AMA and GrahamR Writings presents urban novelist, Frank"Nitty" Zeigler Jr, author of "Twurk & Thang: The Inseparables"as well as the second featured author in our incarcerated authors series! #AuthorsAMA #AskMeAnything

Frank Zeigler
Nov 18, 2017

Hello everybody! My name is Frank Zeigler Jr. Most people that know me call me "Nitty". This will be my first of many publishings. It will be released before this year's out. You can go to Grahamr Writing Series page to be in the loop when it hits the stores. This book, although urban fiction, is inspired by the relationship that I shared with my brother Vincent. The story details the life of two twin brothers that have just been released from juvenile detention and their battles with forging a new life in the same streets they left behind as well as how they wrestle with events in their past life that shape their present attitude on various issues. You also get introduced to other characters they've crossed paths with who also have their own story that will be further explored in the future parts of the series.  It is definitely relatable to those who have lived certain lifestyles and offers a glimpse of it for those who haven't. I hope that the reader can enjoy the ride they will experience with this book. Be on the lookout for it! Until then, feel free to join me during this interview and ask me anything!

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Did you read a lot of books growing up?

Nov 19, 9:52PM EST1

Nitty, how does an urban novelist differ from others?

Nov 18, 10:11PM EST1

Well, are there any more questions, feel free to ask..  

Nov 18, 2:21PM EST0

Thanks everyone for tuning in!

Nov 18, 12:41PM EST1

What do you do when you have a blocK?

Nov 17, 4:06AM EST1

I stop any further writing, let my mind find a balanced focal point, then it all just starts coming back together.

Nov 18, 9:28AM EST1

Have you got a Facebook page I could like?

Nov 10, 2:42AM EST1


Frank Zeigler the author page is coming soon!

Nov 18, 12:00PM EST1

What's the hardest thing about planning a book or novel?

Nov 9, 10:40AM EST1

To me, there are none. I have heard other's say, that it's either the synopsis or their opening.

Nov 18, 11:48AM EST1

How would you suggest I get into writing books?

Nov 9, 9:32AM EST0

Start writing short stories and share them with people, Have a solid reason for your purpose of writing. It helps shape your direction.

Nov 18, 11:45AM EST1

What do you do in your spare time?

Nov 9, 5:54AM EST0

I read, work out, and also prepare for my future goals, and business ventures.

Nov 18, 11:42AM EST1

Where are you from?

Nov 9, 1:57AM EST1

Harleyville, S. C.

Nov 18, 11:09AM EST1

Who is a trending author to watch out for nowadays in your eyes?

Nov 8, 11:31AM EST2

I would have to say......myself. Not out of arrogance, but of assuring good quality work, to all my followers and future followers.

Nov 18, 11:01AM EST1

What was the first book that you read?

Nov 8, 11:21AM EST1

"The Little Engine that Could".

Nov 18, 10:54AM EST1

If you left on vacation tonight and could only take one book, what book would you choose?

Nov 8, 1:27AM EST1

It would most difinately be the HOLY QU'RAN!

Nov 18, 10:54AM EST1

What was your first ever book or written piece about?

Nov 7, 8:53PM EST1

My first piece happens to be "TWURK &THANG THE INSEPARABLES". Check the description above.

Nov 18, 12:01PM EST0

I love quotes from books. What's your favorite quote (or one of your favorites) from your own books?

Nov 7, 8:46PM EST1

"They can't kill an angel! Cause, an angel lives forever!! "

Nov 18, 10:30AM EST1

This is from one of my books, out side this series, "The Fallen Red".

Nov 18, 10:35AM EST0

Any advice for young writers?

Nov 7, 6:45PM EST1

Don't stop believing in yourself and keep striving for achievements.

Nov 18, 9:07AM EST1

What was one of your favorite books when you were a young adult?

Nov 7, 3:54PM EST0

"Big Bad Wolf" by James Patterson

Nov 18, 9:06AM EST1

Which is your favorite novel?

Nov 7, 3:19PM EST0

"Dutch" by Terry Woods

Nov 18, 9:06AM EST1

Do you have a muse?

Nov 7, 11:46AM EST1

Yes, Allah and life's many teachings.

Nov 18, 9:05AM EST1

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Nov 6, 11:36AM EST1

Life's too short, so cherish each passing moment as if it were your last.

Nov 18, 12:42PM EST1

Do you feel like your characters are your friends or are they more like extensions of yourself?

Nov 6, 9:15AM EST1

I would say both... My characters are people based off my personalities and others as well.

Last edited @ Nov 18, 12:40PM EST.
Nov 18, 12:40PM EST1

Is there any where I can safely submit my work for constructive criticism online?

Nov 6, 8:22AM EST1

I'm sure there are. I would recommend GrahamRSeries and other author writing circles.

Nov 18, 12:39PM EST1

Do you sketch your storyline before you start?

Nov 6, 7:41AM EST1

No. My stories seems to just flows naturally.

Nov 18, 12:14PM EST1

Do you have a special place where you go to be inspired?

Nov 6, 6:26AM EST1

I just meditate and my mind goes to that place.

Nov 18, 12:07PM EST1

How long have you been writing?

Nov 6, 4:33AM EST1


Nov 18, 12:04PM EST1

Who is your favorite author?

Nov 5, 8:08PM EST1

Allah because life contains some of the greatest pieces of work ever told and read.

Nov 18, 12:43PM EST1

How do you know if your writing is good enough or appealing enough to outside audiences?

Nov 5, 3:25PM EST1

Write it and don't be afraid to ask for feedback. Hopefully it will be more positive and constructive, than negative.

Nov 18, 12:03PM EST1
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