#AMA# Author and photographer from the UK. Open to absolutely anything, ask me any question you want. #AMA

Dave Blackwell
Feb 6, 2018

Hello, I am profoundly deaf from the UK and work as a medical engineering specialist for the NHS.  I am also a new author that recently published my first book 'Lost in Life'  Currenly working on my next book 'Stratagem' A scifi Thriller, due out in May.

Photography is a huge passion and hobby, i travel as much as I possibly can and planning another trip to California at the end of the year.

Film and cinema is also a big passion, most of my free time is on Netflix exploring new series and films.

I set a regional record for the bench press in powerlifitng in 2009, and still hold it.

I am profoundly deaf in both ears after going deaf at the age of 7, i then lost all hearing in my left ear in 2011, and 2 years later recieved an implant which has given me 85%, so I am enjoying music again :)

Ask me any questions you wish, very open minded and fun loving.

Twitter:  @Neotenyx

FB:  www.facebook.com/daveblackwellAuthor/

Instagram:  dgblackwellphotography

Dave Blackwell says:

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How did readers react to 'Lost in Life'? What sort of feedback did you receive for the book? Anything that you feel could have been changed after receiving the feedback from the people?

Feb 16, 2:12AM EST0

I have had one or two people say how it moved them, and that they learnt things about me they never knew.

Feb 16, 11:39AM EST0

During the time when you lost your hearing ability, did you learn sign language? If so, do you still use it at times if required?

Feb 14, 11:10AM EST0

I never learnt to sign and had no reason to, when i was without my hearing in my best ear, i adapted.  My lipreading skills are very good and it didn't prove any issues.

Feb 14, 1:50PM EST0

Did you ever consider running as a screenwriter for movies? If not, would you like to?

Feb 12, 8:33PM EST0

I used to playwrite.  Screenwriting is a new interest.

Feb 13, 4:59PM EST0

What impact does photography has in your life?

Feb 11, 4:21PM EST0

Allows me to express and relax.

Feb 13, 4:58PM EST0

What's the last series or film that you watched that had some amazing cinematography work?

Feb 10, 9:43PM EST0

Gravity in 3D.

Feb 11, 5:52AM EST0

What does "Profoundly deaf Author"mean?

Feb 10, 6:49AM EST0

It means I am a writer, that happens to be completely deaf.

Feb 10, 9:08AM EST0

Have you ever done any boudoir photo shoots? If so, were they for amateurs or professionals? Was wnyone uncomfortable or "weirded-out"?

Feb 9, 4:46PM EST0

Yes I have, both amateur and Professional.  I was quite new to it, however it was good fun.  I discussed with the model her comforts etc, and we had a great shoot.

Feb 10, 9:08AM EST0
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Have you ever taken a simple picture out of the blue, that turned out to be a super-iconic photograph accidently?

Feb 9, 5:59AM EST0

Sort of yes, i took one on my travels, which became more popular than i expected.  Currently on 4 walls.

Feb 9, 2:52PM EST0

Can you share some steps to becoming a professional go on assignment travel photographer?

Feb 9, 3:42AM EST0

I wouldn't know i am afraid.

I haven't done any assignments.

Feb 9, 2:53PM EST0

Which is your favourite movie based on a book? 

Feb 8, 8:54AM EST0

The Green Mile

Feb 9, 2:53PM EST0

What cameras and lighting gear did you start with and what are you currently using?

Feb 7, 1:14PM EST0

I got my first DSLR 3 years ago, a Canon EOS 5D mk3, and still have that as well as a standard speedlight,

Feb 7, 2:10PM EST0

What kind of assignments in editorial and advertising do you like the most?

Feb 7, 8:50AM EST0

Don't get involved in editorial or advertising.

Feb 7, 12:19PM EST1

Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

Feb 6, 12:24PM EST0

Stephen King, would love to just chat and chill with a coffee.  He is my fave author.

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Feb 6, 12:27PM EST0

Have you ever considered writing under a pseudonym?

Feb 6, 11:15AM EST0

Not really, it did cross my mind.

Feb 6, 12:04PM EST0

Among the gadgets that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

Feb 6, 11:00AM EST0

An Ipad mini  - sold it last year.

Feb 6, 12:03PM EST0

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

Feb 6, 10:47AM EST0

Too early to say.

Feb 6, 12:03PM EST0

Do you write your books to be on its own or do you write to connect each of your books?

Feb 6, 10:33AM EST0

On its own, however my next book will be connected to the next 3

Feb 6, 12:03PM EST0

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Feb 6, 9:42AM EST0

I study and experiment, trial and error.

Feb 6, 10:33AM EST0

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? What difference would it have had?

Feb 6, 9:05AM EST0

I have done photography since i was 15.  Its a constant learning game.

Feb 6, 10:33AM EST0

Why is it important to use more than one lens?

Feb 6, 8:10AM EST0

Different lense for different looks and outcomes.

I use wide angle for most of my work, however when it comes to portrait etc, it wouldn't be suitable.

Feb 6, 10:34AM EST0
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