AMA, Larry, former Italian author of American history short-stories; student of American history. Very keen on American history, especially colonial period, but also other eras.

Farmer John
Mar 10, 2018

Former Italian author of American history short-stories; student of American history. Very keen on American history, especially colonial period, but also other eras. I devoted my life to the United States. I began studying them in 1976 at 17 and went on till now. I also wrote some Westerns ("Little Belt" series) and other stories. I like classic Western, and movies also (American, from 1920s to 1976).

Some lines of one of my stories entitled A GLORIUS DAY FOR ABIGAIL SEYMOUR (2003), by Farmer John (C) 2003. Written in English. / Winter of 1777, Amherst, Western Massachusetts, the cold season wrapped in its icy cloak the Massachusetts's lonely small town; it was a harsh winter and it even froze the Connecticut River.(1) It was west of few houses; they were six miles from the frontier village and they were like Abigail Seymour's small home

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Do you feel that Western colonialism caused most of today's conflicts in a post-colonial world?
Mar 13, 12:34PM EDT0

Sure! We are responsible of four centuries of colonialism, especially in Africa and not only. Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese: slave trade towards America since the so-called Age of Discovery; natural resources exploitation. Now the Third World is revenging itself ... through migration.

Mar 13, 12:42PM EDT0
How did European intellectuals speculate a post-colonial era before the American Revolution?
Mar 13, 5:16AM EDT0
Could you suggest some good histories of former colonies post-WWII?
Mar 13, 5:14AM EDT0
What are the best literary works based on post-colonialism and American history?
Mar 13, 2:37AM EDT0

Modern: see these authors: Gordon S. Wood, Jack N. Rakove, Ian K. Steele, Jace Weaver, Robert Dalleck.

Older: Frederick Jackson Turner, John Franklin Jameson, Charles McLean Andrews, Evarts Boutell Greene, Louis B. Wright, Herbert Eugene Bolton. 

Mar 13, 2:59AM EDT0
What do you think are the current events involving effects of postcolonialism?
Mar 12, 8:30PM EDT0

The revolts in Africa and the Middle East. We are troubled by Libya, for example, being it very close to us.

Mar 13, 2:07AM EDT0
Where can people find your books online?
Mar 10, 8:19PM EST0

My writings aren't online.

Mar 10, 11:49PM EST0
What are you currently writing about? Anything interesting that your readers should know about?
Mar 10, 4:15PM EST0

My last story dates back to 2013. It is called "The Stolen Treasure" and is a tale set in the northwestern part of South Carolina in the mid-eighteenth century, that is to say during the Seven Years' War between France and England.

Mar 10, 7:58PM EST0
What according to you are the biggest mistakes that have been made in American history?
Mar 10, 3:27PM EST0

Iron Fist from the British government towards American colonists. A softer position would have avoided the revolution. But in London they were deaf to the appeals of American leaders.

Last edited @ Mar 10, 7:58PM EST.
Mar 10, 7:54PM EST0
Do you feel the Franklin Delano Roosevelt is an overrated figure in American history?
Mar 10, 2:00PM EST0

No. I think he was a great statesman and did very much for his country.

Mar 10, 7:39PM EST0
Are there any lies that have had the greatest influence on American history?
Mar 10, 11:41AM EST0

Yes, especially during the electoral campaigns. For example, Trump's wall on the Mexican border. It isn't possible buiding it: too expensive.

Mar 10, 1:24PM EST0
What are the biggest challenges that you came across while writing on American history subject?
Mar 10, 11:05AM EST0

The English language. I used to write in Italian, but I tried also writing in English. So, I learnt it alone, at home, as a self-taught, over the years. A good exercise for me. Never studied English at school. I began writing in English when I was 38, in 1997. So, I succeeded in writing a short-story only. I translate only, journal articles, now.

Last edited @ Mar 10, 11:21AM EST.
Mar 10, 11:20AM EST0
What do you think has been the most controversial Presidential elections in American history?
Mar 10, 8:39AM EST0

Well, in my opinion, Geoge W. Bush and the last one, Trump.

Mar 10, 9:48AM EST0
What made you get interested in American history? When did you know you wanted to learn more and write on this subject?
Mar 10, 6:42AM EST0

A good question. Where I was born and grew up. When? In 1976, at the age of 17. I was born in the countryside. In 1976 I bought my first book and from then on I have always went on.

Mar 10, 7:21AM EST0

Do you think that there is such a thing as a post-colonial travelogue, travel writing that 'turns the genre on itself' and also includes new techniques, language, etc.?

Mar 9, 4:59PM EST0

I think each traveller has is own style.

Mar 9, 7:29PM EST0
Do you find anything about American history suspicious, shocking, or confusing?
Mar 9, 3:14PM EST0

Yes, some American contradiction. 

Mar 9, 7:25PM EST0
What are your writing habits - do you write on the computer, a typewriter, longhand? Do you write every day?
Mar 9, 10:32AM EST0

Yes, on the computer now. Not every day.

Mar 9, 11:17AM EST0
What are some of your recommendations for the best post-colonial novels?
Mar 9, 6:16AM EST0

I like classic westerns such as Zane Grey, Ernest Haycox, Alan LeMay.

Mar 9, 8:04AM EST0
during your research/study of American history what decisions did not appear to be very important at the time, but had absolutely terrible consequences for the nation?
Mar 9, 4:08AM EST0

Foreign relations. In fact, nowadays there are some problems about China and North Korea, above all the latter. It's only my opinion, but Americans had better start peace talks, with Russia as well. I have a dream (just like Martin Luther King), that is, a "world without nuclear weapons!" A world full of nuclear weapons is a nonsense world. No one can win a nuclear war. Neither the United States, nor Russia, nor North Korea. So, I would like say: "Politicians and military: please, destroy all nuclear weapons. You will destroy the Earth!" On the contrary, use the science for peace not for war. Together. All the scientist around the world!

Last edited @ Mar 9, 4:42AM EST.
Mar 9, 4:40AM EST0
What are good, accessible books on American history in terms of foreign policy, government, and national defense?
Mar 8, 11:44PM EST0

Modern: see these authors: Gordon S. Wood, Jack N. Rakove.

Older: Frederick Jackson Turner, John Franklin Jameson, Charles McLean Andrews.

Mar 9, 1:15AM EST0
If the 2nd Amendment was all about"the right to enslave people" instead of "the right to bear arms", would people still support slavery as a part of American history?
Mar 8, 10:55PM EST0

Well, for we Europeans, and Italians in particular, it's very difficult accept slavery, but as you say, "bear arms" is part of the 2nd Amendment. About slavery, this caused the Civil War because the northern States didn't accept it. The Blacks weren't "persons" but "tools" to work on the southern plantations. But, the Black were also treated badly in the northern factories. Unfortunately, this is also American history.

Mar 9, 1:12AM EST0
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