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Jim DeFilippi
Mar 11, 2018

Visit my author page on Amazon, then ask me anything about any of my 25 books. Click here: Jim DeFilippi's Author Page 

I have been writing books, teaching, running workshops, and giving speeches on writing for decades.

Does it sound too much like bragging if I say no writer has tackled as many different forms of book writing as I have?

I have published novels with HarperCollins, used smaller publishing houses, used independent publishing, which I believe is the future of writing.  There is no better time for a writer to be practicing his or her craft.  One of my workshops is called "The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum."  That's us.


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Are there any other book genre that you haven’t written that you wouldn’t mind trying?
Mar 18, 8:37AM EDT0
Where can one purchase hard copies of your books? Roughly how much do you charge per book?
Mar 18, 4:41AM EDT0
You stated that you have written some cookbooks. What type of recipes have you published in your cookbooks?
Mar 18, 2:01AM EDT0
What do you think is the most important element in your books; the characters, the style, the dialogue etc.?
Mar 18, 12:54AM EDT0
What are some of the current and future projects that you can share with us?
Mar 13, 11:07AM EDT0

It sounds a bit weird, but I've just finished writing a comedy novewl about Neo-Nazis.  HITLERS' NEW TENANTS.  Should be out soon.

Mar 13, 11:41AM EDT0
Do you attend any literary conference? What special benefits do you think writers get by attending these conferences?
Mar 13, 2:19AM EDT0

I love them, although it’s often just an excuse for us Writers to hang around whining and complaining to each other.

Mar 13, 7:30AM EDT0
Do you believe that stories heal us? If so, how can stories written by someone else can heal a different individual?
Mar 12, 2:31PM EDT0

I’m sure they can, but mine are neither intended or designed to do that.  Sorry.

Mar 12, 2:48PM EDT0
Do you plan to explore more genre of writing in coming times?
Mar 12, 11:47AM EDT0

No, I’ve just about hit them all,that I’m interested in.  I’m just putting the finishing touches on a novel called HITLERS NEW TENANTS.

Mar 12, 12:38PM EDT0
What is your favorite room in your home and outside environment? Can you describe them and tell us why you like them?
Mar 12, 9:14AM EDT0

I live right next to Salem Woods, take a two mile hike there each morning, jot down notes, then return to my writing room, with letters from my favorite writers in the walls, and punch those ideas into the computer.

Mar 12, 9:40AM EDT0
Which of all the genres would you say has been the most exciting and which has been the most difficult for you?
Mar 11, 1:19PM EDT0

I always fall naturally into the humor genre, but I also love writing about history (although the research can be a drudge). I suppose that’s why I so enjoyed writing MURKA: A VARIANT HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.  Readers have seemed to love it too. It’s not your average history book.

Mar 11, 2:44PM EDT0
What methods did you use to get in touch with your inner villain to write the evil characters in this book?
Mar 11, 1:04PM EDT0

I think of myself as a sweetheart, so this is very hard for me.  My villains generally turn out to be regular people, just a bit off center.

Mar 11, 2:46PM EDT0

Which genre is your favorite?

Mar 11, 12:39PM EDT0
What aspects of writing in a variety of genres did you find to be difficult?
Mar 11, 12:12PM EDT0

I’m pretty bad at physical action.  My books would probably sell better to the movies if I had scenes of two guys having a fistfight atop a moving train, but I can’t do that.


Mar 11, 12:17PM EDT0
As a writer, do you aim to send a message to the readers about society’s ills?
Mar 11, 10:31AM EDT0

No, whenever I start thinking I have the answers to society’s ills, it turns out things aren’t that simple.

Mar 11, 12:09PM EDT0


Mar 11, 6:06PM EDT0

Thank you for all of the greatr questions during the week.  I hope my responces were okay.  Signing off now.  Keep writing and enjoy yourself.

Mar 11, 9:31AM EDT0

Hi Jim, I was browsing your books and had a question: It isn't real clear on "Cop Tales" are you former law enforcement or just the contributors? If you were, can you tell me a little bit about your career. Thank you.

Mar 11, 9:28AM EDT0

I was a military policeman years ago (four years), but that was my only time on the job.

Mar 11, 9:30AM EDT0

Thank you.

Mar 11, 9:47AM EDT0

I have received about 40 very good questions about writing during the week and tried to answer them all.  Anything else?

Mar 11, 9:02AM EDT0

I have received about 40 very good q

Mar 11, 9:01AM EDT0
If you had a chance as an author to change a pressing issue in the publishing industry, what would it be?
Mar 11, 8:40AM EDT0

I would make all writers aware that Independent Publishing though outlets like Amazon are the future.  I just havn't come up with an effective gate-keeper, so readers can diffentiate between the good stuff and the crap.

Mar 11, 8:49AM EDT0
Which of your talents, other than writing, did you use to create your novel?
Mar 10, 4:53PM EST0

My sense of humor and structure.

Mar 10, 6:35PM EST0
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