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Edward Jean
Jul 6, 2018

Hello! My name is Edward Jean, I am an aspiring author/poet. I am currently working on a book that is a collection of poems, but I am also working on a novel in the thriller/horror genre. I also run a few businesses on Etsy, but the main one that I run entirely by myself and not with any friends is Panda’s Den. It is a witchcraft shop. If you can’t tell, I have a fascination with dark/horror/paranormal/occult type things. I am also pagan and a witch, so it’s not just the creepy aesthetic that I like. Actually, my aesthetic tends to be super bright, glittery, and colorful! I’m comfortable being asked just about anything so if you want to know anything at all, please just ask!


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What is the main difference between your modern poetry and that of the classics?
Jul 11, 8:46AM EDT0
How do you get in the mental place where you find this deeper interior and write?
Jul 10, 9:42AM EDT0
What are the best poems written by contemporary poets? Can you share your favourite ones?
Jul 9, 9:25PM EDT0
What are some of your favorite activities to do when you want to relax?
Jul 9, 9:23AM EDT0
You mentioned that you also work with crystals and herbs. What sort of activities do you perform with these materials?
Jul 8, 8:28PM EDT0
How does divination work? Can you explain how the process is?
Jul 8, 9:43AM EDT0
If you had to write yourself as a heroine, what kind of heroine would you be? What would you be named?
Jul 8, 9:05AM EDT0
Why is your poetry focused on subjects such as abuse, trauma and mental health issues?
Jul 8, 5:21AM EDT0
Why did you choose to write in horror and poetry? How do you balance both styles?
Jul 8, 3:01AM EDT0
Do you write more by logic or emotion? How would you describe your writing process?
Jul 7, 10:24PM EDT0
What did you enjoy most about writing your novel?
Jul 7, 8:44PM EDT0
What are the biggest misconceptions people have about witches?
Jul 7, 2:29AM EDT0
What kind of objects or products do you sell in your witchcraft Etsy store?
Jul 6, 7:40PM EDT0

Altar kits, spell jars,  and jewellery currently, but I'm working on tarot cards, spell kits, wood burnt things, paintings, custom made bullet journal/grimoire combos, and even eventually I want to make actual journals from scratch. The end goal with this shop is to open up a storefront that will be half metaphysical shop and half tea store. I want it to be a comfortable place for all witches! I even want to hold rituals there. 

Jul 6, 7:47PM EDT0
What sort of rituals and activities are usually celebrated by witches?
Jul 6, 1:31PM EDT0

It honestly depends on what type of witch you are and if you are religious alongside your witchcraft. I am an Eclectic Pagan, so I practice many different things. For yearly rituals, I practice the ones that fall on the Wheel of the Year that most Wiccans celebrate, which are called Sabbats. Then, there are the Esbats which are monthly and are the full moons. I know some witches actually celebrate Christian holidays because they are, in fact, Christian! Some celebrate typical Norse, Celtic, Greek, or Roman holidays. It really just depends on the witch. 

Jul 6, 7:07PM EDT0
How does one become a witch? Are there qualifications for becoming a witch?
Jul 6, 12:23PM EDT0

To be a witch, you must simply practice the craft. Crystals, herbs, divination, etc are all things that can make you a witch. If you want to be religious, though, there are many different qualifications to be initiated into different religions. In traditional Wicca, you had to study for a year and a day and then be initiated into a coven to be considered truly Wiccan. Witchcraft is pretty simple though! It's just practising magic.

Jul 6, 7:09PM EDT0
Are Wicca and Witchcraft the same thing? If not, what are the differences?
Jul 6, 11:31AM EDT0

No, they are NOT the same thing! Wicca is a religion that often incorporates the use of witchcraft, while witchcraft is a practice that can be used by anyone of any religion (or any lack of religion). Pagan and Witches amino has a LOT of good sources for understanding the differences, so I'd recommend checking them out. I love it there.

Jul 6, 7:44PM EDT0
What other businesses besides Panda’s den do you have at Etsy?
Jul 6, 9:38AM EDT0

Baby Bottle Bop (a kink shop) and Confetti Pop Creations (a cute/kawaii shop)!

Jul 6, 7:10PM EDT0
Is Witchcraft considered a religion? Why or why not?
Jul 6, 9:33AM EDT0

Witches can be of ANY religion (or even lack of religion). Witchcraft is strictly the practice of magic. Witchcraft is just stuff like lighting candles or incense, doing spellwork, using crystals or herbs or essential oils, or doing divination. It's a lot of intention work and is different to each person. It isn't a set of beliefs though. Just a practice.

Jul 6, 7:42PM EDT0
Where do you get your inspiration to write? What activities do lo like to do to nurture your creativity?
Jul 6, 6:22AM EDT0

My inspiration usually comes from my experiences, usually the traumatic ones. It's a coping mechanism for me to manage and deal with the mental health issues I have. I really like to do things to help self-soothe, like lighting candles or incense, taking baths, and using crystals to help clear the energy in the room. The more I talk about my issues the easier it becomes for me to write about them as well. I mostly just do self-care and witchy things and that helps me nurture my creativity. 

Jul 6, 7:40PM EDT0
What are the differences in how witches practice their religion?
Jul 6, 1:04AM EDT0

Witches range from Christians to Wiccans, so each witch practices their religion differently. I am an Eclectic Pagan, so I take what works from all different religions and make it work for me. It's really hard to describe the differences when a witch could be of any religious background.

Jul 6, 7:37PM EDT0
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