Ama : ask me anything Masquerade , my first ebook , Masquerade is a suspense thriller , it's a story about love , hate & also about deception. How far would you go to be with the one that you love , would you kill for them? How far would you go to help the one you love , would you turn them in? What if a person couldn't help what he have become , what if something happened in the past that made him snap & made him the monster he became ?

Santi Kruger
Nov 16, 2017

Jack Burns was just an ordinary guy , he loved his work as a truck driver, but , deep down inside him lived this monster , the monster who just had to take revenge on Anna , Anna was the woman who took him under his wing as a child , but she too had her own agenda...

The nightmares wouldn't stop either , there he was , a little boy standing infront of the mirror , dressed in the softest, silkiest lingerie , his face all made up , on his head a long red wig , Anna's hand on his shoulder , she whispered ; " You are so beautiful Jackie ..."

At first he used to admire the luscious red lips, the bright green eyes & long black hair , he used to loved the way the soft hands caressed him , but soon the red lips turned into an ugly grin, the green eyes became hard and cold, the soft hands turned into sharp claws....

Then he met Sandy, the lovely Sandy too reminded him of Anna, but Sandy was sweet, soft & loving, she really loved him and cared for him, he thought that Sandy could make the nightmares go away , that her love for him would chase away the monster that lived deep down inside him.

But would Sandy's love be able to do all of that , would she still love him once she knew who and what he really was?

Could she forgive him everything that he had ever done ? He believed that, he believed that their love was strong enough, but in the end Sandy became just another Anna to him.

Just another person who told him that she would love him forever , who told him that everything she did , she did in the name of love , that everything she did was because she cared and wanted to help him....

Would Sandy really be able to betray the man that she loved, especially when she found out the truth  about Anna? Afterall what happened wasn't Jack's fault, and she did love him with all her heart ! Could she really betray him and turn him in ...?


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Were you good in school subjects that involved writing, such as litterature?

Nov 22, 10:27AM EST0

Hi Evo , thanks for your question , yes , I loved it .

Nov 22, 11:03AM EST0

Do you have a favourite place to go to write?

Nov 20, 4:05AM EST0

Hi Dupy , any place is my favourite place to write , but there are so many places I would love to go to , Switzerland would be an amazing place to go to , bet one could think up a million stories to write there , for now I just love my quite study 😀

Nov 20, 4:40AM EST0

Is that your real name?

Nov 17, 8:56AM EST0

Hi Milan thanks for your question , yes my real name is Santi Kruger

Nov 17, 10:17AM EST0

In your recent book, are the characters based on someone's experienced or just your own imaginations?

Nov 17, 5:09AM EST0

Hi James, thanks for your question , yes parts of my book Masquerade were based on true events & yes the rest is fiction.

Nov 17, 5:16AM EST0

Hi Santi, do you have a twitter account I can follow?

Nov 19, 2:09AM EST0

Would you write in other genre?

Nov 16, 4:58PM EST0

Hi Castro, thanks for your question, yes I would definitely give another genre a try .

Nov 16, 11:04PM EST0

Would you write books for kids?

Nov 16, 1:32PM EST0

Hi JC thanks for your question , yes I have given that some thought, if I do write booksfor kids , it would be something like Spy Kids.

Nov 16, 1:55PM EST0

What was the first book you read?

Nov 16, 10:45AM EST0

Hi Maureen thank you for your question, the very first book I ever read (school)was called "Boet & Saartjie". The first horrors/ thrillers I read was books by Stephen King. Mr King inspired me to start writing .

Nov 16, 10:56AM EST0

Who is your favourite writer?

Nov 16, 10:40AM EST0

Hi Ivy thanks for your question , my favourite authors , Stephen King & Dean Koontz .

Nov 16, 10:53AM EST0

Does your family read your books?

Nov 16, 8:53AM EST0

Hi Mvidal thanks for your question , yes they do , they support me all the way. My youngest sister was the first one to read my book Masquerade , and she was there for me from the very beginning to the very end of the book .

Nov 16, 9:12AM EST0

Did you publish the book yourself?

Nov 16, 6:56AM EST0

Hi Faye, thanks for your question , yes my book Masquerade was selfpublished, I did have some help though from some amazing people at Smashwords & Kamasutra e -publishing.

Nov 16, 7:05AM EST0

Did you write when you were little?

Nov 15, 5:35PM EST0

Hi Jess, thanks for your question, yes I did , I always loved making up my own  stories.

Nov 16, 12:20AM EST0

What is your all time favourite book and why?

Nov 15, 2:54PM EST0

Hi George , thanks for your question, (can I have two, or more?) The Green Mile by Stephen King , it was such an inspiring story! Plus Stephen King is one of my favourite authors, then there's The Hideaway by Dean R Koontz, another of my favourite authors, I loved it because it was brilliant & I love thrillers .

Nov 16, 12:24AM EST0

Are your stories based on real life events?

Nov 15, 1:47PM EST0

Hi Syed , thank you for your question, yes, partially, I knew someone that some of the things in my book Masquerade, happened to. This guy was really molested by an older woman when he was a young boy, & he was & still is a little different than other (boys) men, see he loved to get dressed up in women's clothing (lingerie), his father hated him because of this. (You should read Masquerade) 

Nov 16, 12:30AM EST0

Do your books have happy ending?

Nov 15, 12:37PM EST0

Hi Lazar , thank you for your question, that depends , this book is about a serial killer & a girl who fell in love with him , but in the end , even though she did love him , she had to turn him in.

Nov 16, 12:36AM EST0

Is your book inspired in any way by 50 Shades of Grey? What do you think of it anyway?

Nov 15, 8:56AM EST0

Hi Shilpa , thanks for your question. If you read Masquerade , yes there would be some scenes in there inspired by Fifty shades of Grey. What did I think of it ? I read the books & saw the movies (by the way , books are always better than the movies !) I thought it was great , loved the storylines.

Nov 16, 12:40AM EST0

Who was the first person to read your book?

Nov 15, 4:57AM EST0

Hi Heenal, the first person to ever read my book was my 

Youngest sister , Lalie Jacobs , she read while I was writing & also helped me through it , "editing" & she encouraged me to finish it.

Nov 15, 5:29AM EST0

Who would like your book, what kind of personality?

Nov 15, 4:45AM EST0

Hi Paulynna , thank you for your question, the genre 

I write in , suspense thriller, if you like thrillers then I would

recommend it. 

Nov 15, 5:33AM EST0

Have you published other books?

Nov 15, 3:39AM EST0

Hi Vlatkojankov, thank you for your question, 

the answer is yes I have another eBook , it's 

available on Ganxy, it's called Bittersweet Revenge 

you can find it here ~> https://ganxy.com/i/117632/an-ebook-by-Santi-Kruger/bittersweet-revenge

Nov 15, 5:38AM EST0

What is the best thing someone ever said about your writing?

Nov 15, 12:23AM EST0

Hi Liudmyla, thank you for your question, the best thing that 

Ever happened , I got five star reviews & people told me that once they started reading they just couldn't put it down .

Nov 15, 5:42AM EST0

What would you advice starting authors?

Nov 14, 8:52PM EST0

Hi Kovthe 27, thank you for your question , my advice would 

be , if you want to be a writer , be one ! When I started out I wrote 

my book on pen & paper , I typed the whole manuscript over on my blackberry phone , it took hard work , but eventually you will get there! 

I would also advise & encourage you to read a lot of books , especially ones in the genre that you're interested in writing in & get your family & friends to help & encourage you, let them read yor stories first .

Nov 15, 5:49AM EST0

Are you already planning for your second ebook?

Nov 14, 1:55PM EST1

Hi AgnesPH , thank you for your question , I wrote my second 

just a short while after I was finished with the first , it's called 

Bittersweet Revenge & available on Ganxy , https://ganxy.com/i/


Nov 15, 5:52AM EST0

Here is that link again https://ganxy.com/i/117632/an-ebook-by-Santi-Kruger/bittersweet-revenge

Nov 15, 6:00AM EST0
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