AMA: Everyday is Your BirthDay! (By - Arjun)

Dr. Arjun Gaur
Dec 2, 2017

Arjun Gaur has experience in traditional psychotherapy but made the move to professional life coaching when he became passionate about working in a field that truly facilitates client’s growth in their potential, gifts, career and life purpose. He is a passionate advocate for his clients and helps provide a path for them to change quickly and provides support, guidance, and valuable partnership along the way.His philosophy is that we are deliberate creators of our lives, and he views his clients as resourceful, complete, and whole. Through his innovative, supportive, and results-oriented coaching style he facilitates his clients in making the shift from passive to active in the creation of their lives, and helps provide clarity, focus, and positive momentum. When you hire Arjun as your Coach, you are hiring a strategic partner and asserting a firm commitment to make revolutionary and dynamic changes in your world.Too many people settle for less in life because they don’t know what they are truly capable of, and there is no one in their life to help them discover their true potential. That’s his objective as a coach: to help you find what you were born to do, unlock the full potential that’s in you and help you passionately pursue your dreams. His main motivation and life’s passion is to see the inner greatness in people around him, and help them maximize all the purpose and significance in life that is already within them.He is also associated as a Life Coach with The District Child Welfare Association Haryana for Deaf and Dumb children. He is associated with few NGOs for mentally challenged people as well.He love helping others see their true worth . He discovered an ability to energize, encourage and walk beside others in their own life journeys. And that led him to become a coach. He love to work with people who want more and who are ready to make major changes to discover real purpose and balance in life. Are you that kind of person?As an Adaptive Thought Coach / Life Coach, He guide and empower people to create a life they love. He helps people create and tailor their lives by determining and focusing on what they want, in order for them to make the choices that get them where they want to be. It is what we call "Thought to Conclusion". One of his strengths is helping people work through their fears. Many people feel they are not good enough or focus on lack. He always listen to what people are telling themselves by listening to their "verbal diet". He is able to get them to see that their thoughts are creating their reality. He helped his clients create new careers, increase their finances, and find love.


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Are you hosting free counselling?

Dec 8, 10:56PM EST1

Have you experience having a patient that is very difficult?

Dec 2, 8:58PM EST1

If I would like to study Psychotherapy, what can I expect as a student?

Dec 2, 6:20AM EST1

Who are your usual client and why do they seek out for your help?

Dec 1, 10:33PM EST1

What difficulties did you have while transitioning or changing jobs?

Dec 1, 9:22PM EST1

On average, how many people do you see a day for the counseling session?

Dec 1, 4:52PM EST0

How financially satisfying is your profession as a life coach?

Dec 1, 12:48PM EST0

How many patients did you see when you were still a Psychotherapist?

Dec 1, 9:43AM EST0

How long were you working as a Psychotherapist before leaving the practice?

Dec 1, 8:27AM EST0

Do you always conduct group counseling?

Dec 1, 7:10AM EST0

Have you had speaking engagements internationally?

Dec 1, 6:42AM EST0

How does your connection with child welfare NGOs boost your determination to serve?

Dec 1, 6:34AM EST0

What is hard to understand about psychotherapy?

Dec 1, 5:22AM EST0

How big is the difference between psychotherapy and your current profession?

Dec 1, 2:42AM EST0

How big is the difference between psychotherapy and your current profession?

Dec 1, 1:46AM EST0

How big is the difference between psychotherapy and your current profession?

Dec 1, 1:13AM EST0

How big is the difference between psychotherapy and your current profession?

Dec 1, 12:53AM EST0

How far can you go to offer your coaching services?

Dec 1, 12:47AM EST1

What are your goals as a professional life coach?

Dec 1, 12:40AM EST1

Why did you decide to shift your specialty to professional life coaching?

Nov 30, 11:31PM EST1

Where are you from.

Nov 30, 7:49AM EST0

Mumbai - INDIA

Nov 30, 8:39AM EST0


Nov 30, 1:52AM EST0
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