AMA: Red Carpet Book and Interview Mastery Get a radical platform by writing your book, taking it to bestseller, and doing media interviews!

Debbi Dachinger
Feb 9, 2018

Thank you for connecting with me! I'm a visibility expert who coaches the techniques and strategies to gain exposure through books, media and interviews. I've hosted the Dare to Dream syndicated radio show for 11 years. I mentor authors as a book writing coach, I also run My Bestseller Book, a company that guarantees international bestseller book launches, and I’m a consultant to those who are ready for media visibility and PR exposure. I am a certified coach and I get results! Desire to write your book and share YOUR LEGACY? Work with me to write and finish your book to bestseller status.

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For ladies and gentlemen, what's the best red carpet look like in your opinion?

Feb 14, 5:56AM EST0

What's a PR nightmare for you? How would you deal with it if your client is caught in such a bad situation?

Feb 13, 11:54PM EST0

What inspired you to start coaching and help promoting authors?

Feb 12, 8:23PM EST0

What would you consider your most memorable and/or challenging project you worked on so far?

Feb 12, 10:09AM EST0

How do you get publicity for a given author, is the process the same/similar for all or very individual?

Feb 10, 8:23AM EST0

Do you coach authors on their writing skills or marketing skills or both?

Feb 10, 7:13AM EST0

Yes, I coach on writing skills.  The marketing as well on how to take their book to bestseller, and how the author can gain more visibility.

Feb 10, 12:20PM EST0

You are on radio, TV, live events and write as well, which ones do you feel most comfortable with?

Feb 10, 6:31AM EST0

Live events! Red carpet interviews, in person interviews. Anything being with the person or people, causes me to thrive.

Feb 10, 12:21PM EST0

Would you say you are now close to what you dreamt as being a sa kid or did that completely change over time?

Feb 9, 11:49PM EST0

Are there many women in radio nowadays? Do you find it a highly competitive environment and generally, do you feel media is dominated by men?

Feb 9, 8:37PM EST0

Just be YOU. and then there is no competition. :-)

Feb 10, 12:22PM EST0

What role does your experience in the industry over the years and built personal connections have for the success of your authors? Do you think someone good at marketing but starting now can be a fair competitor to you? How much of PR is about connections you build over time?

Feb 9, 7:32PM EST0

Nicholas, for me, everything is about the connections I've built. I created strong relationships over 11 years and it serves me and my clients well.  No matter if you're new or seasoned, positive connections sustain one's business.

Feb 10, 12:23PM EST0

You are a radio broadcast coach, what does that mean for an entrepreneur, why should they use a service like that?

Feb 9, 3:34PM EST0

Having a radio or podcast show is a blast; it’s a great way to gain exposure as well as to meet extraordinary people and have fascinating conversation. The reason why broadcast coaching is important is because a new host needs to learn how to set up a show, how to operate things, how to get great guests, how to become an interesting host, how to gain a lot of listeners to tune in, and how to make a sustainable show, that hopefully will bring it advertisers and sponsors. It’s a lot if one just starts their won radio show or podcast without understanding all these elements. However, if they will be coached, or invest in my easy online program, it gets you up and running quickly. You would know everything when you started your first radio or podcast show, and as a host you’d be confident, calm, and feel like a rock star right away. Why struggle in the beginning when instead you can have everything in place and perform with excellence?

Feb 10, 12:31PM EST0

How do you pick the authors you work with? Have you declined any for example if you believe their book is just not good enough?

Feb 9, 3:05PM EST0

I have been fortunate in that I have never declined anyone, nor had to. I truly believe that the right people are sent to me, and because of that belief that is my reality. I work with awesome authors and people. I feel very blessed.

Feb 10, 12:33PM EST0

How do you decide which part of someone’s character can be used to their advantage and which they would need to change?

Feb 9, 1:50PM EST0

Is the Dare to Dream show about authors as well or anyone can find something to fit their interest there?

Feb 9, 12:11PM EST0

Although I do often have authors on the Dare To Dream radio show, I also have many other people as well. Athlete champs, wellness advocate’s, transformational leaders. I find them all fascinating. You should listen?!

Feb 10, 12:35PM EST0

Do you work only with self-published authors?

Feb 9, 11:23AM EST0

I do work with self-published authors, absolutely. However, I also work with people who have been published through a publishing house. Both work well in what I do and the services I provide.

Feb 10, 12:36PM EST0

Do you think nowadays a lot of people in the media sector along with successful entrepreneurs are lacking some skills that you could improve? If so what would those be?

Feb 9, 6:11AM EST0

How do you reach out to media and press personalities so you can help out your clients?

Feb 9, 5:07AM EST0

A properly written email. Plus a properly put together press media kit.

Feb 9, 12:40PM EST0

How long is your average coaching session? How many does one need to improve? Are they individual or in groups? Or are they online?

Feb 9, 3:11AM EST0

The average coaching session is one hour.  I cannot say how much one needs as far as sessions, because it depends where one is starting from and how much they require. Everything is quite individual with each client. Yes, I do a lot of individual private sessions, as well as group coaching. Every year I offer at least one group mentoring experience. I have programs on line that people can invest in and do in their own time, and occasionally I offer on line group experiences. For those who want to do private coaching we do those by Skype, Zoom or telephone. Thank you!

Feb 10, 12:40PM EST0

I’m a self published author who is getting some traction and recognition already. What is your process for getting authors on the map and how does someone possibly start working with you??

Feb 8, 9:26PM EST0

In your opinion and experience, what's the best way for a writer to make himself/herself known? 

Feb 8, 8:59PM EST0

5% of any book is the writing. 95% of the book becoming known is what happens AFTER the book is written. An author must have strategy and a team, or a good action timeline to follow, to properly market their book.

Feb 9, 12:39PM EST0

I'm a pro freelance writer and was thinking about using a dozen of my  'best of' trading-related articles as part of a new book, one that will help teach new traders how to survive/thrive in the markets. Would there be any interest in such a book?

Feb 8, 8:14PM EST0

Hi, exciting premise! 100% yes there will be interest.  Your task is to make the information new so the book is revolutionary and relevant. Also - try to make the best-of think about a full sized book (unless you only want to do a smaller e-book).  Regarding book length, a 50,000 word book might break nicely into ten chapters — about 5,000 words per chapter. 5,000 words isn't much more than the length of a couple of blog posts or related articles, and something you can easily write over a weekend.

Feb 8, 8:47PM EST0

Do you read all your authors’ books before you take on the job to work with them on marketing those?

Feb 8, 8:04PM EST0

I do not read anyone's book before (way too much work). Once an author signs on with me then I aboslutely read their book.  Then I know how to get them to bestseller and where to position them and who they are.

Feb 8, 8:49PM EST0

Are coaching sessions done in person or can you also work with your clients online?

Feb 8, 4:54PM EST0

Hi, thanks for your question. Coaching sessions are often done online, through Skype, or Zoom, or telephone. When a client lives in the same area as me or travels here we can also meet in person. However, yes most often sessions are done online.  :-)

Feb 8, 5:14PM EST0

With social media and everything being done behind a screen, can’t people get away without skills to communicate in person?

Feb 8, 2:47PM EST0

What are the best pieces of advice you can share with aspiring authors who dream about becoming popular in the future?

Feb 8, 12:23PM EST0

Start small. Writing short stories is a great way to do that. Many novelists have started this way, including me. Writing a good short story forces you to create and develop a character and take a plot from beginning to end in a limited number of pages. It also prepares you for writing a novel, because each chapter is basically a short story. Writing a short story is also much less intimidating than writing a novel.

Feb 8, 5:18PM EST0

Do you ever feel discriminated against being a woman in such a competitive environment?

Feb 8, 6:12AM EST0

No, I do not.

Feb 8, 9:56AM EST1

Do you have a favourite genre? What is it? Do you enjoy more working with authors matching that or it doesn’t matter?

Feb 8, 6:08AM EST0

Hey... Thanks for writing. To be a GOOD author takes some discipline. More important is to be properly coached. I enjoy working with all authors, and the genre does not matter. I like coaching because I teach the arch of storyline, characters, chapters, titles, and how to write a page turner. I make the process easy so when someone desires to write a book - they can. And they can write a great book too! I hope that helps!

Feb 8, 10:20AM EST0

What’s your talk show like on radio? What are the usual topics you discuss?

Feb 8, 4:24AM EST0

Listen! https://bbsradio.com/daretodream  -OR- debbidachinger.com/category/radio-interview-archives/

A fun, cutting-edge talk radio show about success, “DARE TO DREAM” is award-winning and the most motivating hour on radio. An upbeat, unique program, “DARE TO DREAM” enlightens and entertains listeners with Debbi’s lively personality and engaging experts.  A popular media guest and speaker, Debbi is a keynote at high level national events, she’s a radio and TV personality; an international bestselling author, speaker and certified coach.  “DARE TO DREAM” radio inspires listeners to achieve their dreams. She’s a radio personality, seen in documentary films, news media and is a regular contributor to Published Magazine.  Dreams are free so free your dreams – what do YOU Dare To Dream?  

Feb 8, 10:18AM EST0

Can anyone become an author with persistance and good guidance or you absolutely have to have a talent?

Feb 7, 10:58PM EST0

Ha! Great question.  Truth, anyone can become an author. To be a GOOD author takes some discipline. More important is to be properly coached. I like coaching because I teach the arch of storyline, characters, chapters, titles, and how to write a page turner. I make the process easy so when someone desires to write a book - they can. And they can write a great book too!

Feb 7, 11:21PM EST0

Do media promote your coaching works? If, yes how does it influence?

Feb 7, 7:07PM EST0

Yes if you're a coach, media can promote what you do. However it is preferred never to be salesy when being interviewed. Rather offer content and value. When you talk about or share something new that people can use and learn from, they will be influenced and flock to you.

Feb 7, 10:44PM EST0

How do you judge this accuracy?

Feb 7, 5:15PM EST0

Hey... Thanks for writing. I'm unclear what your question is specifically regarding.  Please rewrite it and share what information you're looking for?

Feb 7, 5:42PM EST0
What is your best market niche?
Feb 7, 5:04PM EST0

Hey... Thanks for writing. I'm unclear what your question is specifically regarding. If it is regarding books and book coaching, I mentor authors in all genres.  If it about the bestseller, I guarantee international bestseller. And if it is about media interviews, it depends on the person, and their expertise etc. I hope that helps!

Feb 7, 5:41PM EST0
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