AMA - From identity crisis to unwavering confidence: After hiding for years behind a gained identity, I took a leap of faith and jump into the unchartered waters of my greatness. I'm now on a mission to help individuals discover their genius through the journey of enough.

Claudia Vidal
May 10, 2018

My mission is based on bringing balance to all human beings regardless of their ethnicity, social-economic background, gender identity, educational background, career choice, or disability. I believe beneath the color of our skin, intellectual quotient, creative abilities, financial status, and gender preference we all share one commonality: being human.

We all seek the same outcomes: to feel alive, belong, love, be loved, dream big and contribute. Yet, most of the population has a hard time transitioning from wishing to doing.

The Journey of Enough mission is important to me because I think we all deserve to live an ideal life instead of merely existing. Thrive in lieu of striving. Create and inspire in place of burying our dreams. 

For 30 years I struggled with finding my voice, and my place in this thing we call life. I revised and changed myself until I fitted the mold of what is socially acceptable. Still, I was unhappy, incomplete and out of sync. But after engaging in endless cycles of misery and fighting my way out of adversity,  I came to a realization that all I had to do was love me. I didn't need the world to affirm my greatness or for my loved ones to assure that I was good enough. Thus, I made the decision to embrace and celebrate my authenticity. That is when my life changed in unimaginable ways. I got a clean slate and am now helping others reset their lives.

I'm here to take this journey with you! to help you explore how magical the journey to sufficiency can be as you discover your greatness. If you can, close your eyes for 60 seconds and envision how life can look like without the distractions preventing you from seeing who you really are.


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What kind of thoughts led to the most destruction in your life?
May 16, 8:46AM EDT0
What do you think is the most important thing that is lacking in most people today?
May 15, 11:34AM EDT0

Hello Maja, 

Hope all is well and thank you for asking a great question. 

I believe the single most important thing lacking in most people's lives is a balance between their mind, body, spirit, and environment. For this reason, it's much more difficult for one to move forward and thrive. People are confused and just don't know what steps to take to rise above their challenges.  Thus, they look for a quick fix by either avoiding or fighting their circumstances. Yet, the secret is in the basics. If we learn to listen to our body, quiet or mind, follow our desires and respect our environment we can attain the balance required to live a fulfilled life.

Loved your question! Feel free to connect with me at 

Wishing you a lovely day!

May 15, 12:26PM EDT0
How could someone get back on track whenever obstacles strike on achieving their goals?
May 15, 7:38AM EDT0

Good morning, Ana!

Hope all is well and thank you for posting your question. 

Every year we create a list of new year resolutions, we set goals and feel determined. Yet as the weeks pass by our energy levels decrease, our internal drive shuts off and we are back to square one! And the cycle goes on and on for months, years and sometimes even decades. This process is due to entropy which means a lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. So although we believe we are just not fit to meet certain goals, in reality, we are experiencing obstacles because we haven't crafted a plan to stop entropy from entering our lives. 

The best way to not lose sight of yourself and stay on track with your goals is to ensure that you cover every area of disruption by: 

Identifying the goal.

Using the S.M.A.R.T.  (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound) model. 

Asking yourself what is it going to cost you to not commit to the goal.

Creating an Annual target.

Narrowing it down to quarters, months, weeks and days.

Working towards it!

If you use the above formula for goal setting, you will always be able to get back on track to achieving your goals even when life happens. 

I hope I could answer your question. Feel free to connect with me at

Wishing you a lovely day!

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May 15, 10:44AM EDT0
What does fulfilled life mean to you?
May 14, 9:30PM EDT0

Good morning, Paola

Hope all is well and thank you for posting your question. 

Fulfilled life means an experience of knowingness, flow, and peace. A life where we get to explore the depths of our human essence and core qualities. An exploration of the past, present, and future simultaneously encapsulated in moments of stillness.

When I think about living a fulfilled life, I envisioned myself making an impact and touching lives along my journey on this planet. Walking alongside my children and allowing them to dream and go farther than ever thought possible. Building sanctuaries everywhere I settle. Connecting with people at a human level and creating meaningful relationships.  I feel alive, complete and loved. 

Wishing you a lovely day! If you wish to connect, you can reach me at

May 15, 8:47AM EDT0
Is it really necessary to become a genius or can a person just accept their importance in this world and work towards it?
May 14, 2:35PM EDT0

Good morning!

Hope all is well and thank you for posting your question.  Mostly, we refer to "genius" as someone with extraordinary skills or out of the norm, yet in the dictionary is defined as someone with a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude.  One's ability to recognize and share their importance in this world. 

We don't have to become genius because we all have an undeveloped innate aptitude. Sometimes we forget this truth because we bury it deep in our memory bank. However, your genius is always there waiting to be awakened, and nurture so that it can help you navigate through this thing we call life. 

I hope I could answer your question. If you would like to continue the conversation email me at

Wishing you a lovely day!

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May 15, 8:21AM EDT0
How can a person motivate others without actually making them feel bored?
May 14, 12:46AM EDT0

Good morning!

Hope all is well and thank you for posting your question. 

Motivation is something we are always doing. We are motivated to get dress, go to work, go on vacation, visit friends, dine out, etc. The challenge with motivation and goals is that it often requires us to give up something we love and do something we hate.  Otherwise, we wouldn't set goals. If you think about it we don't have a goal to get up each morning and go to work, we just do it. Thus, the trick is to link the tasks to our normal habits. 

For example, if you want to motivate your son to lose weight, telling him he needs to comply, lecturing him for his lack of motivation or ignoring the problem will make him more anxious.  As a result, instead of working with you, he'll work against you by focusing on your approach rather than his behavior.  However, if you intentionally plan to take him to the mall to purchase something he needs, you can indirectly influence him to walk for 30 minutes targeting the weight challenge.  On another note, you can make modifications to your food shopping/dining experience to improve your health while potentially affecting his nutrition.  Consequently, you'll notice that his levels of laziness and anxiety about his health begin to dramatically decrease.  

My daily mantra is: "Be the change you want to see"  I've worked with many people some with alcoholism, drugs, procrastination, health, self-esteem issues and they always find a way out of their destructive habits. We must become exemplary role models to those who we wish to help by working on ourselves instead of expecting others to change. It's also important to remember that change is a process, not an event. As we become more aware and compassionate towards other's who are struggling they slowly open up and trust our judgment. 

I hope I could answer your question. If you wish to connect with me you can reach me at

May 14, 11:25AM EDT0
How can a person be a genius? What all parameters/points/values/activities does one need to work on to become a genius?
May 13, 10:46PM EDT0

Good morning, 

Hope all is well and thank you for posting your question. 

Believe it or not, you have genius inside of you! Genius is defined as someone with a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude. In my experience, I've learned that we are all gifted in 1 or more domains of our lives. However, we often forget and lose sight of our innate abilities as we get older and conditioned by the beliefs of our parents, teachers, society, culture, etc.  Especially between the ages of 7 to 14, we dream less and doubt ourselves more.  Consequently, our self-esteem and spirit become compromised which leads us to believe we are not good enough. 

The good news is that regardless of your age you can still get in touch with your gifts so as long as you work on your mind, body, soul, and environment. It's not an easy process because progress doesn't come in a straight line, but it's 100% achievable. 

If you would like to learn more about this framework, you can connect with me at

May 14, 10:48AM EDT0
Many people don't like to listen to intellectual sides/philosophical sides and often contradict it against the reality. How can one present their rational and philosophical viewpoint on the same grounds?
May 13, 5:57PM EDT0

Good evening,

I love your question! You are absolutely right, most people have a difficult time understanding and applying intellectual vs philosophical practices to their current circumstances.  I believe that is the main reason one contradicts the other and there is often a tug-war between both approaches.

If we use the left side of our brain, we are more likely to entertain the logical ideas and if we tap into the right side of the brain, we may be open to entering the world of philosophy. However, the magic happens when we learn how to use both sides simultaneously (whole-brain thinking). This may appear to be a difficult task at first, but if we commit to exercising both hemispheres of the brain, we can access higher resource states.  As we go through this process, we'll notice that Spirituality and Science are two giants on their own, yet when they coexist within the consciousness ecosystem, miracles happen.

If we want to present our rational and philosophical viewpoints on the same ground, we must first marry the two concepts and then extract its essence. This synergy will provide you with insights so you can share a unison message.

Here is a link to a short but effective exercise that can help you become a whole brain thinker: video exercise

I hope I could answer your question. If you like to continue the conversation email me at

May 13, 9:30PM EDT0
What all services do you offer to the people? How many people have enrolled so far?
May 12, 4:18AM EDT0

Good morning! 

Hope all is well and thank you for your interest in learning more about my services. 

At the moment I offer the following services:

1.  Intensive group coaching to help people rediscover their magic by getting in touch with their childhood dreams (the program begins on May 28 and I've enrolled 10 participants so far). 

2. I conduct biweekly mastermind live calls where I take participants on a journey to sufficiency and self-discovery. (This program is ongoing and I have 15  enrollees). 

3. I'm organizing a 1-day intensive workshop in September for individuals ready for change but are not sure which route to take. (I'm currently registering participants). 

4. Lastly, Im putting together a week-long retreat in Peru for the group coaching participants so they can take their newfound discovery to the next level and activate their vision. 

I don't offer  1 to 1 services but have made exceptions on a need-based criteria (I'm privately coaching 3 clients). 

Wishing you a lovely day! If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

May 12, 6:33AM EDT0
You mentioned that you were hiding behind a gained identity for years. What exactly is a gained identity?
May 11, 8:54PM EDT0

Good evening! Thank you for posting a great question. 

A gained identity also known as the acquired self is when one's spirit is so deflated by the disconnection between the mind and the body that it loses the sense of purpose. Thus, we learn to function and depend on the feedback from our environment, people, or material things. As a result, we project an outward appearance that doesn't match our inner desires. In other words, we create a false identity to cope with the void we are experiencing. 

In my experience, I created a low key, shy, and introverted identity so that I wouldn't get noticed. I figured that if I became an underdog, then no one would expect me to succeed. Thus, I didn't have to worry about failing or disappointing others. Yet, deep down I was dying to be myself and let the world know that I was enough. 

Would love to continue the conversation. Feel free to connect with me at 

May 11, 9:26PM EDT0
When do you think it is time to understand/realize that "Enough is Enough"?
May 11, 7:18PM EDT0

Good evening, 

Wonderful question! In our lives, we all experience an "Enough is Enough" moment. I believe deep down we know it; the signs are present, our gut is torn, a sense of incompleteness surfaces, etc. I would love to hear about your specific situation so I can offer you insightful advice. Generally, I suggest that we pay attention to the feeling linked to the situation i.e. anger, fear, shame, boredom, excitement, bliss, or love. I believe emotions are checkpoints in the phase of transition and they help us understand what is going on in our surroundings. If you can feel it, then you can point it out! And you can take the necessary actions step to enter unfamiliar territory. 

I hope I was able to answer your question. If you need further clarification, feel free to connect with me at

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May 11, 9:08PM EDT0
When did you set up your website "Hues of Change" and what was the primary source of motivation to set up?
May 11, 4:44PM EDT0

Good evening, 

Thank you so much for reaching out and asking me an interesting question. :) 

I set up Hues of Change about three months ago; however, I purchased the domain in 2016. At the time I wasn't clear who I would help or my WHY, but I knew I wanted to make an impact on a larger scale. As I continued to work on myself and got crystal clear about my identity everything made sense. I wanted to help men and women walk through the journey of sufficiency regardless of their current circumstances. 

Hues mean a gradation or variety of a color and Change is defined as a new or refreshingly different experience. Thus, I decided to start a company that offers a synergy of world-class holistic approaches to assist individuals from all walks of life to improve their quality of life. 

Thank you for asking such a great question!  Feel free to connect with me at

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May 11, 8:52PM EDT0
Do you think people should be worried about future or is it important to live in the moment?
May 11, 1:42PM EDT0

Good evening!

Thank you for asking an excellent question.  I believe people should engage in a harmonious movement between the past, present, and future. However, keeping in mind that the past serves as a resource state that informs the present and the future serves as a predictor of what said present may look like. The problem we encounter is that we are reliving bad scenes from the past or daydreaming of paradise without taking proper action. As a result, our present represents a distorted combination of the memories of past and possibilities of the future. 

A simple tip that can ignite the movement between the three is to select a good memory, tap into the energy and excitement you felt at that given time and then think about something you'll like to accomplish in the future. Visualize a moment where you can feel the same way you did in the memory. As you feel, smell, see, hear and taste what the future can look like your heart opens up and you experience the "now". 

I would love to continue this conversation. Feel free to reach out at

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May 11, 8:33PM EDT0
What is something most people don’t really know about you?
May 11, 3:28AM EDT0

Good morning! Thank you for posting a great question. I would love to highlight a negative and positive aspect about me. 

What most people don't know about me is that when out of balance I can be extremely hard on myself. I put so much pressure on my mind to meet deadlines, or to find a solution to a problem. I can lose myself in a world of solitude until I can figure things out. Sometimes I won't even go outside my house until I complete certain tasks. 

Fortunately, as I raised my awareness around this destructive behavior, I've learned to let go and say NO instead of holding on and saying yes. 

Another thing that most people don't know about me is that I love music. Since I was a little girl, I used to spend hours in my room singing and composing songs. I've even attended a music program during my teenage years. As an adult, I love going to Karaoke bars with my friends because I get to pretend that I'm an artist :). 

Great question! Feel free to connect with me at

May 11, 8:12AM EDT0
When you meet people who come to you for help and see them going through the same phase of life like yours a few years back, what do you think? How emotional is that moment for you and how do you cope up with it?
May 11, 1:51AM EDT0

Good morning, 

Hope all is well. Great question! Believe or not it's much easier to work with a person who has gone through similar experiences as me because I can connect with them at a deep level. It's always important for me to be the MIRROR for the client as this process can ease the trust connection.  There are times I may feel the pain that the person is feeling; however, because I've been in that dark place I can use my experience to help them overcome.

It's also imperative I take the time to engage in self-care activities i.e. yoga, meditation, nature walks, weekend retreats, massage, etc. so I can recharge and offer uncompromised services. 

Loved your question! Feel free to connect with me at

May 11, 7:49AM EDT0
What do you most often wish you could say to people who seek your guidance, but don't?
May 10, 11:21PM EDT0

Good morning Alamin, 

Hope all is well and thank you for posting your question. A thought that often crosses my mind, but I hold back is the idea that people can change the circumstances in their lives. 

From experience, I've learned that we dwell on the point of pain for too long, which distract us from finding the solutions to our problem. I understand in our world, things may feel as if they are falling apart, but that is because we've chosen to stay in the place of pain.  Repeatedly Playing and rewinding the awful memories.  However, the few times I've tried to explain this to be people it hasn't always been helpful.  Friends, colleagues, and clients have told me I'm too naïve and nice. Thus, I no longer bring these ideas up unless the person has an open mind, instead, I've developed strategies to warm up the conversation.

Thank you for asking a great question. Feel free to connect with me at

May 11, 7:36AM EDT0
How do you know if a challenge is the right one for a person?
May 10, 7:20PM EDT0

Hi Lian, 

Hope all is well and thank you for posting a great question.  

Beyond knowing if a challenge is right for us, we can focus on our response to the challenges instead. For example, we may not control a health crisis, divorce, employment termination, etc. However, we can choose our reactions and internal dialogue concerning the challenge. Our decisions will ultimately foster, sustain or destroy our growth. Thus, it's imperative we take the time to notice how we are reacting to a situation. 

I believe challenges can help us discover parts of us we do not know exists. The trick is to analyze the patterns and change our behavior accordingly. 

Thank you and feel free to connect with me at

May 10, 10:42PM EDT0
If you could change or eliminate something about the society and living system, what would it be?
May 10, 6:35PM EDT0

Hi! Thank you for asking this great question.  

I believe there are many issues that need to be addressed for the betterment of humanity. However, the one action that can change things across the board is the proper dissemination of unfiltered knowledge.  The information we learn at school, in the workplace, community, and from family members is outdated and confusing. Most of the population is practicing things that worked 50 years ago but are no longer useful.

For example, Children can learn about compassion, benevolence, community, creativity, self-esteem, love, investments, contribution, and spirituality alongside the core educational subjects. Adults can enjoy learning how to holistically heal themselves and decrease their levels of stress and anxiety.  Doctors can explore the possibility of having a whole person approach when treating patients i.e. mind, body, soul & environment. Politicians can for the first time ever look at the alarming worldwide statistics of cases with depression, financial crisis, broken relationships, cancer diagnosis, autism disorders etc, and ask themselves "What has gone wrong?"

I can go on and on and the list will only expand as the current living systems are broken. People are sick and tired of drawing circles instead of crossing lines. They want to feel alive and experience this thing we call life from another perspective. 

Knowledge is the first step towards creating change, but application is where the transformation takes place. 

I would love to continue this conversation, feel free to reach out at

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May 10, 8:09PM EDT0
You had quit your 9 to 5 job to pursue an entirely new route in life. What were you working for in the past?
May 10, 1:12PM EDT0

Hi Ashley, 

Hope all is well and thank you for asking a great question. Indeed, I quit a long-term full-time job to pursue my dream of helping others on a larger scale. 

I worked in the human services field for the Office of people with Developmental Disabilities.  As the Program Associate, I was in charge of 11 department and 40+ staff. I also worked with the Deputy Director as her Assistant. I loved my job because I could help families of children and adults with developmental disabilities obtain services. However, I was deeply disturbed by the systems in place. I disliked that our clients were often seen as another number on a roster. Thus,  at times I had to bend the rules to help people in need.  Then, one day I said to myself " You can make a bigger impact if you create your own framework and put systems in place where everyone is treated as a human being. " That moment in time was a game changer. I submitted my resignation letter and am now living instead of existing.

Feel free to connect with me at 

May 10, 1:45PM EDT0
How many people have you helped so far in touching their innermost corners of emotions to understand the importance of this life?
May 10, 12:40PM EDT0

Hi Daniel, 

Thank you so much for reaching out and asking this valuable question. On a conscious level I could give you a number; however,  subconsciously, I've touched lives for the majority of my life. For instance, I still receive text messages and emails from former clients and Co-workers thanking me for inspiring them to find themselves and peace. 

I've always lived by 2 principles: kindness and compassion and I attempt to connect with people in meaningful ways. For this reason, I believe I can see the best in people even when they don't believe. 

Although I now coach for a living, I am genuinely grateful to have been able to touch so many lives throughout my journey.  And as I increase my level of awareness, I can work with people in a much more intentional manner.  

Feel free to connect with me at

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May 10, 1:27PM EDT0
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