AMA I am Ken Melvoin-Berg author, writer, tv producer, expert on true crime, sex/BDSM, serial killers, & the occult. I also love Aquaman, my family, and my amazing frug (pug/french bulldog) Nathan.

Ken Melvoin-Berg
Mar 7, 2018

I am here today to answer anything about my books, articles, tv shows (Sex with Sunny Megatron), and I host the American Sex Podcast with my wife and partner Sunny Megatron. 

I specialize in Forteana, true crime, serial killers, and the occult. UFOs, cryptozoology, the paranormal, serial killers, the history of sexuality in Chicago, sex, kink, BDSM.

I  have tons of info aout weird and bizarre practices and I have no fliter. Literally Ask Me Anything!

Ken Melvoin-Berg


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Which is your favourite piece of BDSM equipment to restrain a submissive, and why?

Mar 9, 8:30PM EST0
You say you love the occult, do you believe in communicating to deceased people? Have you ever done it?
Mar 9, 9:14AM EST0
What do you talk about in the podcast? How did it come around as an idea?
Mar 9, 3:39AM EST0

My wife and I are sex educators. We caught the attention of Showtime and had a tv show. We talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of fuck. Our podcast is about sex in all its forms. The podcast is also a continuuation of our show.

Mar 9, 5:15AM EST0
What is the difference between a podcast and streaming media?
Mar 8, 7:26AM EST0

Streaming media is a method of transmitting data in different forms. It can be any medium like video, movie, web series, or a song. It is how we send the files.

A podcast is a file of an audio recording of a themed episode of a multi part series, kind of like a radio show for the internet.

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Mar 8, 12:36PM EST0
Are there things you would not do in bed?
Mar 8, 2:51AM EST0

Taxes. Sexy time and sleepy stuff, no limit.

Mar 8, 12:29PM EST0
Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life and why do you think so?
Mar 7, 10:21PM EST0

Any of the characters from Twilight. #BoringAsHell #VampiresDontSparkle

Mar 8, 12:28PM EST0
Does it not kill the romance somewhat to work with your partner as well? Do you spend any time apart?
Mar 7, 8:47PM EST0

We actually do spend time apart, but we are always working at keeping the relationship fresh and fun. Also we also have a poly open relationship. I'm the luckiest guy on earth with an amazing wife and an incredible girlfriend.

Mar 7, 9:05PM EST0
What are the most common sexual fantasies you have come across during your podcast work and in general? What about some really crazy ones?
Mar 7, 6:44PM EST0

Death fetishes, robot fetishes, formicophilia (bugs crawling on your skin), breaking dishes (this is a new episode coming up on American Sex Podcast),  alien breeding fetishes, and more.

Mar 7, 7:08PM EST0

Two questions; 1. What has been the hardest lesson you've learned on your sexual journey so far? 2. Have you played the RPG Board Game Pathfinder?

Mar 7, 6:20PM EST0

Question 1: In BDSM/Kink while I may be a Dom, I may not be your Dom

Question 2: Yes, I love it in fact. one of my best friends just got a job with them as a gmae designer. I can't wait to see 2nd edition this August!!

Mar 7, 6:43PM EST0
What was one instance in your life were you caused a big problem, but no one ever found out it was you?
Mar 7, 5:46PM EST0

I was dressed up as a clown doing an act for a nightclub and stole one of the snowman decorations. I ran down the street and was drunk, hiding behind cars, dressed as a clown with a stolen snow man. The owner of the venue was looking for that damn clown for years, but had no idea it was me.

Last edited @ Mar 7, 6:12PM EST.
Mar 7, 6:11PM EST0

Haha that's great:)) Why didn't you just give it back?? The poor man!

Mar 7, 6:16PM EST0

What expierences in Chicago are a must-see in the oddity and true crime world?

Mar 7, 4:54PM EST0

The site of the USS Eastland Disaster, St Valentine's day massacre, Iroquois theater fire disaster, H.H.Holmes murder castle. Go to for more info.

Mar 7, 5:42PM EST1
If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?
Mar 7, 4:43PM EST0

Lord Thunderpants. I would choose it because it's an amazing name.

Mar 7, 5:40PM EST1

Are you related to Salvadore Dali?

Mar 7, 3:33PM EST0

Only in spirit.

Mar 7, 3:41PM EST1
If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask and why?
Mar 7, 2:44PM EST0

Is there intelligent friendly life beyond earth? I would want to know where potential allies would be if there is alien life out there.

Mar 7, 3:14PM EST0

So, let's talk about serial killers. Why do they fascinate you so much (mentioned them twice), and which of the prolific serial killers do you find most interesting?

Mar 7, 2:17PM EST0

LOL mentioning them twice was a typo lol. I have always been interested in murder, death, and forensics since I could read. I have also had personal loss from a serial killer murdering a loved one. The most compelling serial killers are the Chicago Ripper Crew, H.H.Holmes, Pedro Alonzo Lopez, and Jack the Ripper.

Mar 7, 2:23PM EST1
What problem or situation did a series or movie make you think would be common when you grew up, but you found out it was not?
Mar 7, 2:14PM EST0

Quicksand. I expected way more real life deaths by quicksand.

Mar 7, 2:24PM EST0
Which of your talents, other than writing, did you use to create your novels?
Mar 7, 10:15AM EST0

Real life experience in the subject I write about. The old saying ,"write about what you know" is golden. I would also add consistency is a huge skill. Write 1500 words a day every day.

Mar 7, 1:39PM EST0
In your opinion, what is one quote or saying people spout that is complete nonsense?
Mar 7, 6:46AM EST0

"Money can't buy happiness." 

Personally I would be a lot happier with cash than without it.

Mar 7, 1:36PM EST1
What do you believe will finally break the internet?
Mar 7, 6:00AM EST0

Artificial intelligence. Unless there is a way to instill ethics or morals into an AI the inevitable result will be the end of the internet in the way that we know it.

Mar 7, 1:31PM EST1
What is the most interesting thing you have read this week and what about it caught your interest?
Mar 7, 1:06AM EST0

I was researching a game scenario for Call of Cthulhu and read an Ambrose Bierce short story "Oil of dog". The thing that caught my interest was the suspense,  it's what wasn't readily apparent that created horror.

Mar 7, 1:43PM EST2
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