design correct for each story page. You have the editing team who edits your book and works with you. Once it goes to the printer, the author sees more mistakes, it cost more money and doing more editing in the book and making changes to some of the images with my first book, and my 2nd book. My new book we just keep going over and over. Once it to the printer that was it for that book. It is a lot of processes to create a book. Thanks for the questions.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 4:58AM EDT0

What are some of the things parents need to do to instil an enjoyment for reading in their children?

Aug 30, 1:56AM EDT0

The parents can have their children imagine theirs in the place where the book it, for example, the children can imagine their at the beach with their family hunting for treasure or going in a submarine under the ocean. 

The parents can have the kids act the part on the page like pretending they're a dolphin swimming in the ocean with the submarine. Having your kids join in the books can be fun. After you read some of the words say "look" and then point to the image and have your child say what is in the image. Parents can have their children going on an adventure in reading. Telling your kids "let's go on another adventure. What adventure story do you want to read tonight?" Making up stories and adding their name to the story is fun too.  If a parent is helping their child read and you're replacing his name with the characters name in the book can be fun. Make sure you tell your child he is going to be in the story instead of the character name. Just mention the certain character name in the book. Like in the beach book one of the character names is sunshine. Let's say your child name is Tim. You can tell your child your our sunshine today. I am going to use your name in the book. This could be a fun way to get your child to learn to want to read because it will be like he is in the story. Got to find a way to bring the fun adventures in reading can help the kids learn and grow into adults one day.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 4:34AM EDT0
What are some of the challenges you have faced during the creation of children's books?
Aug 30, 1:26AM EDT1

The hardest challenge is working with the publishers to make sure there are no grammar errors. Working with the illustrations to make sure the illustrations match with the storyline. Thanks for the question.


Author Irene Holmes

Aug 31, 4:21AM EDT0

Writing books is like writing a movie or an animation show. Creating fun imagination bring the children joy in any lifetime of reading like watching their favorite cartoon or show. I hope to create my books for film and animation someday. I love to create fun entertainment for all ages can inspire anyone in reading.  Thanks, everyone for all your questions! By,Author Irene Holmes     

Aug 29, 11:07PM EDT0
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