AMA: Bre'youn Delton, author of Stone Cold: A Love She Didn’t Know She Needed, wants to talk to you.

Dec 2, 2017

Learn more about Bre’youn as a new author. Read her book and discuss that and other things with her.Ask her questions about being a new author, how is it juggling her personal life and writing, and anything else. Learn more about her hot new book and find out how you can keep up with her new releases. Also learn more about the author aside from writing.

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Do you consider yourself as a life coach?

Dec 8, 10:43PM EST0

How does it feel to finally do the things you've been fantasizing on doing?

Dec 3, 8:29PM EST0

It actually feels really good. I never thought that i would be a published author, but here i am being great while doing it lol. 

Dec 3, 10:23PM EST0

What is your day job and how did you manage to squeeze in writing with it?

Dec 3, 6:44PM EST0

I am currently a college student and a teachers aid. I always put aside at least 2 hours a writing at night before i got to bed.

Dec 3, 7:13PM EST0

Do you have a sanctuary where your creativity is enhanced whenever you are writing?

Dec 3, 11:37AM EST0

I love to write in my room, it’s my safe place and i am so much more relaxed in my room.

Dec 3, 7:12PM EST0

What for you is satisfying in authoring a book?

Dec 3, 4:30AM EST0

To know that i am entertaining other people. 

Dec 3, 7:14PM EST0

Do you have plans of concentrating on writing as a profession?

Dec 3, 3:21AM EST0

Writing right for me right now, is just a hobby. My real passion is to become a psychologist, maybe things might change down the line but for now I’m ok with it being a second job for me. It’s still something new and fun for me.

Dec 3, 7:12PM EST0

What morals can your reader learn from the story?

Dec 2, 8:34PM EST0

No matter what you go through in life you can always find that one true love. And never switch up on the ones that’s been there for you since day one, you may end of needing them the most in the end.

Dec 2, 8:47PM EST0

How do you balance your personal life and being an author?

Dec 2, 8:24PM EST0

I do what i would normally do throughout the day and then when i have free time, i write. Some days writing may be pushed to the side but i make up for it later on.

Dec 2, 8:49PM EST0

What is your ambitious goal as a new author?

Dec 2, 6:16PM EST0

I would like to gain more readers and to keep creating dope books. I want to also be able to connect with other great authors. 

Dec 2, 6:24PM EST0

What is making the book "Stone Cold: A Love She Didn’t Know She Needed" different from any other romance novel out there?

Dec 2, 2:03PM EST0

In most romance novels you have the male being the dominate character. You have him pursue the woman and so on, but in this book Kameron, is the female dominate character and she does all the things you would normally read about a male doing in other books.   

Dec 2, 5:50PM EST0

How long did you finish the book?

Dec 1, 9:09PM EST0

It took me a month to finish book 1, book two drops in two weeks and it took me a month to finish that book as well. 

Dec 2, 5:50PM EST0

Are there people who graciously assisted you in creating this book?

Dec 1, 12:52PM EST0

No ma’am, this was all me. I didn’t have any assistance. 

Dec 2, 5:51PM EST0

Challenges are inevitable, be it writer's block or lack of idea. Which one did you face while working on your book?

Dec 1, 8:38AM EST0

Surprisingly, i didn’t run into neither. Everything just flowed with this book. I wrote so many words a day and then i would stop until the next day. I think that’s what helped my creative juices flow and not have any writers block. 

Dec 2, 5:52PM EST0

How did you overcome the lack of confidence in writing?

Dec 1, 12:52AM EST0

I didn't really struggle with the lack of confidence while writing. I did struggle with wanting to publish my work though, but after talking with a close friend I quickly got over that and went a head and signed with a publishing company.

Dec 2, 6:00PM EST0

Which character is difficult to build up?

Nov 30, 5:16PM EST0

All my characters came natuarlly to me, but if I just have to say one it would have to be my main character Kameron. I love writing about Kameron but it was kind of hard to keep the momentum of her character up. 

Dec 2, 6:01PM EST0

If you will write another novel, on which genre would you like to work with science fiction or science fantasy?

Nov 30, 10:36AM EST0

I think for now I will probably stick with urban romance for a while, but if I had to choose between the two it would probably be science fiction. 

Dec 2, 6:02PM EST0

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

Nov 29, 9:24AM EST0

Hi there Nikita, my inspiration now comes from my readers. Before i became an actual author i would write stories here and there. I would watch tv or read other books and flip them into my own story. But now that I’ve signed with a publishing company and I’ve released my first book, after all of the feed back that i received, that was all the push and inspiration i needed. My readers want a good page turning book and i aim to give them just that. 

Nov 29, 1:33PM EST0

There's too much competition in the market. What is your strategy to get ahead?

Nov 29, 4:24AM EST0

Hi Marsha. There is a lot of competition in this market, but the real person I’m in competition with is myself. Since i am a new author i do have to promote myself life crazy but i figure if i do what i love and that’s write good interesting books then my work will get me where i want to be eventually. 

Nov 29, 1:35PM EST0
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